Neutral Paint Colors Improve your Home’s Marketability: Ideas & Tips for Selling your Home

Neutral paint colors increase the marketability of your for-sale home. They won’t turn away buyers: they allow them to easily imagine implementing their own paint color style and design; neutral colors are flexible & versatile.

Neutral Paint Colors Improve Marketability of your Home and Appeal to More Buyers

What are “Neutral” Paint Colors and How can they Help Your Home’s Marketability and Appeal?

neutral paint color choices can help increase marketability without sacrificing paint color and design

The meaning of neutral colors can sometimes get a bit confusing with all the varieties out there. Designers and color experts have different ideas about what neutrals are. There are many ways that definition has changed throughout the years, but the typical neutral colors are not moved out of the equation. There are new colors constantly being added to the definition of neutrals: tans and beiges and more – you’re not limited to off-white colors.

The best way to select a neutral color scheme when painting your home is to hire a color expert or interior designer. Their fees are reasonable and their color knowledge will surprise you. You can also check paint color literature from many paint manufacturers for a collection of what they consider to be neutral colors. For example, check out your local Benjamin Moore retailer for their pamphlet of Neutral Paint Color examples. And always remember: “Neutral” is not synonymous with “boring”!

Why spend the money to have your home painted in neutral colors before you put it on the market?

Basically: the more, the merrier. “Neutral” colors are more inclusive. These paint colors provide a sort of clean slate, a blank canvas upon which prospective homeowners can more easily imagine implementing their own style, so these colors boost marketability by having the advantage of appealing to more buyers. At the very least, a home painted in neutral colors won’t turn off any potential buyers. Many realtors will tell you that even one unappealing color can affect a buyer’s view about the entire home. It would be a shame to turn away a buyer simply because one room is painted in a color that isn’t palatable to that specific buyer.

Examples of CraftPro Paint Jobs at Newly-Purchased Homes:

One of the first thing buyers do when they purchase a home is paint! Neutral colors make that process more appealing. In the last 6 weeks (September to October of 2014) we’ve readied two homes for their new owners by implementing their style with fresh paint jobs. Check out the bold accent walls and paint colors we used at this Morristown, NJ home. And see the top to bottom paint job for new-owners of this Madison, NJ home.

paint your home before you sell it - painting is fun! Use neutral colors so you can improve your home's marketability.

There are a number of marketability advantages to neutral paint colors in your for-sale home. They are flexible in nature, allowing you to use them for many purposes around the home, making them perfect for homes where you’re not quite sure what color you want to place in a certain room. If you want to use colorful décor on your walls and you need to balance things out for an accent wall, this will be the perfect choice. Neutrals are subtle in the way they work, which can make them both soothing and energizing, depending on the context you place them in.

The more traditional definition of “neutral” colors doesn’t exactly fall within the same category as it does today. The traditional varieties include brown, gray and white hues. Certain colors such as taupe varieties, light grays, whites and other similar hues will lack definite color and this makes them ideal for fitting in with the rest of the furniture around your home as well as its color schemes. They can also be used to backup brighter colors and to create subtle accents and other similar solutions around a home. The following examples will point out some possible solutions and colors.

Ideas for Neutral Colors
Talk to your Realtor and/or Color Expert First!


Taupe is a good solution if you want to bring calm and quiet into a room, making it look peaceful and harmonious. You will need to accessorize the taupe palette with some other combinations of textures and colors, mostly working with chocolate and olive.

White and Off-White

Different shades of white (off-white colors) can also work with the brighter whites and neutral lighter colors. They will work well in smaller rooms or rooms that happen to have softer lighting.


Cooler palettes will help utilize the less commonly used gray tones, giving them a much needed space in your home or office environment with their own modern feel. Lighter gray colors may be closer to white, creating a fresh and refined experience. The darker varieties of gray colors will have some of the qualities of black, but without its overbearing and dominant presence.

Popular Neutral Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

One Color Expert’s Take on Neutral Color: Check out color expert Donna Frasca’s take on gray replacing beige as a neutral color.

New neutral colors will often consist of muted and lighter variations of an existing color, which are also regarded as complex colors because they often combine more than one hue. These neutrals will have a lower vibrancy, but they will often do the same job as the typical neutral colors of old.

Overall the neutral colors in a home ready for sale will help the home’s marketability because they will be unobtrusive and easy to work with during the marketing phase. Potential buyers will likely never be put off by such colors, since the colors will never dominate any rooms and they will show them at their best – and that’s what you want when marketing your home, staging it for sale, doing a showing, etc. Choose your colors wisely! Again, having a color expert and a realtor involved in the neutral paint color selection process will ensure a quality result. They know how to choose colors that make a difference when it comes to a home’s marketability and making it appeal to all potential buyers.

This article was guest-written by Eva Henderson and edited/co-authored by of CraftPro Contracting.

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