Top 10 Housing Features Most Desired by Upscale, Luxury Home Buyers

According to a study by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), these are the Ten Most Desired Housing Features by Buyers of Luxury Homes

A kitchen warming drawer is at the top of the list of things that upscale luxyry home buyers wantTop 10 Features Desired in Homes Valued at $500,000 or More

If you’re familiar with this blog then you know that we love the information, statistics and content provided by the NAHB’s “Eye On Housing” blog. We frequently use their articles as inspiration for our own short pieces, sometimes summarizing them and sometimes elaborating. This article is an elaboration on a recent NAHB article that lists the ten most desirable features in new upscale homes. The NAHB’s study provided homebuyers with a long list of approximately 120 home features that included “windows, doors, kitchens, baths, specialty rooms, decorative features, accessibility, energy savings, and type of development in which it’s located” (from NAHB article linked above, paragraph 2). Buyers then rated these features on a consistent scale, and the NAHB reported the top ten home features that buyers would like in their new, upscale, luxurious home.

  1. At the top of the list is a Kitchen Warming Drawer (pictured). These drawers keep food warm without overcooking it, making it perfect for entertaining guests at a dinner party, waiting for a late-working spouse, or keeping vegetables warm for a kid who had one too many cookies before dinner time.
  2. Second on the list is a two story family room. This sounds more like “two family rooms” to me – maybe one that is used more frequently and casually, and one that is a little more fancy, “adults only”, or for entertaining purposes.
  3. A wine cooler is the third most desirable housing feature in luxury homesThird on the Top Ten list is a wine cooler in the kitchen (pictured). My parents had a wine cooler installed during their NJ basement finishing project that CraftPro executed for them, and they say they love it – so it comes as no surprise to me that this home feature lands so high on the list of the top ten most desirable home features. So far, the top three housing features in upscale homes seem to all be, in at least some small way, related to the idea of entertaining guests.
  4. The fourth most desirable housing feature is an outdoor kitchen. Even if its not for entertaining guests, having a family dinner – or a dinner with a significant other – under a starry sky is something that most of us find desirable (just keep the citronella candles burning, please).
  5. The fifth home feature on the list is a two-story entry foyer. Well, that’s reasonable – most of us have seen something like this in homes that may not even be considered “upscale” or “luxurious”. Well, don’t fret: some of the home features towards bottom of the list get about as upscale and luxurious as can be. Ok, here we go:
  6. The sixth home feature on the Top Ten Housing Features Desired in Upscale, Luxurious Homes issssss… (drum roll please) …AN ELEVATOR. There’s a big gap in luxury between a kitchen warming drawer and an elevator, but if you’re in the market for a multi-million dollar mansion, it better come with at least one or two. Number Six wins the “Most Luxurious” prize from this author.
  7. A wet bar is the 7th most desired feature by buyers of luxury homesThe seventh most desired home features is a Wet Bar: much more reasonable than number six and, depending on your social habits, maybe a little more useful. However, a fully-functioning Wet Bar, combined with an elevator, provides homeowners and their guests a level of safety: leaving the bar and approaching a stairwell can sometimes lead to problems.
  8. Eighth on the top ten desired home features is an Exercise Room. But I see the opportunity to save money here: scratch the elevator, scratch the exercise room and proceed to use stairs regularly. That’s how my grandmother stays in shape, anyway: “a healthy diet and a staircase is all you need”. To be serious for a moment, a personal gym would be quite the luxury. I’m surprised it’s so low on the list.
  9. Ninth on the top ten desired home features is for that home to be located on a golf course. To be able to walk out your back door on a Sunday morning and tee off for a quick 9 holes would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?
  10. Last on the list of the top ten housing features most desired in upscale homes is a game room. The study didn’t delve into any specifics, but if the home has an elevator: I’d love to see the game room.

    The top ten features desired by luxury home buyersThe NAHB did a great job identifying these top ten desirable features in upscale, luxurious homes. The link to the article that quickly summarizes this list is at the top of this page, but if you want find out details about each feature and which demographic wanted which feature the most, you should visit’s report on the NAHB survey. For example: “Nearly two-thirds of all buyers say they do not want a home in a golf-course community, making it the second most “unwanted” feature out of the 120 in What Home Buyers Really Want. Clearly, there are many successful golf course communities in the U.S., but it is something of a niche market. It’s also clear that the niche is at the high end of the price spectrum. A sizable 50 percent of home buyers expecting to pay $500,000-plus who do not want to live on a golf course is fairly high at 50 percent, but the share is 77 percent for buyers of homes priced under $150,00.”these are the kinds of details you will get from the study’s full report: it’s very elaborate and informative.

    Thanks for reading! What do you think? If you had the money to buy your dream home, would this be YOUR top ten list? What would or wouldn’t be on it? There’s no harm in fantasizing. Feel free to comment below. And don’t forget to visit our home improvement services page to read about the work we do!

    Authored by Richard D’Angelo, President of CraftPro Contracting LLC and webmaster of this site. You can also visit CraftPro Contracting on Google Plus and join our community of home improvement, maintenance and renovation professionals.

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One thought on “Top 10 Housing Features Most Desired by Upscale, Luxury Home Buyers

  • Debbie R

    I didn’t like several of the features, namely the bar, elevator, and wine cooler. Instead I would add a large pool with jacuzzi, large backyard, with large patio for entertaining outdoors. I like bedrooms with fireplaces and their own bathrooms. I would like hallways to be a minimum of 4 feet wide. I liked the game room, and exercise room, even though I agree with grandma for stairs and a good diet. I also think that unique features include a basement, built in aquarium and large kitchen and pantry. I want the home to be friendly for kids as well as adults.