Renovating and Painting in Parsippany NJ: Wallpaper Removal & More

Parsippany NJ Home Renovation: Wallpaper Removal, Molding Installation, Wall Sealing and Priming, Skim-Coating, and Painting with Interior Decorator Color Picks based off Customer’s Desire for a Bold Color Scheme

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These homeowners wanted to remove their home’s old wallpaper, the dated wall mirror, etc. and apply a bold, “tropical” paint color scheme. We referred them to color expert Amy Wax who chose the perfect colors for their style, and we implemented this Parsippany, NJ renovation.
Before and After: Wallpaper Removal, Wall Sealing & Priming, Skim Coat Spackle Repair, Molding Installation, Painting Accent Walls in Parsippany NJ Renovation by CraftPro Contracting

Before & After: Parsippany NJ Renovation by CraftPro

Before: The Decor that this Parsippany, NJ Couple Wanted Gone, Changed or Renovated

  •   The Wallpaper: From a design perspective at least it was neutral, but it was failing in many places and these homeowners wanted a bold paint job.
  •   The Window Treatments: Pictured in the collage, these monstrous awning-like things had to go.
  •   Furniture: It was in good shape but it wasn’t what the homeowners wanted. New furniture will compliment the freshly-painted living-dining room.
  •   The Wall-Mirror: They can make small spaces appear larger, and back in the day they were all the rage! But this open-concept floor plan split-level home didn’t need it.
  •   The Outlets, Switches & Covers/Plates: Old-style brown outlets are going to be replaced with more modern-looking white outlets, switches and covers. So we removed the plates before we began work like we always do before a paint job, but per the homeowners’ instruction we left them off.
  •   The Carpet: Finally, the carpet is going to be replaced with wood flooring.
  •   The Brown Molding & Casing: The wall facing the stair-way was framed in brown-painted molding, which we demolished. We installed some new clam style basemolding to match the exisitng brown molding and door casings. But all that casing needed to be brightened with a great trim color.
Before photo collage of this Parsippany, NJ Home shows the Decor that needed Renovating. CraftPro renovated this home.

This collage depicts the home as it was before our work. From top-left to bottom-right: the wall mirror had to be removed and so did the wallpaper; that wall with the doorway to the kitchen was framed with brown-painted trim which we removed during wallpaper stripping; the open living-dining room left much to be desired and the homeowners wanted a tropical-style, bold paint color scheme; finally, that awning-like window treatment was not only installed in the wall with brackets but it was pressure-fitted on that wall and weighed more than 100 pounds. We removed it but it wasn’t easy!

A Modernizing, Bold and Transformative Renovation

  •   These homeowners were thrilled: “Oh my gosh, it looks brand new!”, she said – and that was only halfway through the job when the wallpaper was gone.
  • Now Let’s See Our Work in this this Full-Throttle Top-Bottom Renovation

 Photo Gallery: Parsippany, NJ Renovation by CraftPro

Painted Parsippany NJ home after Wallpaper Removal & other Renovations

The Open-Concept Living-Dining Room and the Hallway Wall that Faces the Entry Stairway. The back accent wall (with the window) is a darker shade of blue paint than the adjacent main color, and both are as bold and striking as they are tropical and daring. We love it, and so does the homeowner. The hallway and foyer are painted in a neutral beige so that the eye is drawn to the visually-striking, bold, tropical paint colors in the living-dining room – selected by a color expert we referred these homeowners to.

Parsippany NJ Wallpaper Removal and Painting, Service by CraftPro Contracting

The Open Concept Living-Dining Room: Two Similar Blue Paint Colors – one accent on the far wall (with the monstrous window treatment now removed) and a lighter blue paint color for the primary walls was exactly the tropical, bold, visually-striking look that this customer wanted. Far from ‘safe’, this paint design is bold and representative of the homeowners’ style. Our interior decorator helped them pick the perfect colors for what they wanted (more on that below).

Painting Service in Parsippany NJ by CraftPro Contracting. Paint Colors selected by a Professional Color Expert and Interior Decorator.

Here is a view from the top of the stairwell, facing the entry. Notice that the window awning is gone from the blue accent wall (colors below).and the foyer paint color is a warm beige that pairs nicely with the blue paints of the living-dining room.

Painting in Parsippany NJ: Home Improvement Service by CraftPro Contracting

The hallway of this Parsippany home painted in a warm beige with crisp white satin trim and moldings. A neutral paint color scheme that leads to the bold blue paint colors of the living-dining room behind the camera angle.

 Scope of Work: Parsippany, NJ Wallpaper Removal & 2-Step Sealing-Priming, Molding Installation, Interior Painting & More

CraftPro’s Home Improvement Work in this Parsippany Renovation & Painting Project

  •   Wallpaper Removal & 2-Step Sealing-Priming: Our two-step preparation of previously-wallpapered surfaces is the key to our 5-Year Warranty. Aftet scraping, sanding, and scrubbing wallpaper and wallpaper paste even the cleanest looking walls can – and usually do – have residual wallpaper paste in the pores of the substrate. That paste will inevitably cause failure of even the highest quality latex paint. So in order to thoroughly seal the wallpaper glue/paste we first sealed the walls with Zinsser brand Gardz impermeable “problem surface” sealant, indicated for previously-papered surfaces and torn drywall. We applied two coats of this rock-hard sealant before skim-coating the walls with spackle and smoothing them. We then applied two coats of a stain-blocking oil-primer to further stop that wallpaper paste from ever resurfacing. We’re sure that it will not, and our warranty ensures the customers that it will not.
  •   Carpentry & Drywall Repair: We installed some molding and secured some damaged molding. We also cut a hole in the drywall so the homeowner could correct a previous contactor’s mistake: a cut cable line that needed splicing. We then patched up the wall once the homeowner had done his work.
  •   Wall Mirror Demolition and Handyman Help: We demolished and hauled away the wall mirror, disposed of old furniture, and repaired the wall where the mirror was, including the base-molding the got undetached during the process of the mirror demolishion.
  •   Leaving the Paint Color Selection to the Pro: The homeowner was sure she wanted a tropical blue, at least on one accent wall. If you’ve followed our work before you know that we refer our painting customers to two color experts / decorators for them to choose from. One is local and comes to the job site and one lives out-of-state and does virtual color consultations. These homeowners chose the services of New Jersey’s acclaimed and highly awarded color expert Amy Wax, creator of the Color911 App and author of interior design and decor books. Amy Wax chose an impressive color scheme that perfectly suited these homeowners’ taste and they were thrilled with it.
  •   Painting & Colors: The paint colors are Benjamin Moore colors, but for this project we used Sherwin Williams paints: Duration for the walls and trim, SuperPaint for the ceiling. Our Sherwin Williams store matched them perfectly: ‘Chantilly Lace’ for the ceilings (flat) and the trim (satin); ‘Graceful Sea’ for the main blue paint color (matte finish); ‘Dream I Can Fly’ for the darker blue paint accent walls (matte finish); and finally the main color for the foyer, hallways and stairways is ‘Clay Beige’ in a matte finish. We applied two coats, sanding between coats, after spackling, caulking and all the other prep work that goes into a painting project.

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