Boonton NJ 07050 Deck Restoration: Carpentry, Painting, Staining

Exterior Carpentry & Painting: Structural Damage Repair, Painting & Staining. Deck Restoration Home Improvement in Boonton, NJ 07050.

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Deck Restoration: Exterior Painting, Carpentry in Boonton, NJ 07050

Exterior carpentry repairs and thorough painting reinforced the structure and refreshed the appearance of this deck in Boonton, NJ. Some floorboards and railings were loose; the old, faded paint was peeling. CraftPro was hired to execute the restoration and renewal of this historic deck.

Deck Restoration: Structural Repairs, Carpentry, Exterior Painting & Staining

The deck and staircase at this historic Victorian-style home in Boonton, NJ 07050 needed some carpentry repairs and a new paint job. The paint was chipping and peeling, and – more importantly – parts of the deck were starting to become structurally unsafe. The flooring and railings were loose and some of the wood trim and molding was rotted. CraftPro was hired for this deck restoration. We repaired the structural damage to make it safer and extend its life. Our thorough paint job renewed the deck’s appearance and will protect it from exposure to sun and weather.

Carpentry Repairs

First we performed a thorough power-wash with bleach. This killed mold/mildew and exposed, lifted and removed a lot of failed paint. Then we started the carpentry work: repairing structural damage and replacing old trim. We reinforced the floorboards, installed new fascia molding and other trim, and we resecured loose railings. The carpentry work on this deck also included repairing the gate to the staircase and re-securing loose spindles. The entire deck was power-sanded and the flooring was stripped to bare wood. We filled several areas of rotted wood with a 2-part wood filling compound.

Structural Repair in this Deck Restoration

These homeowners wanted a deck that was structurally sound and safe for their family, so securing the railings and reinforcing the floorboards was very important. We paid special attention to these areas. To make the deck as safe as possible we used metal ties and braces when repairing loose railings and floorboards.

Painting and Staining

To refresh the deck’s look we went to extreme lengths to perform a high quality paint job. Two to three coats of a heavy-duty, oil-based exterior primer helped seal the deck, and it was then painted and stained from top to bottom. We used a solid stain on the steps and floorboards, and a high-quality exterior paint on the railings, columns, and the blue ceiling of the porch. Benjamin Moore’s “Breath of Fresh Air” blue paint color was used on the ceiling and “Platinum Gray” on the floor.

Exterior Paint & Stain Colors Used

Carpentry and Painting in this Boonton, NJ 07050 Deck Restoration

Exterior Paint & Stain Products Used

We used premium Benjamin Moore products for the topcoats: “Arborcoat” solid stain for the flooring and “Regal Select MoorLife” flat exterior paint for the railings, pillars and ceiling, etc.

Deck Restoration, Boonton NJ: Power-Sanding, Painting & Solid-Staining

The deck restoration at this Boonton, NJ Victorian-style home included full power-sanding of the flooring in order to remove several coats of old paint and expose the bare wood of the floorboards. The solid staining resulted in a beautiful finish.

Photos of this Boonton, NJ Deck Restoration

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