Basking Ridge NJ Home Improvement Services: Painting, Carpentry (Trim & Molding) and Cabinet Painting

Renovations, home improvements and handyman tasks like painting, wall repair, crown-molding, cabinet painting-refinishing and more tasks refreshed and renewed the inside of the home to get it market-ready. An estate in the Harding area of Basking Ridge, NJ 07967 is Renovated.

View of the barn and fields of this Basking Ridge, NJ estateThe sprawling lands of an historical property: This old estate, which was a fully-functioning farm in decades past, sits on a large plot of land occupied by five different structures: the main home, a rental/guest house, a barn, a corn mill, and barn-style garage, with sprawling fields and a beautiful pond, too. As this entire property is going on the market soon, CraftPro Painting & Home Improvements was hired to perform some interior and exterior home improvements in order to get the place market-ready, and we really enjoyed working on a property this beautiful.

View of the pond and trees of this Basking Ridge, NJ estateSome Background Information Before we Get Started: These homeowners hired us last year to perform some exterior renovations to the rental house, barn and more. The bulk of the work in this renovation included a tremendous amount of both interior and exterior carpentry repairs and all types of painting: ceiling, walls, woodwork AND a complete refinishing renovation of old cabinets. We painted tem a soft blue that matched this home perfectly. Specifically, this series of home improvement and repair projects including exterior carpentry (molding and trim replacement, fascia molding repair), painting, and other handyman tasks like repairing the roof on the barn pictured above. The homeowners are really knowledgeable DIY enthusiasts, having done several jobs themselves, including preserving the original vintage flooring throughout the house by periodically sanding it and re-staining it. They had also performed all the interior painting years ago, but because of the large scale of the job, they chose to hire us to execute the interior work that needed to be done to get the home market-ready, as they intend to sell soon. The interior renovation work included plaster wall repair, interior painting, wallpaper repair, crown molding installation, kitchen cabinet refinishing/painting and some odd-job handyman tasks. Their knowledge about home improvements was evident, as they knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it done. All in all, the entire family was a pleasure to work with, and I really appreciate their repeat business.

  Basking Ridge, NJ Cabinet Painting Refinishing

Kitchen cabinets refinished and painted by Craftpro ContractingKitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Crown Molding:
The cabinet doors and all the hardware were removed. Everything was heavily sanded with a random-orbital sander and a circular sander until the failed coating was removed and the surfaces were smooth. The bare wood was primed, and the cabinets were given several thin coats of Benjamin Moore’s semi-gloss Advance – a waterborne alkyd that is indicated for use on kitchen cabinets and is a favorite among professional painters and home improvement contractors as it provides an extremely beautiful finish and is highly durable so it can be scrubbed and cleaned without compromising its beautiful sheen and rich color. It is essentially an oil product, but the oil is suspended in water so tools can be cleaned with soap and water. The result is an oil paint-like finish: highly durable, but an environmentally-friendly Green product. It is a little more difficult to work with than standard paints, but the fantastic finish is worth the extra time and effort, as shown in the picture above and the rest of the kitchen cabinet pictures below – click any for an enlarged view:

  PHOTOS: Finished Painted Cabinetry

kitchen cabinets refinished by Craftpro Contractng
Cabinets refinished and painted by Craftpro Contracting
Kitchen cabinets refinished and painted by Craftpro

  Drywall + Plaster Repair & Extensive Interior Painting

Living room painting: walls and trim by Craftpro Contracting

Interior Painting and Wall Repair:

We performed wallpaper repair, plastered wall repair, handyman jobs, and other interior home improvements to a bedroom, stairwell and landing, living room, dining room and bathroom. All painting was done with Benjamin Moore’s premium Regal Select line of paint-and-primer-in-one products. The pictures show the vintage and authenticity of this home. Its charm is undeniable, and we highlighted this by using bright colors that are still neutral enough to be appropriate for a market-ready house: realtors recommend neutral colors so that the seller’s style is not imposed upon the buyer, allowing the buyer to imagine implementing his or her own style once the home is purchased.

In the Sunroom:

We accented the natural sunlight in this perpetually bright room with bright white paint on the clapboard walls and a light baby-blue paint on the ceiling.

In the Bathroom:

We repaired some of the peeling wallpaper, demolished the old crown molding and installed new, more elaborate crown molding throughout bot the bathroom AND the kitchen. Then we painted all the woodwork with white semi-gloss after thoroughly sanding and cleaning it.

In the Stairwell:

We spot-spackled the walls and painted them a brilliant white (though there was a problem with the camera when the picture was taken).

In the Bedroom:

We fixed the dozens of small holes in the plaster walls and sloped ceiling, and thoroughly sanded them down before painting them an off-white, creamy color that was accented by brilliant white semi-gloss on the trim.

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The multiple reports from our many customers across many platforms is actually the source of our handful of individual and consecutive awards from completely independent and neutral media and press organizations.

For example, in 2015 and 2016 CraftPro was proud to be awarded with consecutive ‘Star Award’s for “excellence in customer satisfaction” and “superior construction” . The best part: these awards were not based on advertising like those given out by contractor directories. These particular accollades are issued based on the press’ “independant and unaffiliated reasearch” of service providers and reports from their customers and affiliates. We were awared consecutively because of our 30+ 5-Star perfect reviews across 6 or 7 different platforms and from a number of customers across the great state of New Jersey. We’re glad our hard work is being noticed and has made an impression!

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