Victorian Homes: Restoration & Painting; Acorn Hall in Morristown, NJ

Victorian Homes were built by the millions in the 1800’s. These historic houses, like Acorn Hall in Morristown NJ, need constant restoration and painting in order to maintain their original beauty

Victorian Italianate HomeVictorian Houses were built by the millions during the housing boom that resulted from the Industrial Revolution, when great numbers of people migrated from rural areas to cities. The term “Victorian” actually refers to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901), but it is used to refer to a style rather than an era when used in housing and architectural contexts. There are several styles of Victorian homes, such as Queen Anne, Italianate, Richardsonian, Romanesque, etc. Possibly the most interesting fact about Victorian homes is that, despite their elegant and regal look, they were made to cater to people of all classes. Neighborhoods of back-to-back Victorians were attractive to the working class, and for more affluent homeowners: large mansions, such as Morristown New Jersey’s historic Acorn Hall.

Acorn Hall in Morristown, NJ 07960Although the Victorian home style emerged in Great Britain, there are large numbers of Victorian homes in New Jersey and plenty in Morris County. In fact, one of the most famous Victorian homes in New Jersey is right in Morris County: the Italianate style mansion called Acorn Hall in Morristown, pictured to the right. This Victorian mansion, built in 1853, was inhabited by two prominent families until 1977 when it, along with its contents and the five acres of land on which it sits, was given to the Morris County Historical Society. According to Acorn Hall’s official website, “Acorn Hall retains most of its original interior design characteristics and furnishings and serves as an authentic representation of early upper-middle class suburban life in Morris County. Furnished primarily with pieces from the [original owners], and supplemented with significant objects from other prominent Morris County families, the carpeting, wall covering, and decorative paint techniques remain as they were in the nineteenth century.” New Jersey residents ought to consider visiting this historic Morris County landmark – one of many historical sites in the area.

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Victorian Home Elegant Trim and WoodworkRestoration: Decorative Painting, as mentioned above, is something that is common among Victorian homes when they are being restored – their elegant and complex exterior woodowork is often painted differenct colors in order to accent certain features and recapture some of the home’s original beauty. Because Victorian homes have so many exterior architectural elements and are often decorated with elegant trim and woodwork in many locations, it is common for them to be painted several colors, such as the Victorian house pictured to the right. This presents a challenging (and exciting) project for a professional painting contractor who is hired to restore and repaint a Victorian home. These homes’ architecture makes them difficult to work with, an obstacle that any ambitious contractor would be eager to take on.

Victorian House Restoration and Painting in Morris County, New JerseyAt CraftPro Home Improvements, we love the idea of restoring and painting Victorian homes. These 19th century structures constantly need work in order to preserve their original beauty. When hiring a professional to perform work on a home like this it is important that you ensure your contractor is as enthusiastic about the restoration as you are. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of keeping a piece of history alive? Check out my short bio and decide for yourself if I’m enthusiastic about home improvements.

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