Drywall, Painting, Handyman Repairs: a Morristown NJ Renovation

Drywall Installation, Patching, Wall Repair & Painting Home Improvement: Refreshing a Gym/Laundry Room in Morristown, NJ 07960.

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Drywall Installation, Patching, Wall Repair, Priming and Interior Painting in Morristown, NJ 07960

This neutral-color laundry room & gym in Morristown, NJ needed a new paint job after some drywall patching and wall repair. We removed a cabinet to make more room for the gym area. We installed new drywall, patched several drywall holes, and repaired other wall damage. We used spray-foam insulation for the holes in the exterior walls. We primed top to bottom with a high-build primer and applied two coats of a stain-blocking primer to the windows where the knots in the wood were bleeding and staining the paint. Finally, we painted: lavender walls & linen white woodwork.

drywall and painting in morristown, NJ 07960

Drywall repaired and entire room primed and painted in Morristown, NJ.

Drywall & Painting Renovation

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Interior Painting after Drywall Repair in Morristown NJ

A view of this Gym/Laundry room, freshly painted after drywall work.

Drywall Installation, Patching & Repair Smoothed Walls. A Fresh Paint Job with a Lively Color Brightened & Renewed this Room.

Morristown Renovation Work: Drywall & High-End Painting

Maximizing Space in this Basement Laundry/Rec Room…The very large laundry room at this home in Morristown, NJ (07960) has a lot of extra space. Much more space than is needed for the laundry appliances. So that space was turned into a home gym with matching cabinets on the back wall. Over time the walls suffered a little damage. Holes and dents needed repair. The wall behind the laundry machines had a 2-foot by 6-foot cavity where new drywall needed to be installed. The homeowners also wanted to remove one of the two cabinets to make more space for the gym area.

So we, (CraftPro Contracting LLC, located in Chatham, NJ) were hired to remove the cabinet, patch all the drywall holes, repair the walls, prime and paint the entire room.

First we patched all the drywall and spackled the walls smooth after demolishing the cabinet. Then a high-build primer was applied to the walls, and a stain-blocking primer was applied to the windows to stop the bleeding and paint discoloration caused by the knots in the wood.

We used Benjamin Moore paint throughout the room. Top-shelf, unbeatable “Aura” paint on the walls; “UltraSpec” on the ceiling; “Regal Select” on the trim. We also used Benjamin Moore colors: a bright and refreshing “Lavender Ice” (2069-70) on the walls (eggshell finish) and “Linen White” (912) – a popular off-white color – on the trim, doors, windows and the ceiling (semi-gloss woodwork; flat ceiling).

Wall & Cabinet Paint Color:

Ceiling & Trim Paint Color:

The new paint colors made a huge difference, and these Morristown homeowners are excited about their refreshed room.

Photos of this Morristown NJ Painting & Drywall Home Improvement

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Wall Repair & Drywall & Interior Painting in Morristown NJ 07960
Drywall Repair and Painting Before and After in Morristown NJ 07960
Morristown NJ interior house painting a lavender room

All Photos of this Morristown Drywall & Paint Job

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