House Painting in Livingston, NJ 07039: Open Floor Plan, Stained Wood Windows & Doors

This Livingston, NJ 07039 house painting involved stained wood windows and doors and an unappealing paint color scheme, so the homeowners wanted to implement their own style by repainting walls and adding color to the windows and doors. CraftPro was brought in to execute this interior home improvement project.

Livingston NJ Interior Painting by CraftPro Contracting

Livingston NJ Interior Painting: Stained-Wood Windows & Doors, Open Floorplan, Kitchen, Hallways, Stairwell, Living Room, Dining Room and Bedrooms all Painted

House Painting in Livingston, NJ 07039: CraftPro Contracting

Painting of this Livingston, NJ home interior by CraftPro ContractingHouse painting is almost always the first thing that new homeowners want done to implement personal style in their new home. That was the case for this family in Livingston, New Jersey. The painting of this home was a challenge given that all the windows were stained wood, so they needed oil priming first. This included the divided light insets (the squares inside the windows) that we easily removed and sprayed with an oil-based, stain-blocking primer before painting. The painting of this house included over a dozen stained windows, three stained doors and five painted doors throughout the living room, kitchen, dining room, study, bedroom, hallway and foyer. We used Benjamin Moore Aura, a top-shelf paint (the best paint available, in our opinion), with a Matte paint finish on the walls and a Satin finish on the trim. Interior house painting always involves a color scheme, and with the open floor plan of this first floor, the homeowner put a lot of thought into the transitional paint color scheme, which we detailed below.

Before and after of this house painting in Livingston NJ 07039

Before & After Painting: This living room needed some fresh painting on the walls, including oil-priming the stained doors and painting them along with the mantle and the base-molding. Below we’ll identify the colors used in this house painting project.

Painted Bedroom, Living and Dining Rooms: Before and After Photos

House Painting Color Scheme for this Livingston Home: Open Floor Plan Calls for Transitional Paint Colors

Paint Colors Used:

Painting this Livingston, NJ Home’s Interior

House painting color scheme provides stylish transformation from room to roomThe interior painting of this home required a product that matched this home’s beauty, so “Aura” by Benjamin Moore was used. As for house painting products, this is as good as it gets. However, interior house painting requires more than just a good product. Proper surface preparation is tantamount to a high quality paint job. I make sure that all CraftPro‘s house painting projects are performed to the highest standards of quality: we sanded down all the surfaces, spackled major imperfections in the walls, caulked gaps in the trim, sanded between coats, etc. Check out our article on proper surface preparation for house painting. All the doors, windows and trim were painted “White Dove” in a Satin finish. The walls in the foyer and hallway pictured to the left were painted “Revere Pewter“. The greenish-gray color in the kitchen and living room is “Nantucket Gray“. All these colors worked together beautifully to make this interior house painting project a really awesome transformation, and the homeowners are thrilled with their paint color choices.

Before & After: Painting in Livingston, NJ 07039

You’ll notice in this before and after painting photo, and in the slideshow below, that the kids got to apply the color samples! They are quite the artists, and all it cost us was a little extra sanding to get rid of the paint drips. You can see the maroon paint color in the above picture. That color was on all the walls inside the stairwell, something that the homeowners did not like, so we painted the hallway and stairwell walls all the same Revere Pewter color. Benjamin Moore says the color is a “light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional color, it’s perfect for an open floor plan”. This house’s open floor plan was perfect for this color and it transitions beautifully into the Nantucket Gray paint in the kitchen and living room.

Gallery of Livingston, NJ Paint Job by CraftPro: Click any Photo for a Slideshow

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