Randolph NJ 07869 House Painting Renovation: Dramatic Transformation in Morris County

craftpro contracting randolph nj professional painting contractorThis Randolph, NJ Home needed Wallpaper Removal & Wall Repair and Painting in the Bathroom, Foyer, Stairwell, Hallway and Dining Room. CraftPro was Hired to Modernize, Renovate & Improve this Home

Randolph, NJ 07869 Wallpaper Removal & Painting Renovation by CraftPro

Wallpaper Removal With Our Thorough Wall Sealing + Priming Method

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We’re flattered by the customer’s 5-Star Google Review of our work on this home!

Randolph NJ stairwell and foyer wallpaper removed, primed twice and painted with high quality paint in this home renovationSome wallpaper is nice. The owners of this Randolph, NJ home didn’t like theirs anymore. It covered the walls in the foyer, the stairwell and the upstairs hallway. The dining room adjacent to the foyer was painted a soft pink and needed a new color. The bathroom wallpaper was too dark for such a small space. CraftPro Contracting was hired to execute this Randolph house painting renovation, and the homeowners wanted high quality, durable work. To achieve this, we executed our two-step priming method (I describe this intense painting-prep practice in my article on painting over previously wallpapered walls). After we stripped all the wallpaper and scrubbed off as much of the glue/paste as possible we needed to seal the walls so that the residual paste wouldn’t rise to the surface and cause the paint to fail. Our two-step priming method involves 1) an impermeable waterproof sealer, followed by 2) a quality interior oil-based primer after wall repair spackling. This provides completely sealed walls ready for painting with our favorite interior house paint: Benjamin Moore’s “Aura”.

  Randolph House Painting Preparatory Work

Wallpaper Removal and Interior Painting Renovation in Randolph NJ 07869Thoroughly and correctly preparing previously-wallpapered and damaged walls is the most important part of a successful interior house painting project. Without proper painting preparation your paint job won’t look good and it won’t last. Even the highest quality paint will fail if residual wallpaper paste is not completely sealed and blocked. These Randolph homeowners wanted a durable and beautiful paint job, and they understood the importance of house painting preparation. So we implemented our two-step priming method to seal and block the wallpaper paste. And we spackled and sanded the walls to be glass-smooth. The multiple coats of spackle and two different types of primer (one to seal and one to block) provided smooth, sound walls. Details of our preparation in this Randolph house painting job are described below.

Randolph NJ 07869 house painting including wallpaper removal, drywall repair and sealing and priming, before during and after

Randolph NJ House Painting Wallpaper Removal and Wall Damage before priming and paintingPictured to the right are examples of the wall damage that occurred from stripping the wallpaper. First we used Zinsser’s product called “Gardz” – an impermeable waterproof sealer. It not only seals the residual wallpaper adhesive but it seals torn drywall paper. As you can see in the photos, the wallpaper pulled away the drywall face-paper in several areas. This product was a perfect choice for this Randolph home’s painting project. But, since Gardz dries to a clear finish, it doesn’t help with paint coverage. So we used a Zinsser brand interior oil primer (white color) after spackling the walls to a smooth finish. We also sanded before and between coats of primer to allow for better adhesion of following coats of primer and paint. Once the walls were thoroughly sealed, we used Benjamin Moore’s top-shelf paint product called “Aura”. Color information is available after the pictures below.

  Randolph, NJ House Painting: Color Choices

    Randolph NJ 07869 home dining room with a lot of natural light painted in a deep color by CraftPro

  • Each area/room that we painted in this Randolph home was unique. For example, the dining room (pictured to the right) – previously painted pink – receives a lot of natural light from its bay window. So a darker, bold paint color could work well – and it did. The dining room was painted with Benjamin Moore’s color called “Black Pepper” in a Matte finish. (Keep in mind that screens can’t render paint colors the same way the eyes see them.) The homeowners love the paint color, saying that it makes the room feel like a more formal dining room, and I agree. Our paint job in this Randolph room makes it look more modern and updated. The white trim stands out more against the new paint – it pops. The bold wall color and its contrast with the white molding gives the dining room a very regal look.
  • Randolph NJ 07869 bathroom painting after wallpaper removal and primingPainting the bathroom, on the other hand, was an entirely different situation. A small space with little natural light and stained wood trim called for a lighter paint color. We painted this small bathroom with Benjamin Moore’s “Aura: Bath & Spa”. This version of Aura is also a Matte finish paint, but it is mildew-resistant. This makes it an ideal paint product for bathrooms. The paint color we used was “Mt. Rainier Gray“, part of Benjamin Moore’s “Candice Olson’s Designer Picks” collection. Benjamin Moore says this paint color “takes its color cue from its namesake mountain’s abundant glacial ice, this stately shade of blue-gray is soft and sophisticated”.
  • Painted stringers, risers, molding and walls in this complete Randolph NJ 07869 painting home improvementThe bathroom paint color is very similar to the color we used for the foyer, stairwell and hallway painting. The foyer gets a decent amount of natural light and so does the first part of the stairs. But there is no natural light in the second floor staircase and hallway, just a single light fixture. This allows for the paint color to show different hues and tones in different areas, making it very dynamic. We used the color “Iced Slate” – again in a durable Matte finish. It’s slightly lighter than the bathroom paint. These Randolph homeowners love it and so do we.
  • All the woodwork (moldings, doors, stringers, risers, etc.) in the foyer, staircase and hallway had been previously painted in a cream color. In the adjacent rooms it was all white. When we painted the woodwork in a Semi-Gloss white everything matched. Not just that, but the glossy bright white added to the brightening of the area provided by the light paint color.

  Photos: Painting this Randolph NJ Home

This Interior Paint Job Lead to a Dramatic Transformation:

The wallpaper removal, wall repair and painting renovation of this Randolph home made a huge impact on the home’s look and feel. The dining room is more formal and modern. The foyer, staircase and upstairs hallway are all significantly brighter. The bathroom color matches the stained wood and now that the dark wallpaper is gone, it’s much brighter, too. Painting this Randolph home is an example of how interior house painting can have an extremely dramatic effect. Paint can change your home’s decor dramatically.

  Randolph NJ House Painting Customer Review: 5 Stars

this randolph nj 07869 homeowner was thrilled with the house painting work performed by CraftPro Contracting and he gave us a 5-star google reviewAt CraftPro we know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to customer service. Every homeowner is as different as every home improvement project, and identifying the needs and expectations of our customers is extremely important to us (click here to read more about our commitment to customer service and our personalized customer satisfaction guarantee written into every contract). These Randolph, NJ homeowners made their expectations very clear, and that made it easy for us to meet their needs. That is why this project was such a success, and it’s probably why the customer went out of his way to write us a 5-star review on Google. That review is reproduced below:

CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
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"CraftPro was great to work with. Richard is a professional who lives up to his promises. The job was done when promised with out delays or cost overruns. I am 100% satisfied with his work. I recommend him whole heartily."

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