Painting Vinyl Siding is Getting Better: Paints Formulated for Vinyl & More Colors Available

They say Vinyl Siding Never has to be Painted. In the Past, Painting Vinyl with a Dark Color Caused Excessive Heat Absorption which Caused Premature Paint Failure & Damage to the Vinyl like Warping and Buckling. Recent Advancements in Paint Technology has Provided a Solution to that Problem.
If Your Vinyl is Faded & Old-Looking, or the Color is Unappealing, You may want to Paint it. There are now an Array of Color Options due to Creative Tinting with Pigments that Reduce Heat Aborsption plus Paint Products that are Specifically Formulated for use on Vinyl Siding.

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Vinyl Siding Painting is Getting Better Due to Paint Companies’ Tinting of Colors to Minimize Heat Aborsption and Paint Products Formulated for Vinyl

Clever Vinyl-Safe Paint Color Tinting

Sherwin Williams and other paint manufacturers can produce virtually any color in a vinyl-safe formula – even very dark colors – which are especially effective in the top-tier products. They do this by cleverly using a combination of pigments to tint the paint colors in a way that minimizes the heat absorption that can cause vinyl paint failure and even damage to the vinyl siding like warping and buckling.

Background: History & Growing Popularity of Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding with permanent mold and mildew stains needs to be painted with a product that is formulated for vinyl sidingVinyl siding was introduced in the 1950’s to replace aluminum siding. After decades of improving and refining the product, it is now a very sought-after home feature. According to one source, 32% of new homes are built with vinyl siding. It’s an appealing feature to home buyers and homeowners because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This shouldn’t be confused with “no maintenance”. Regular power-washing should be performed in order to remove mold and mildew or those stains could become permanent. When vinyl siding becomes old and faded or permanently discolored by mold and mildew, it’s time to hire a professional house painter. And painting vinyl siding is more effective than ever now due to advances in the paint industry.

Vinyl Siding Painting: Getting Better & Better

mismatched vinyl siding that needs painting can now be painted with vinyl-specific exterior paint in a wider array of colorsIn the past, painting vinyl siding wasn’t as effective as it is now. Color options were very limited. Homeowners with vinyl siding were forced to choose paint colors that were lighter than their home’s color. Darker paint colors draw more heat from the sun. This heat caused the painted vinyl siding to expand and contract dramatically, which in turn lead to warping and buckling of the siding. And that lead to costly repairs.

Paint manufacturers began to respond to the problem of painted vinyl siding. Some, like Sherwin Williams, use their tinting and pigments to turn almost every color into a vinyl-safe version using different pigments that don’t lead to vinyl damage from the paint. Other paint manufacturers offer specialty paint products instead…

Some paint manufacturers offer a specific exterior paint product that’s indicated for use on vinyl siding and trim. For example, Benjamin Moore offers Regal® Select REVIVE™.

“Regal Select Exterior REVIVE for Vinyl Siding is specially formulated for optimal performance on vinyl siding and trim, giving your home a fresh look in just the color you want. Made with proprietary Vinyl Lock technology, Regal Select Exterior REVIVE provides long lasting beauty and protection, whether you are looking to refresh your faded siding with a color close to the original or it’s time for a dramatic change.” – Benjamin Moore product page

This exterior paint is specifically formulated for vinyl siding. “REVIVE” exterior paint comes in a variety of colors developed to endure the expansion and contraction associated with painted vinyl. From light pastels to very dark colors, this paint provides a multitude of options for your vinyl siding. Below are examples of some of the vinyl paint colors available in “REVIVE”.

Examples of Vinyl-Safe Paint Colors

Below are some of the darker colors that can be safely painted on homes with vinyl siding.

Below are all the vinyl-safe paint color options from Benjamin Moore. Click it to open up their paint color wheel.

vinyl siding paint color options by benjamin moore revive

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