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Refinished Cabinets, Drywall Repair, Interior Painting & More Home Improvements Breathe New Life Into this Morristown, NJ Home

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Morristown NJ Painting and Cabinet Refinishing Home Improvement, painted kitchen island with corbels

Cabinet Refinishing: Sanding, Shellac Primer, Premium Specialty Waterborne-Alkyd Cabinet Paint

Cabinet Refinishing and Interior Painting. Old stained-wood cabinet units were refinished using a shellac-based primer after thorough sanding and then painted with Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE specialty waterborne-alkyd cabinet paint. The bright white cabinets and fresh interior paint job give the home a more modern look and design. (Click here to learn more about water-based alkyds). The ceilings, trim and walls were also painted. This project was completed during in Morristown, NJ.
By CraftPro Contracting

Cabinet Refinished & Painted: dark-stained wood sanded and primed with BIN shellac stain-blocker. Finished with Benjamin Moore ADVANCE waterborne alkyd cabinet paint in a Satin finish.

Cabinet Refinished & Painted: dark-stained wood sanded and primed with a shellac stain-blocker. Finished with Benjamin Moore ADVANCE waterborne alkyd cabinet paint in a Satin finish.

Multiple Cabinets Refinished, Interior Painting Performed, Furniture Restoration, Wall Repair & More

Cabinets to be refinished and painted. Sanding, shellac-based primer and waterborne-alkyd paint.

This large, traditional, relatively new home in Morristown, NJ (07960, but very near the Randolph, NJ border) is undergoing a completely transformative first-floor renovation.

The home originally had a lot of stained-wood cabinetry, and the owner didn’t like all the dark wood in the home or the dark tan-colored walls throughout the first floor. Brightening and modernizing the common areas of the first floor, the grand foyer entry, and repainting the master bedroom were his priorities. This included having recessed lighting installed in the entry foyer and having all the cabinets (kitchen pantry, main cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets ad the TV entertainment unit) painted white. The exact shade of white was difficult to decide on because there were a couple shades of white trim, and some white furniture pieces.

For this reason, when I (Richard D’Angelo, CraftPro’s owner), first met the homeowner I referred him to the very talented Amy Wax – an interior designer specializing in color (learn more at Amy’s Your Color Source). Amy is the creator of the award-winning Color911 app, author of critically acclaimed books, and she provided the color consultation and advice that really helped this homeowner. And that helped us. Thanks, Amy! She chose paint colors and finishes, and we helped the homeowner put the pieces together and begin this multi-faceted home improvement renovation. Below is a list of painting and refinishing work that we are doing at his Morristown, NJ home, plus photos and swatches of all the paint colors.

CraftPro Contracting’s Morristown Refinishing & Painting Renovation

We (CraftPro Contracting, also located in Morristown, NJ) were brought in to perform the following work:

  TV Cabinet Refinishing: The large entertainment center (pictured above), or TV cabinet, in the family room was originally stained wood before we refinished and painted it. The homeowner wanted to make it match all the other trim and to make the family room more modern. Amy Wax, our color expert, had a great idea: the main white color matched the rest of the room’s woodwork, but the cavity where the TV is mounted was painted in a darker color. This allows the TV to blend into the background so it doesn’t stand out in too stark of a contrast. (The Color swatches for all the work are all below.)
  Grand Foyer Painting: The two-story foyer, stairway and upstairs hallway was originally a dark tan. We breathed new life into the home with a fresh, light paint color for the walls and a brilliant white for the ceiling. We used Benjamin Moore’s “Aura” premium paint in a Matte finish.
  First Floor Ceiling Painting: All the ceilings on the first floor were originally a very pale, pastel green color. Amy Wax picked a beautiful white from Benjamin Moore’s color collection, and we painted every ceiling in every room. It emboldened the saturation of the wall colors in the those rooms more prominent, and it served to brighten the first floor.
  Extensive Kitchen Cabinet, Island & Bathroom Vanity Refinishing: As seen in the photos below, this home’s kitchen is full of cabinets, pantries, cupboards and drawers that are all dark-stained wood. We’re in the process of refinishing them now, and they will be painted with Benjamin Moore’s “ADVANCE” waterborne alkyd paint. Waterborne alkyds are also referred to as “oil-suspended-in-water” paints. They provide the durability and smooth finish of traditional oil-based paints without the harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). ADVANCE dries slow, so it levels (smooths) nicely before drying to a durable, furniture-like finish. This paint product is indicated for cabinets because of these qualities. We like using it on trim, too, like we did in the master bedroom.
  Master Bedroom Painting: We also repaired some wall damage, a fireplace surround and mantle, and peeling crown molding paint in the master bedroom before painting it top-to-bottom. Wall color is “Lemon Souffle”. We used ADVANCE (color: “White Dove”) on the trim, crown molding, and wooden fireplace surround.

  Small Refinishing Projects: While we were there, the homeowner asked us to perform a few other small projects. We’re refinishing some lawn furniture, we painted a mirror frame, an old metal chandelier, patched several drywall holes and we performed some handyman work.


Wall Repair and Painting Renovation in Morristown, NJ

Foyer & hallway painted with Benjamin Moore premium paint “Aura”. Color is ‘Pale Straw’ (2021-70).

Morristown NJ master bedroom renovation with new fireplace mantle and wooden surround.

Morristown NJ master bedroom wall repair and painting renovation with fireplace mantle and wooden surround.

Photos: Morristown, NJ Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

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Paint Colors Used in this Project

TV Cabinet Inside

Master Bedroom Walls

Foyer and Hallway

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

TV Cabinets & Trim

All Ceilings

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