Randolph NJ Basement Finishing: Drywall Installation & Finishing by CraftPro

An Unfinished Basement in Randolph, NJ 07869 is Remodeled with CraftPro’s Help. Now it has a Living Room, Gym, Bar & Game-Room. CraftPro Executed All the Drywall Installation in this Basement Remodel Which Added An Entire Floor Full of Amenities and Added Living Space

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Basement Finishing in Randolph, NJ 07869

This Randolph basement, roughly 2,500 square feet, was largely unused space. With the exception of a work room and a tool bench, it was just used for storage. Owned by a family of four with a fifth on the way, this exceptionally handy homeowner wanted to provide some more living space for his growing family. A smart man, he knew how high the return on investment of basement finishing can be (because of how cost-effective it is – and this homeowner did everything he could to make this basement remodel as cost-effective as possible). He went about this Randolph basement finish in a slightly unorthodox way. Rather than hiring a general contractor to sub out the various work, he acted as the GC himself. He DIY’ed what he could – the framing and the suspended ceiling, for example, plus more – and he hired specialty trades contractors where needed. For example, after the framing was completed, CraftPro Contracting was hired to install the drywall throughout this Randolph basement. Multiple rooms and doorways, lally columns, forty-five degree angles and more made the drywall finishing a complicated job, but CraftPro got the drywall installed, taped and floated to a smooth finish – ready for paint and primer. You can view all of CraftPro’s drywall installation/repair & carpentry jobs – including our basement finishes – by clicking here.

CraftPro installed all the drywall in this Randolph basement (zip code 07869). The rest of the work was performed mostly by the homeowner with some help from other specialty trades contractors. Basement finishes are already pretty high up on the return on investment charts, but this Randolph basement finish – because so much of the costs were kept down by the homeowners’ DIY work – is sure to yield a very high ROI when it comes time to sell. Regardless, since CraftPro’s work on the drywall of this basement the fifth member of the family was born: the homeowners first son. This family of five now essentially has another floor to entertain the kids and their friends and family. View the pictures below, and then view what this homeowner had to say about the work we performed.

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