Wallpaper Removal, Wall Repair & Interior Painting in Morristown, NJ Home Office

Wallpaper removal and painting in a Morristown, NJ home office. The wallpaper was stripped and removed, walls were repaired and primed twice, then finally painted with a cream and white color scheme that complements the furniture of the room. Another successful job by professional painting contractor CraftPro.

Home office interior painting in Morristown, NJ 07960This home office / study in Morristown, NJ 07960 was covered with wallpaper (as shown in the images below) that the homeowner was not fond of. He knew that wallpaper removal and a fresh interior paint job needed to be professionally executed in order to brighten up the room and make it appear larger. The homeowner and I discussed color schemes and, after careful deliberation, decided that a cream-and-white color scheme would complement the furnishings in this office. After the wallpaper removal and stripping of the wallpaper paste we executed this wallpaper removal and interior painting job to the absolute highest standards of quality and durability by not only applying Zinsser’s product called ‘Gardz’ (specifically indicated for use on wallpapered walls) but also applying two coats of an oil primer enamel over the Gardz. The oil enamel provided not only superior protection from the wallpaper glue resurfacing and causing the paint to fail, but it also offered superior leveling after we spot-spackled the room with setting-type joint compound (in between the Gardz and oil primer). The brown paint on the trim, windows, doors and base-molding was oil-based so after the wallpaper removal and thorough scraping and sanding of the woodwork we applied oil primer to these elements as well. We sanded between all coats, and when it came to painting we applied two coats of white ceiling paint, two coats of top-shelf Semi-Gloss super white paint to all the woodwork and two coats of the same top-shelf, 100% acrylic Satin-finish cream-colored paint to the walls. Keep scrolling for a tiled image gallery of this professional wallpaper removal and interior painting job.

Step by step wallpaper removal in a Morris County, NJ home office

Contact your local home improvement, painter and drywall contractor – like CraftPro – for a high-quality wallpaper removal and paint job like this one. We warranty all our paint jobs for three to five years and they have all received straight ‘A’ reviews from all of our Angie’s List customers across all five categories: price, professionalism, responsiveness, punctuality and quality.

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"Richard at CraftPro is a true professional. I asked for a quote on several projects on my house and he responded in such a manner that I knew I was dealing with a true professional! His assessment of the situation turned out to be perfect. And, of course, his skill at painting and preparing walls and window glazing was exceptional. I recommend Richard D’Angelo to anyone who has a home improvement project, either inside or outside one’s home. Please feel free to Google+ me and I would be happy to explain the details of all the work he performed on my house."

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