Choosing the Perfect Paint Color: Advice & An Amazing Color Resource

Any interior or exterior painting project involves choosing paint colors and paint color schemes that allow you to establish your own style in your home. These tips, and an example of innovative color technology, can help you choose the perfect paint color.

Paint Color: Small Beginnings

choosing the perfect paint color is important to the mood of a roomIf you don’t know how to begin things, you can experiment with the colors of a room or smaller areas around your home. Choosing smaller areas will give you some perspective and it will allow you to experience how the color will look in a larger area. Choose your favorite color from a piece of artwork or a similar item you have a fondness for. When you find that perfect color, you can use a very special app – featured below – called Color911 that allows you to “grab” colors with your mobile device, create palettes and much, much more. Continue reading to find out more about this award-winning, innovative app and how it can help you in your paint color selection process.

Using Colors to Set the Mood

When you’re planning on choosing a good paint color, consider the mood you want to set for the room itself. Paint color psychology is important. Do you want the color to make the room feel restful and quiet or do you want it to be a lively and intimate environment? The end result is that the colors you choose will have a great impact on the overall mood and look of the room. Choosing neutral colors will give a soothing effect, so plan accordingly. If you’re dealing with your kid’s room you will need to create an environment that suits them. Do you want to create a calm and relaxing place or one where the child will feel energetic and playful?

Lighting and Paint Color

choosing the perfect paint color is important to the mood of a roomDifferent hues of paint can look very different depending on the light they are exposed to. Some colors look more warm and friendly in natural daylight, as it is the closest look you will have to the original color of the paint. Incandescent light bulbs of the classic kind are the best for yellow hues and warm tones, while fluorescent lighting is cold and often too harsh for most environments. Stronger colors will be too bright and strong if placed next to a window or under a light source, so make sure you balance light and shadow when you paint your home.

Color Selection meets Technology: the Color911 App

Still having a hard time choosing the perfect paint color? There’s an app for that: The Color911 appcolor selection help at your fingertips!

The Color911 app makes selecting perfect paint colors easy and funColor911 is a priceless tool for creating one’s own colors, providing creative inspiration, planning and design organization. This user-friendly app provides color help at one’s fingertips and was featured in Apple’s app store as a New and Noteworthy release. Designed for anyone from artist to homeowner to the design professional, Color911 encourages the user to explore the many ways of finding colors that inspire. Having been created by a designer and not a company selling a product, this app can be used to help select products from any company or paint manufacturer. Simply choose the colors you love and bring them with you to match when decorating or at the paint store.

Following sales of best selling books and several awards for her expertise, color expert Amy Wax released this incredible app herself. Besides creating your own colors, you can organize them into palettes and share via social media. The user can email their color palette to friends or design professionals allowing the color conversation to flow. This app is a must-have for professionals that would benefit from communicating the colors incorporated in their designs.

Color911 also provides a feature allowing the user to capture the colors that inspire them from any image. There are several ways to choose the image, selecting the colors to use directly from the image is a feature unique to Color911 and is a priceless tool to have.

Are you looking for colors for your home? When looking for color inspiration, Color911 also includes a wide variety of color themes personally created by color expert Amy Wax. Included with the app are 70+ pre-made color themes, so the user can visualize colors together without having to create them themselves. Amy Wax, an award-winning color consultant, personally created the color themes within the app. Additional features allow the user to take notes to be saved within their palettes, organize the palettes into folders and add notes to the folders as well for organizational purposes.

An invaluable tool for anyone who uses color, The Color911 app provides color help whether you’re interested in Fashion, Decorating, Graphic Design, Fine Art or DIY. The Color911 app has been called a “game changer” in the creative world. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you!

Good luck Choosing the Perfect Paint Color: Happy Home Improving!

This article was authored with help from Amy Wax and Cindy Davis. Cindy is a passionate writer and blogger with great flair for home organizing. She has been writing about house maintenance related topics for a while now. The present article is focused on helpful tips for choosing proper paint colors when renovating.

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