Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: A Thorough To-Do List to Ensure Your Home is Well-Maintained

Proper Spring Home Maintenance is a Responsibility that Comes with Homeownership. After being Closed up all Winter, your Property Needs a Thorough Spring Maintenance Check to Ensure the Entire Household is Comfortable and Safe. A Complete Inspection and Minor Repairs after the Spring Thaw can Improve the Aesthetics of your Home and Save You Money
The Thorough Spring Home Maintenance Guide Below May Make You Aware of Things you Previously Overlooked

The Thorough Spring Home Maintenance Checklist Below Includes the Most Vital Things you Need to Check Every Spring

Below is a Thorough Checklist for Maintaining Your Home this Spring. Print it Out, Go Through it Step-by-Step, Share it With Your Friends & Neighbors so Everyone has a Plan for their Home Maintenance this Spring. For Most of Us our Homes are our Biggest Investment. Let’s Make Certain They are Properly and Thoroughly Maintained. Here we Go…
  •   The exterior of your home likely needs a lot of attention after the Spring thaw. It took a lot of abuse over the winter. If you have loose or damaged masonry hardscaping you’ll want to get that fixed. Damaged, rotted or otherwise failed siding needs to be immediately repaired in order to avoid the possibility of further damage. Rent a power washer to remove all of the grime that has accumulated due to winter storms. More on that below – power-washing is important; not only for aesthetics but for preventative maintenance.
  • Spring Home Maintenance Should Always Include Exterior Painting   Definitely consider exterior painting every spring. Walk around and inspect your home’s paint job – it’s the skin that protects your home and it’s absolutely critical that your paint job is in good shape. You should either hire a professional local painter for a full paint job, or you can freshen your home’s look for less money by having just the trim painted. You can even paint it yourself if you can reach all of it and if you have some DIY painting experience. Because colors fade in the sun and because trim paint that has a sheen to it will not look right if it isn’t painted completely. If you attempt to touch-up trim with, say, semi-gloss paint you will notice the area you touched up. It’s called “flashing”. So you should repaint all of the trim – or at least an entire piece end-to-end – rather than attempting touch-ups. For flat paint on the body of the home, touch-ups are fine.
  •   While you have the power washer, clean your driveway and concrete patios or decks. If you have concrete walking paths surrounding an outdoor pool or hot tub, clean those as well. Vinyl or aluminum siding should be power-washed once a year. Wherever you see green or black mold or mildew growth you should certainly power wash it. Consider hiring a professional contractor for this. They have the equipment and expertise to reach the high areas and to power-wash without damaging wood siding or the wood on a deck/porch. The area should first be soaked in a bleach-water solution, allowed to sit for 15 minutes in order to kill mold/mildew, and then blasted away carefully and thoroughly. Spring Home Maintenance Should Include Power Washing to Keep Your Home Looking Good, to Keep Walkways Clean and Reduce Slips, and to Kill Mold, Mildew and GermsPower-washing is a preventative maintenance practice: it can halt future damage. It can also make slips and falls less likely, and using bleach when power-washing provides a clean home environment. For homes with aluminum or vinyl siding: power-washing in the Spring is a good idea to prevent mold and mildew stains from becoming permanent.
  •   As you are preparing your windows for trim repainting, inspect the sealing of the perimeter. If the putty or caulk around your home’s windows or doors show signs of wear (like peeling or cracking), then remove and replace according to the product you buy. We recommend DAP brand “Alex Plus” or a similar siliconized acrylic latex caulk. Use weather stripping when necessary to stop air leaks. Clean the screens as you go along.
  •   In addition to your home, perform all of these checks on other buildings located on your land, such as toolsheds, detached garages, etc.
  •   Your property itself and anything growing out of it needs to be looked at as well. You may have a tree that needs service or notice an area of erosion that needs attention. For example, tall trees that are close to your home can be a hazard. If a serious storm hits, the tree could come crashing down on your home. We’ve seen it before many times. Additionally, utilizing the services of a professional landscaping company to trim your hedges and edge the lawn is a good idea even if you prefer to do the weekly mowing yourself.
  •   If you have a swimming pool, you need to have a professional pool maintenance company prepare it for the upcoming season.
  •   Likewise, you should have an HVAC company inspect your system before the first heat wave hits your community.
  •   If you have a different way of cooling your home, change the filters or perform the maintenance suggested by the appliance manufacturer. This is especially important for warrantees of those appliances. Many require you to follow their maintenance schedule.
  •   Working on the inside of your home, you can start at the top by making sure your attic does not have any unwanted guests or openings for birds or squirrels to enter. Do the same for your basement. Call a termite specialist if you suspect there may be some damage. That’s definitely a problem you want to get out ahead of before it becomes damage that is wildly expensive to repair.
  •   You will need to replace the smoke and fire alarm batteries throughout your home this spring. Experts suggest doing this twice each year, so do it this Spring and follow up when Autumn arrives.
  •   You should also check your fire extinguisher and your emergency first aid kit. Safety first! Those of you with a family probably don’t need to be reminded.
  • Spring Home Maintenance: Clean Your Gutters and  Downspouts and Leaders   Check your roof, gutters and downspouts for leaks or damage to the guttters – like dents and insecure joints – that could potentially lead to leaks. We recommend calling a roofing expert to inspect the structural security of your roof shingles. You should also make sure that your gutters and leaders are set up so that water is directed away from your home’s foundation. If you cannot get on the roof, hire a professional to inspect your gutters. HINT: If you hire a pro to power-wash your home, ask them to blast debris out of the gutters also. Two birds, one stone.
  •   The kitchen is an important room in your home and requires special attention. Pull out your refrigerator and vacuum the coils. Clean the floor behind it and your other movable large appliances, including your washer and dryer. This may seem like an obvious spring cleaning task, but it’s important from a health standpoint. Keep your home free of mold and mildew.
  •   Remove the hood filter over your stove / range and clean thoroughly. While it soaks, clean your garbage disposal. This should last you all Spring.
  •   In the kitchen, bathrooms and other areas with water, look for leaks and pressure irregularities.
  •   Perform a deep cleaning in each room, including the walls, baseboards and carpeting.
Thoroughly inspecting your property from top to bottom each Spring goes a long way towards keeping your home in good repair. Use this Spring home maintenance checklist annually to ensure you do not miss anything! And NJ homeowners: if you need something repaired, painted, power-wshed, etc. contact us immediately so we can take care of it!

This article was edited by (owner of CraftPro Contractng Home Improvements, Painting & Repairs in Morristown, NJ) and written by D. More: a home improvement specialist and successful business owner. Check out his site, HouseRemodelingCenter.com for the best in home remodeling.

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    When it is about the spring season, cleaning your gutters should be in your priority list. If you have got gunk in the downspout goose neck, make sure to ream it out with a garden hose. Just take off any nozzle and with a helper turn on the water when done. You can shove the hose into the downspout and power out of goose neck bends. Just ensure that the downspouts channel water at least five feet from the foundation walls.