NJ Basement Finishing Benefits Offered by CraftPro

NJ Basement Finishing Service by CraftPro Contracting Benefits

Quality NJ Basement Finishing by CraftPro and the Benefits Our Versatile & Cost-Effective Remodeling Services Offer Morris County Area Homeowners

The Benefits of NJ Basement Remodeling: Finishing Unused Space & Adding Home Value

NJ Basement Finishing Services by CraftPro Contacting: a before and after of our framing, insulation and drywall remodeling workIt is possible to finish your basement, attic or other unused, unfinished storage space. CraftPro provides a simple, inexpensive NJ basement remodeling service that provides all the benefits of added living space. And it doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. A simple basement finish has the highest return on investment, and once the room is finished the possibilities for adding amenities are virtually endless. At CraftPro we specialize in finishing basements by adding walls, ceilings, closets and more. Our services cater to your needs, desires, and budget.

Do you have a growing family? Does your home have a lot of unused storage space? A big basement? Do you dream of having a man-cave in your basement but aren’t quite ready to invest in the entire project? Is your laundry room located in an unfinished basement and you want to clean it up? Or maybe you just simply want to maximize the livability of your home’s square footage. These are the requests we get and these kind of basement projects are perfect for our finishing and remodeling services. Our NJ basement services don’t break the bank. We just get you one step closer to having the basement of your dreams.

Morristown NJ Basement Finishing Remodeled by CPC with New Walls, Kitchenette, Cabinetry & More

Getting your NJ Basement Finishing Project Started

NJ Basement Finishing by CraftPro Contracting Provides Affordable Added Value to Your Home

Our basement renovation services are elegantly simple yet powerfully transformative. Finishing walls and ceilings establishes new living space. We use our experience with framing, insulation, drywall, molding and trim and painting to offer remodeling services. Our services turn unused space into new, livable rooms in the basements and attics of NJ homes. Once the livable rooms are established the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The best part is that once your NJ basement is insulated, framed and drywalled you can build it up from there when and as your budget allows for it.

  • We execute the most crucial step towards achieving your dream of a finished basement. We insulate exterior walls and perform framing of the perimeter, closets, and we box-out plumbing fixtures and other unsightly objects.
  • We then install the drywall and finish-carpentry like doors, base-molding, door- and window-casing, etc.
  • We can also add bedrooms (when building codes allow it), bathrooms, and more storage space for your new basement.
  • Lastly, we can very easily manage the work of our trusted subcontractors. From flooring to suspended ceilings and cabinets to countertops, plumbers and electricians.
  • We can handle it all for you, or we can just perform the first steps that work with your budget.
NJ Basement Finishing Remodel: Insulation and Framing Completed, Drywall Installed

This Morristown NJ basement finishing project included building two new walls upstairs to enclose the stairwell and the bedroom (to create exclusive access to the finished basement), insulating and framing the masonry wall perimeter, building a closet around the appliances section, boxing-out plumbing fixtures and installing drywall. This wall was half-way drywalled when we started. Now it’s complete with boxed-out pipes and a nice ledge for pictures, a TV, or whatever these Morristown homeowners want. Note: the drywall isn’t spackled and finished yet in this ‘during’ picture. When it’s completed, this finished NJ basement will be an entirely new floor of living space for this family. What would you do with your finished basement?

The Benefits of Our Basement Finishing Services

Morristown NJ basement finishing with framing, doors, closet and drywall by CraftPro Contracting professional remodeling services in the Morris County New Jersey area.Once the floorplan has been designed and the scope of work has been established with us then we can begin finishing walls and ceilings. This helps you get a better idea of what you want to do with your new space. Sometimes it’s just smarter to go one step at a time so you get exactly what you want, and you can more easily identify exactly what you want to pay for. For example, in the pictured photo of one of our Morristown NJ basement finishing projects we executed the framing (including a closet and another storage area), the drywall, door installations, etc. Now the homeowner can install the molding/trim and perform the painting before the flooring gets done.

Finishing your basement doesn’t just add to the overall function and usability of your home. Basement finishing boosts a home’s marketability and adds property value. Among all the remodeling projects surveyed by Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value data it’s basement finishing that sports one of the highest ROIs. I wrote an in-depth piece about basement finishing, its return on investment, impact on property value, and more (click here to check it out). The cost-effective NJ basement finishing remodeling approach that we provide at CraftPro is budget friendly, and it can lead to an even higher ROI.

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By Richard J. D’Angelo | Updated: February 19, 2016