Spring Cleaning? Add ‘Painting’ to your To-Do List & Give Your Home a Fresh Start for a New Season

Spring Cleaning Painting Ideas for a Fresh Start to the New SeasonReady to Refresh Your Home? House Painting is the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Task: an Affordable Renewal of Your Home’s Interior. Renew Your Rooms with a Fresh Paint Job for an Interior Home Renovation

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Painting your home refreshes and renews it for spring cleaning

Painting is the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Task

It was a very long winter and homeowners have spent so much time indoors to stay out of the cold. Now that the weather is finally turning it’s about time for some Spring Cleaning! What better way to renew and refresh your home for the new season than by having some interior painting executed? I bet you can think of at least one reason…

CHECKLIST: Does Your Home Need a Paint Job?

Refresh Your Home with Interior House Painting during Spring Cleaning?   After Spring cleaning, did you notice that the paint on your walls is dirty with handprints, grease spots and/or food and drink spills?

?   Is your paint fading, chipping, cracking or otherwise failing?

?   Do you have sheetrock or plaster wall-repair needs? This included nail-pops, failed seams (loong bumps in a wall), regular damage in high-traffic areas, etc.

?   Did your home suffer some water damage due to ice dams or some other water leak this winter? You would know if now you have some water marks on your ceilings, or water leaking out of windows. Another sign of a leak could be new damage to drywall on exterior walls. This could indicate moisture build-up within the wall cavity.

?   Or maybe it’s just plain old repetitive and you’re bored with your home’s paint colors. In that case, it’s time for a change. And we can help.

Whatever Your Reasons, an Affordable Interior Painting Facelift this Spring is a Great Idea

Adding a new paint color scheme to your interior after you’ve cleaned the junk that accumulated over the winter is the perfect way to give a warm welcome to the warm weather for the Spring and Summer seasons. Painting contractors like me and paint manufacturers (like Benjamin Moore) know this. Every year, paint manufacturers release paint color trend literature (like Benjamin Moore’s 2015 Paint Color Trends: an awesome palette of inspiring house painting color ideas put together to help homeowners keep up with popular colors). The Benjamin Moore Paint Color Trends Release named the Color of the Year: it’s called “Guildford Green” and the paint swatch is embedded below. We love it: it’s almost a perfect match to our logo.

How CraftPro can Help Plan Your Spring Paint Job

Spring Painting Ideas, Color Selection, Painting Services by CraftPro Contracting for a Fresh Start to the New SeasonOur Product Knowledge, Resources, Contacts & Expertise are at Your Disposal. So are our 15+ References, 5-Year Warranty and Reasonable Prices.

When you first meet with our owner (me, Rich D’Angelo) we’ll discuss the scope of work for the Spring paint job: what you hope to accomplish and how we can make that happen. You’ll be given a list of references for all our customers who have provided reviews (all 5-stars and Straight-A’s – no exceptions and never the product of an incentive). We can provide you with paint color counsel of our own in the form of literature and swatches, pamphlets and samples. But if you’re interested in paint color perfection, then we will connect you with a professional interior designer and decorator who is best suited for you and your needs and with whom you can work to establish a paint design for your home. And, most importantly, we will provide the most durable and beautiful paint job possible. If you’re looking for interior house painting that is not only gorgeous but withstands the test of time, you’ll want a professional house painter like us. We not only provide a satisfaction guarantee but also a 5 year warranty against normal wear and tear on all our house painting jobs. Fill out the Contact Form below to get in touch with me, Richard D’Angelo, so we can talk about your house painting project.

Colors for your Spring Painting Renovation: Help from Color Experts

Choosing a paint color scheme for your home with the help of an interior designer: If you have a good eye for color and paint design there are a ton of resources – from paint manufacturer literature & websites to apps like Color911 by our local NJ interior designer Amy Wax). Amy also does in-person, at-home color consultations for our customers and she selects great color schemes for them – they’ve all been thrilled. She does this via her interior design studio Your Color Source. Alternatively, you can do a Virtual Color Consultation from our other interior decorator/designer, Donna Frasca. For less money than an in-house meeting, this color consultation takes place virtually. Learn more by visiting Decorating By Donna: Virtual Color Consultations.

We’ve worked with both interior designers, they’re the best at what they do, and they’ve selected some absolutely stunning and gorgeous paint color schemes for our clients.

Whether you choose your own colors or hire a color expert, changing your home’s interior paint color scheme (even in just a couple rooms) can seriously change the setting, and it’s a great way to bring in the new season!

Interior Painting is the Most Affordable way to Renew your Home

‘Guilford Green’ is Benjamin Moore’s 2015 Paint Color of the Year

Many homeowners overlook the fact that professional house painting is arguably the most affordable way to completely and dramatically change your home’s appearance. As you go about your Spring Cleaning and get your home in order, you’ll probably think about a fresh paint job in some of your rooms. You may even consider changing the entire paint color scheme in your house. Professional painters know the complexities of interior painting (it’s not as simple as slapping paint on walls). In most cases, the cost difference between hiring a professional painter and painting your rooms yourself is negligible. After buying materials and tools and putting the effort into painting your rooms you may find that your DIY job needs to be repainted much sooner than you wanted, especially if you didn’t pay attention to the critical painting preparation practices that quality professional painting contractors know to follow in order to achieve a durable and beautiful paint job.

In the end, doing it yourself is more likely to cost you not just a big hassle, but potentially more money. For even the handiest homeowner, some things are left better to professionals. Check a small sampling of our interior painting photos below.

Photos: Interior House Painting by CraftPro

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