Refreshing a Staircase and Hallway: Wall Repair & Painting in Morristown, NJ 07960

Wall repair, Drywall Spackle, Caulking, Sanding, Priming and Interior Painting – a small, simple renovation refreshes a beat-up stairwell and hallway in Morristown, NJ

Freshly painted hallway, stairwell, spindles after wall repair and priming in Morristown NJBackground
As a contractor, when you have the opportunity to work for a family that’s not only friendly and fun, but know exactly what they want from you, it makes the entire project exceptionally pleasant. I grew up about five houses down the street from these people, and they have been friends of the D’Angelo family for years. It’s always great to work in my neighborhood, for my neighbors and friends. This is not to say that they weren’t like any other customer: they expected to receive high quality work at a reasonable price and they expected that work to be performed professionally, neatly and with their budget and needs in mind. CraftPro achieved just that, according to their Angie’s List review of our work. We were awarded A grades on Angie’s List across all categories: Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. You can read the review below or on our customer reviews page.

This stairwell and hallway – which lead to the basement’s entertainment room – receive a lot of traffic so the walls and woodwork were scuffed, dented, scratched and otherwise beaten up. I did this small job myself in order to keep costs down for my neighbors, who were in no rush to get the job done. Still it only took a couple days. Below is how it was executed. At the bottom are pictures of the wall repair, priming and interior painting project in Morristown, NJ.

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"We hired Richard for two jobs. He did great work on both. He was helpful in guiding our decisions, he started and finished as promised, the price was affordable, and the work was superb. At the end of each day, if it weren’t for the spackle and painter’s tape, we wouldn’t even have known any work was occurring. We really appreciated how considerate he was of our house. We are very happy with Richard and CraftPro. This is a professional outfit for quality work at the right price."
The Execution

  1. A new railing had just been installed. The baluster was stained so I taped and masked it to protect the stained portions. The installation of the new railing involved some new drywall, which was not appropriately floated, so I used lightweight setting-type joint compound to finish the job.
  2. I hammered in all the popped nails in the wall and filled the resulting holes with plaster. I also spackled all the other imperfections.
  3. When it came time to sand the spackle (and not just the spackle, I used coarse 60-grit sandpaper on a pole sander and smoothed all the walls) I used plastic as a barrier to other areas of the house to contain all the dust. The walls and plaster were sanded smooth, the woodwork was sanded and caulked, and all the preparatory work was finished. After a thorough dusting of all the surfaces, I cleaned everything – and that was when I noticed the pencil marks, crayon, and some grease had still remained. Priming was in order, even after I did my best to clean the dirt off the walls.
  4. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start latex adhesion primer since I’ve had excellent experience with it in the past. The entire area was primed.
  5. I lightly sanded after the priming for better adhesion of the paint. I painted the ceiling first (Linen White, flat) and then the trim (same color, but semi-gloss finish) except for the stringers and the base molding, which is done last because it can get kicked and scuffed and then it would have to be painted again. The walls were next: Benjamin Moore’s Aura “Standish White”, Eggshell finish. Finally, the blue accent wall was painted. Everything received two coats of paint, with a light sanding between coats.
  6. After a thorough walk-thru and cleaning, touching up where needed, this little job was finished. The homeowners were thrilled with their freshened-up stairwell and hallway, and they gave us Straight A’s on Angie’s List to prove it.

Photos: Morristown NJ Wall Repair, Priming & Painting

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