Chatham, NJ Renovation: Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting, Wall Repair, Wallpaper Removal & More

Wallpaper Removal & Wall Repair, Stained-Wood Trim & Cabinet Refinishing & Painting in this Complete First-Floor Renovation in Chatham, NJ 07932

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Interior house painting in Chatham NJ, 07928 by CraftPro Contracting. Benjamin Moore Aura paint colors Revere Pewter, Tranquility, Chantilly Lace and Decorators White

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Interior House Painting: Wallpaper Removal, Oil-Based Primer, Spackle Wall Repair, Waterborne-Alkyd Cabinet Paint & Benjamin Moore top-shelf Aura paint

Cabinet Refinishing and Interior Painting Renovation in Chatham, NJ 07928: Stained-wood cabinets were refinished using a shellac-based primer after thorough sanding and were then painted with Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE specialty waterborne-alkyd cabinet paint. Wallpaper was removed and damaged walls were oil-primed and repaired with spackle skim-coating. Walls were painted with Benjamin Moore’s top-shelf Aura brand paint. Colors included ‘Revere Pewter’ (HC-172) & ‘Tranquility’ (AF-490) for the walls. Cabinets, doors, windows and moldings were painted with ‘Chantilly Lace’ (OC-65) and the ceiling color is Decorator’s White (PM-3). This Chatham, NJ home was given a completely new look with new bright cabinets and a fresh paint job with high-end products – all guaranteed for 5 years under the CraftPro warranty. This Morris County wall-repair and painting renovation was completed on in Chatham Township, NJ 07928.
By CraftPro Contracting

Background: The Story of this Renovation

This couple moved from the big city to the quiet suburbs and purchased a beautiful home with infinite potential in the township of Chatham, NJ 07928.

They started moving in and having various home improvements performed and then – SURPRISE!! The stork paid a visit and made it a double: twin boys are on the way for this young couple!

Exciting? Of course. But it’s certainly a stressor. Especially since they’d made renovation plans for their new home to make it their own. Now the renovations needed to be completed before the arrival of their kids! We offered our help to make our projects as convenient as possible for the expecting couple.

The home had some questionable interior design elements that they wanted renovated. For example, obsolete wallpaper had to be removed, textured walls needed skim-coating, rampant wall damage needed to be repaired and old stained-wood kitchen cabinets and doors needed to be painted. The new owners essentially wanted to modernize this Chatham home, and that’s exactly what CraftPro was hired to do.

We knew that we had to be careful, and we had to be aware of and sensitive to the fact that the home was being occupied by a pregnant woman. For example, oil-primer can produce toxic fumes so we paid special attention to thoroughly ventilate the home and get all the oil-based primer done in one day. We were as careful and thorough as possible when it came to containing and cleaning plaster / spackle dust, we made sure to clean up and put things back at the end of every day, etc. We checked daily with the homeowners to make sure they were comfortable and that we were making everything as convenient, unintrusive and generally helpful and thoughtful as possible.

At CraftPro Contracting we take Customer Service Very Seriously. We’re Happy to Meet Special Requests to make a Home Improvement Project as Pleasant as Possible for our Customers

To Finish this Professional Painting Home Improvement We Spent Over an Hour with these Chatham, NJ Homeowners and used a Flashlight to Meticulously Inspect Every Little Detail

At CraftPro Contracting (of Morristown NJ) we pay close attention to detail and complete jobs to the highest standards of quality.

Kitchen Cabinets Refinished, Wallpaper Removed, Walls Repaired, Entire Chatham Home Painted Top-Bottom

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting by CraftPro Contracting in Chatham NJ 07928

Home Improvements & Painting Service in Chatham, NJ by CraftPro
Before and After Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting in Chatham, NJ 07960

Chatham NJ Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro Contracting
Interior Painting Home Improvement in Chatham, NJ. Tranquility color walls, Chantilly Lace color windows and trim.

Wall Repair, Priming and Painting of the Living Room in this Chatham NJ Home

Kitchen Cabinets Refinished & Kitchen Painted Top to Bottom

Back Family Room Painted in Chatham, NJ

Interior Painting: Doors, Walls, Molding in Chatham NJ

kitchen cabinet refinishing and interior painting by professional home improvement craftpro contracting

Chatham NJ Living Room Painted: Revere Pewter walls, Chantilly Lace trim

Before & After Interior Painting Renovation in Chatham NJ

Before & After Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing in Chatham NJ

Paint Colors Used in this Project

Living-Dining Room Walls

“Revere Pewter” (B.M.)

Kitchen & Family Room Walls

“Tranquility” (B.M.)

Kitchen Cabinets & Woodwork

“Chantilly Lace” (B.M.)

Ceilings Throughout the Home

“Decorator’s White” (B.M.)

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