Porch Refinishing & Staining in Morris Plains, NJ 07950

A Weathered Porch in Morris Plains gets Renewed, Re-Stained and Refinished so it’s Thoroughly Protected from the Harsh Winter Weather that’s right Around the Corner. Solid-Color Deck Stain after Power-Washing, Wood-Filler Application and Power-Sanding

Deck Staining Service in Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Before & After by CraftPro Contracting

This deck was power-washed to remove mildew and failed stain. Then we used wood putty to fill fissures, screw-holes and cracks in the wood before applying two coats of solid color deck stain.

Before and After Morris Plains NJ porch refinishing and solid color staining service by CraftPro Contracting. Deck stain is SuperDeck by Sherwin Williams and the color is Russet Brown SW3045.

Morris Plains NJ Porch Refinishing & Staining Sevice: Before & After, by CraftPro Contracting. Power-washing and wood-filler application before power-sanding and then three coats of Sherwin Willams brand Superdeck solid-color deck stain. The color is ‘Russet Brown’ (SW3045).

The Deck/Porch Refinishing & Staining Process
From Preparation to Staining, Plus Other Work we Performed at this Morris Plains Home

If you’ve followed our work you know that deck refinishing services is one of our primary specialties. This summer alone we refinished, restored, restained and renewed countless decks, porches, patios and balconies. With advancements in composite decking material, it’s very rare to see new wood decks being built. But here in NJ many homes are older, and many have structurally sound and secure wooden decks or porches that can simply be refinished to extend their life. That was the case for this Morris Plains, NJ home. The homeowners hired us for the 5th time in less than 18 months – this time they wanted their deck refinished before the cold, and there was also some rotted drywall in the garage. While my brother Mike managed the drywall repair, priming and painting of the garage, I refinished the porch.

Preparing and Refinishing the Deck…

I prepared the deck/porch for staining by power-washing with bleach to kill mold and mildew and remove any failed stain. While we were at it, we also washed the vinyl siding and the porch’s awning where there was dirt and mildew, and we power-washed the entire concrete patio surround. It made a big difference – the cement looks like new, and that makes the porch look that much better. We weren’t obligated to do the extra pressure-watching, but the home needed it. At CraftPro we always put in extra effort to help our customers, and they’ve thanked us for it. After the deck had dried we spent a good deal of time tending to the unsightly splits, cracks and screw-holes in the wood, which were filled with a strong, durable exterior wood-filler. We then power-sanded the entire porch, and the deck was ready to be stained. Two – and in some places three – coats of Sherwin Williams brand SuperDeck solid color deck stain (color is “Russet Brown” – SW3045) were applied to achieve a solid coating that will preserve the wood and protect it from the elements, thereby extending the life of this deck.

If Your Deck Coating is Weathered or Faded, Consider Having it Refinished During the Spring Our Summer to Help Protect it from the Harsh Elements of Winter

See the finished photos below, and click here to contact me if your deck/porch/patio is showing any signs of weathering. We can get it refinished, repaired and stained before winter brings the harsh weather and cold temperatures that can destroy improperly coated wood.

Finished Morris Plains, NJ Deck Staining Project Photos

This porch in Morris Plains, NJ 07950 was refinished and stained by CraftPro Contracting home improvement services

Refinished Porch in Morris Plains, NJ. Solid-Color Deck Stain: Sherwin Williams’ SuperDeck in ‘Russet Brown’ (SW3045)

CraftPro Contracting refinished this porch by power-washing, filling cracks and fissures with wood-filler, and then staining this deck with Sherwin Williams brand SuperDeck solid color stain in the color Russet Brown SW3045.

Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Porch Refinished: Power-Washed, Fissures & Cracks Filled, Entire Porch Power-Sanded and then Stained with Sherwin Williams brand ‘SuperDeck’ solid color deck stain – color ‘Russet Brown’ (SW3045)

Customer Review: This Customer has Given us a Straight-A Review on Angie’s List and a 5-Star Review on Google Reviews for the Home Improvements We’ve Performed for Him. One Review is Reproduced Below.

CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"Richard D'Angelo recently painted the entire interior of our home. If you want hi-end, superb work at a reasonable price, CraftPro is excellent. Richard prepped the walls to perfection and then painted with Benjamin Moore Aura, which looks amazing. His trim work was quite skillful with an eye for detail. Our new home looks beautiful and will remain beautiful for many years! Richard cleaned up thoroughly after each day of work. Richard is a good communicator. His contract is clear so that we knew exactly what we were paying for at each stage of the process. I highly recommend him."

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