Professional Residential Painting: Bedroom in Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

The existing color and satin finish on the walls of this Morris County home were unappealing to the homeowner, so a top-shelf paint in a Matte finish was selected. The color is extremely dynamic, giving life to this Cedar Knolls, NJ bedroom

interior bedroom painting in cedar knolls nj

Interior Painting in Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 by CraftPro Contractng

Professional House Painting: Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

Planning the Home Paint Project

finished professional interior house painting in cedar knolls, nj 07927 of morris county using benjamin moore aura color nantucket fogA lot of thought goes in to the planning and execution of even the smallest residential paint job. Selecting a color for repainting your bedroom is not an easy thing to do. This homeowner is a talented painter (the oil-on-canvas kind, not the home improvement kind) so she knows a thing or two about color. She chose a paint color by Benjamin Moore called “Nantucket Fog”. It’s a gray-blue that changes when looked at from different angles and in different lighting as much, if not more, than any other interior paint I’ve seen. We went with Benjamin Moore’s “Aura” line of 100% acrylic paint in a Matte finish for increased durability. As shown below, the existing paint was a tan color with a Satin finish that was too shiny for the homeowner’s taste and the color was unappealing. So, the artist chose the new color and the professional painter got to work…

Preparing and Executing the Interior Painting

Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 professional painting preparatory work, drywall repair, morris county new jerseyAs any professional painting contractor will tell you, thorough surface preparation is the key to a durable and beautiful paint job. The existing Satin paint was sanded thoroughly using coarse sandpaper to remove the sheen and provide better adhesion for the topcoat. The nail holes were filled with setting-type joint compound (spackle) and then sanded and spot-primed. A few raised drywall nails were hammered back in and filled with the same spackle and then spot-primed. Some stains were cleaned off the walls, everything was dusted and then the painting began. All brush strokes around the perimeter were rolled out with a small roller so that there are no brush stroke lines when the paint dried, allowing that orange-peel texture to run from corner to corner uninterrupted. High quality painting is paying attention to detail and holding one’s self to a higher standard. CraftPro doesn’t cut corners.

Customer Review of this Interior Painting Project

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"Richard and the CraftPro team have performed several projects for my family. Over the last 3 years they've painted almost the entire interior of my home and performed painting and drywall work at my sister's as well. Richard's level of commitment to quality craftsmanship is outstanding, and his team is just as dedicated. More than that, he is extremely professional and friendly, always willing to help and always going out of his way to make sure we're happy. Read the customer reviews on CraftPro's website - unanimous agreement that CraftPro is fantastic painting and home improvement service provider. The best part is that you always talk to Richard, the founding owner. There are no project managers or estimators. He takes a genuine interest in helping us every time we call him. This is my contractor for life."

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