House Painting in East Hanover, NJ 07936: Spackle, Priming, Shoe-Molding Installation

This East Hanover, New Jersey home received interior painting from top to bottom: ceilings, walls, windows, doors, trim – plus shoe-molding installation which was also painted.

Painting an East Hanover, NJ Home to Stage it for Sale

Painting of a home in East Hanover NJ 07936This East Hanover home, pictured to the right, was staged for sale with interior painting by Morris County, NJ home improvement contractor and residential painter CraftPro. It needed a fresh interior painting job to get it ready to be listed and sold. In the living and dining room, shoe-molding was installed and painted. All ceilings were painted with a paint-and-primer-in-one ceiling paint. Prior to painting, we spackled and smoothed the walls and primed the wall repair work before painting it. Then the living and dining room, the kitchen, three bedrooms, hallway and the stairwell were all painted in a Matte finish. The bathroom wallpaper was removed and the walls were primed with an oil primer before being painted. The windows, molding, casing, stair risers and stringers were all painted a white semi-gloss. The paint product we used was Regal Select by Benjamin Moore, another high quality paint-and-primer-in-one product. *Note: Painting with paint-and-primer-in-one products is no substitute for substrates that need real priming before painting. All it means is that there are more solid contents in the paint and it therefore covers better when painting. This East Hanover, NJ house received an extremely high quality professional painting job to prepare it to be sold, and we are sure the home is going to sell quickly!

Update: Within a Week of this Job the House Sold!

According to our customer, the sale was “due in no small part to CraftPro’s excellent painting work”. We’re glad our services helped this family sell their home!

East Hanover, NJ 07936 House Painting: All Photos

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6 thoughts on “House Painting in East Hanover, NJ 07936: Spackle, Priming, Shoe-Molding Installation

    • Richard J. D'Angelo Post author

      That’s absolutely right Armor Proseal! Freshly painted rooms look clean and new and that boosts property value AND marketability. When people think of home improvements for ROI purposes they think about big kitchen and bath remodels, which definitely add value. But I agree, they often overlook the smaller things that yield a higher ROI.

  • Roofer Mike

    Back in the day an old boss of mine would tell customers the primer was in the paint and then laugh like hell about it later, crooked son of a … now it’s available and I’ve used it – good stuff.

    • Richard J. D'Angelo Post author

      Haha Mike! The truth is, “paint-and-primer-in-one” is no substitute for substrates that need a good priming. It just means there are more solids in the product so it covers better and is more durable, but it won’t block stains and it won’t seal wood, etc. Paint science is tricky; painting is tricky – contrary to popular belief. There are some cases where an appropriate oil- or water-based primer is necessary even when using “paint-and-primer-in-one” products. For example, in this project we removed the wallpaper from the bathroom and then used an oil-based primer to block whatever residual wallpaper paste may have been left after scrubbing (it almost always gets into the pores of the substrate – it can hardly ever be removed completely and needs to be blocked with oil-based primer). So, in that case, p.p.i.o. wasn’t enough.