Shutter Refinishing & Restoration: Painting & Carpentry Home Improvements & Repairs in Morristown

Morristown NJ Shutter Restoration, Painting, Exterior and Interior Handyman Home Improvements by CraftPro ContractingSolid Wood Shutter Restoration and Refinishing, Exterior and Interior Painting, and More. These Wooden Shutters had Peeling Paint over Rotted Wood, so we Restored them Thoroughly. We also Performed Interior Painting and Exterior Painting at this Morristown, NJ 07960 Home.

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Shutter Refinishing: Thorough Restoration & Renewal

Shutter Refinishing & Painting before, during and after images. Service by CraftPro in Morristown NJ 07960These Morristown, NJ homeowners hired CraftPro Contracting for shutter refinishing, interior and exterior painting and a series of other handyman and home improvement tasks. A dozen solid wood shutters were damaged: dull, old paint was peeling away from rotted wood, and restoration was needed. Solid wood shutters are preferred by many homeowners because of their aesthetic beauty when compared to their vinyl counterparts. However, wood is subject to rot and decay – and that was the case here. I’ll explain how we thoroughly executed the shutter refinishing process below. We also executed some interior painting at this Morristown home: their master bedroom and a closet. We cleaned, sanded and repainted an exterior door and replaced and repainted a rotten window sill. Finally, we performed touch-ups to chipped and peeling paint on the exterior trim around the home. At the end you can read this customer’s review of our house painting and handyman home improvement work.

Thorough Shutter Refinishing Process

Shutter refinishing and restoration and exterior painting in Morristown, NJ 07960

Are your wooden shutters showing signs of peeling paint and rot or decay? Consider hiring an exterior painting contractor to perform shutter refinishing and restoration. Our process of restoring these wood shutters to their original beauty was thorough and involved the highest quality materials. High quality treatment of your home’s wooden elements will help extend their lifetime. Why replace what you can maintain and repair? These shutters were not properly primed when they were originally installed. We found that out during the power-sanding, when multiple layers of paint were revealed but no primer was seen. Raw wood needs quality priming. Our thorough power-sanding of these shutters revealed a LOT of raw wood.

Shutter Refinishing Process: How we Restored these Wooden Shutters to their Original Beauty & Prepared Them for Painting

  • First we power-sanded the shutters with medium-grit sanding discs.
  • After power-sanding we hand-sanded, with attention to detail, every edge, face and corner of these ornate shutters.
  • Refinishing these shutters meant patching the rotten wood like thisSpots of rotted wood (pictured) were dug out.
  • The holes were patched with a strong epoxy wood filler and the smaller holes were filled with wood-patching compound.
  • The nail holes in the new trim were filled and all the seams were caulked.
  • Then we performed the most important part of this shutter refinishing project: we used a top-shelf, slow-drying oil-based exterior wood sealing primer by Benjamin Moore. This primer dries slow, for maximum penetration. It’s indicated for use on “weathered surfaces” – and these shutters were certainly ‘weathered’.
  • We applied two coats of this quality primer to prevent future rot as much as possible. Furthermore, we primed the shutters before doing the patch-work so that the sealing primer would penetrate as much of the wood as possible. This should help to prevent further rot and decay. We also primed after patching the shutters’ wood.
  • After lightly sanding the dried primer and performing another round of caulking we were ready to paint.

Perhaps equally important as the shutter refinishing labor techniques is the way we kept our customers informed of the process throughout the entire home improvement. CraftPro’s owner (me, Richard D’Angelo) provides daily progress reports to our customers outlining the day’s work and the plan for the next day. Our customers appreciate being kept informed of the details of their home improvement project. These homeowners especially appreciated this practice in customer service: read the 5-star review below.

Painting the Shutters: Three-Color Scheme

Final product of this shutter refinishing project: three paint colorsWe used Benjamin Moore’s high quality paint “Regal Select MoorGlo”. This exterior paint has a soft-gloss finish with a mildicide additive. Three colors were used: the brown is Mississippi Mud, the tan is Richmond Bisque, and the white is, well… white. The white paint color accents the panels and separates the other two colors, which work well together against the stained cedar siding of the house. These Morristown homeowners were happy with the paint colors and the shutter refinishing. I was, too. And I was happy with the help of my hard-working, skilled and reliable craftsmen. We applied primer to all sides and edges of all twelve shutters during the refinishing process. Then we applied three coats of paint to the front and the back of the shutters (even though the back won’t be seen) to provide a thick skin that will protect the restored shutters. They don’t just look good – the restoration wasn’t just for cosmetic purposes. This shutter refinishing project was performed so that the shutters will last longer. Their beautiful finish will boost this Morristown, NJ home’s curb appeal.

Finished Painting & Shutter Refinishing Home Improvement in Morristown

Shutters restored and refinished and new trim paint at this Morristown NJ home by CraftPro

Testimonial from this Satisfied Customer

CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"We were very impressed with the quality of the work performed by CraftPro Contracting, as well as the added benefit of receiving Richard’s daily progress reports. The daily progress reports were very professionally written so there was no confusion on what work was performed that day and what we could expect the following day. As I said, they were a tremendous benefit and very much appreciated. We feel very comfortable recommending CraftPro to our friends and family. We also would give CraftPro a 5 star rating and if we have any further work to be performed in the future, we would certainly give Richard a call."

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