Exterior Painting: Old, Faded Vinyl Shutters, Entryway & Moldings Renew this NJ Home

This Roxbury, NJ Home’s Exterior Accents Needed Refreshing & Renewing. Faded Vinyl Shutters were Painted a Bold Blue Color along with the Front Door and Surrounding Trim and the Crown-Molding above the Garage
We Used Thorough Exterior Painting Preparatory Practices along with Sherwin Williams’ Vinyl-Safe High Quality Paint. The Importance of Vinyl-Safe Paint and Colors is Explained Below

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Vinyl shutters were faded and needed painting; molding, trim, front door and entry all painted by CraftPro to refresh the accents on this Roxbury NJ home exterior painting home improvement. Vinyl-safe paint was used so as to not damage the vinyl shutters.

Faded vinyl shutters on this Roxbury, NJ home needed painting. CraftPro used vinyl-safe paint to bring a new bold accent to the now painted vinyl shutters, the front door and surround, the crown molding and trim above the garage, etc. A succesful Morris County, NJ exterior paint job that depended on thorough product knowledge, vinyl-safe paint, thorough prep, etc. This homeowner wrote us a flattering 5-Star Google Review for our Exterior Painting Home Improvement. Read on…

Exterior Painting by CraftPro Contracting Results in Satisfied Customer: Exceeded Expectations and a 5-Star Google Review

These Homeowners were a Pleasure to Work for: they Provided Snacks, Drinks, a Cooperative Attitude and an Appreciation for our Craftsmanship. They Even Bought Lunch! But more importantly, they knew exactly what they wanted from this paint job.

Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations: This Homeowner was Clear and Assertive About what he Wanted and the Craftsmanship He Expected. Client-Contractor Communication is Key to Achieving a Successful Home Improvement Project, even a Simple Exterior Paint Job has Details that Need to be Identified

As I mentioned above, this customer (the entire Morrocco family) was truly a pleasure to work for. At CraftPro, the vast majority of our clients are a pleasure to work for. The customer’s assertion of his expectations and desires – and his clear communication of what he wanted from the exterior paint job made executing that paint job much easier. Thorough communication makes meeting, and exceeding, customer expectations that much easier. Here’s what the homeowner had to say about our work:

Exterior Painting by CaftPro Contracting: Customer’s Review

CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"CraftPro recently painted some exterior features of my home, entryway, doors, shutters, moldings,etc. Rich took the time to explain to me the correct prep and products required for the job and didn’t cut the corners that some other ‘low ball’ contractors were proposing. His quote was detailed and the work exceeded our expectations. If you want a high quality job done right, look no further."
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"The first project with CraftPro went very well, so we hired them again, this time to paint our Master Bedroom. The bedroom was large with high ceilings. The existing paint was dark and needed to be primed first. There was water damage on the walls, and nail pops that needed to be repaired. Rich took a lot of time to repair all the imperfections in the walls, make sure the moldings were flush with the walls, and then sanded everything smooth. After a couple coats of paint the room looked brand new and I am completely blown away with how good it looks. The meticulous prepped that was performed along with the ‘top of the line’ paint products Rich suggested made a tremendous difference compared to other rooms in our house. I never knew there was so much to painting a room ‘the right way’ but now I won’t do it any other way. Thank you CraftPro!"

We’re very grateful for their reviews and looking forward to starting our next project for the Morrocco family!

Exterior Painting by CraftPro Contracting of Vinyl Shutters, Steel Entry Door, Wooden Molding and Trim

We used Sherwin Williams top-shelf paint “Duration”, which is formulated to be vinyl-safe. The dark paint color was also formulated to be vinyl safe. What does that mean?

Paintig exterior vinyl siding with darker colors can cause warping and buckling if properly formulated and pigmented vinyl safe paint colors are not used. Make sure your paint product and color are safe for vinyl painting.

Painting Exterior Vinyl can be Tricky, Especially with Darker Colors: the Paint Manufacturer Must Formulate the Paint Color with Pigments that are not too Dark. If the ‘Wrong’ Dark Pigments are Used then the Paint Gets too Hot and Literally Melts the Vinyl Beneath, Causing the Warping and Buckling Damage Pictured Above. Almost Every Quality Paint Manufacturer has Either a List of Vinyl-Safe Colors, the means to Formulate any Color to be Vinyl-Safe, or both. We used Sherwin Williams’ top-shelf ‘Duration’ Exterior Paint and the Color for the Vinyl Shutters was Dark. However, ‘Duration’ is Formulated to be Vinyl-Safe when Tinted with a Properly Formulated Color. Our Local Sherwin Williams Store did an Excellent Job Tinting the Color. Want to Learn More? Visit the ‘VinylSafe’ page on Sherwin Williams’ website.

Exterior Vinyl & Vinyl-Safe Painting

I wrote an article on paint advances as it relates to vinyl siding. That article focused on vinyl-specific paints which, unfortunately, were not a good choice for this project… mostly because no retailers carry the paint in NJ. However, Sherwin Williams’ top-shelf paint “Duration” is formulated to be vinyl safe when used with the correct colors. Darker colors, when mixed with a combination of pigments that contain some of the darkest paint pigments like black, will attract more sunlight. That sunlight will cause the paint to heat the vinyl from the inside, and that will lead to buckling and warping of the vinyl. We therefore got the customer’s color in a vinyl-safe formulation. The vinyl shutters will never get too hot and they’ll never warp or buckle. Both the blue and the off-white paint colors were in a satin finish to really pop and accentuate the exterior elements.

Prepping & Painting the Vinyl & Wood

We usually like to remove shutters from the home and lay them out horizontally when we paint them but that wasn’t possible, so they had to be carefully painted in place from atop a ladder or by standing on a steep roof. The crown molding above the garage was originally all one color but the customer wanted the profiled crown to be painted white and the base of the crown to be painted blue, which really accented the molding and added more accent colors to the home’s exterior. The rest of the trim was refreshed and renewed in white ad blue to add accent to the home’s exterior. We prepared all exterior surfaces for painting (vinyl and wood) by cleaning with bleach-water solution to kill mold, scraping and sanding, caulking etc. Then we applied two coats of the exterior paint. The home looks better than ever: no more faded vinyl, and freshly painted exterior trim, shutters and molding.

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