Madison NJ Staircase Painting, Staining & Refinishing

New Staircase in Madison NJ Painted & Stained: Box Newel Posts & Caps, Handrails, Balusters, Stringers & Risers

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craftpro contracting home improvement: painting and staining of staircase, risers, stringers, newel posts, balusters, handrails in morris county madison nj 07940

Madison NJ Staircase Refinishing, Painting and Staining

Boxed newel posts, handrails and balusters plus inner and outer stringers painting, staining & refinishing by CraftPro Contracting in this Madison, NJ staircase.

Scope of Work: Staircase Refinishing Project

The main staircase that faces the entry door of this home in Madison, NJ (07940) was redone with new boxed newel posts, balusters and handrails. The existing inner and outer stringers and the risers were old stained wood. The homeowners wanted the staircase – a main focal point from three areas: the entry, the kitchen and the living room – to look a little more modern. CraftPro was brought in to refinish the existing parts of this staircase and paint and stain the new work. Details and photos of this staircase finishing home improvement project are below. We also painted a closet, some bathroom trim, touched-up areas of the hallway walls and more.

Preparatory Work for this Refinishing Project

We (CraftPro Contracting, located in Morristown, NJ) started by sanding and stain-block priming the stringers and risers, caulking and filling nail holes, and priming everything with a premium, high quality oil-based enamel underbody: Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer. After two coats of primer on all the wood we sanded it smooth to prepare it for painting. Oil-based enamel primers are very sandable, and we paid special attention to detail to get the balusters, newel posts, stringers and risers smooth and ready for a beautiful paint job with a special paint project.


We used Benjamin Moore’s “ADVANCE” waterborne alkyd paint. Waterborne alkyds are also referred to as “oil-suspended-in-water” paints. They provide the durability and smooth finish of traditional oil-based paints without the harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Standard white in a Satin finish was used and we applied three coats of paint to the newel posts, stringers and balusters of this staircase.


The homeowners wanted the handrail and newel caps to be stained to match the color of the wooden staircase treads as best as possible. They selected MinWax’s “Early American” color stain. We applied two coats of the stain, followed by multiple coats of a clear polyurethane protective finish. The result is a brand new, beautiful staircase finished with premium coatings and guaranteed to last and last.

Madison, NJ Staircase Painting & Staining Photos

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Before & After Photos of the Staircase Refinishing

Boxed Newel Posts, Handrail, Baluster Painting & Staining in Madison NJ Staircase

Painted and Stained Staircase Finishing in Madison NJ 07940

Staircase Painting & Staining: Balusters, Stringers, Newel Posts, Risers in Madison NJ 07940

Staircase Painting & Staining: Prominent Boxed Newel Posts in Madison, NJ 07940

More Work at this Madison NJ Home

Bathroom & Touch-Up Painting

We primed and painted the bathroom trim, plus the master bedroom closet and touch-ups throughout the living room, hallway and staircase. This included wall repair, spackling and caulking.


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