Morristown Painting: Wallpaper Removal and Oil Priming to Prep Home for Sale

This Morristown painting project involved wallpaper removal, oil enamel priming and wall repair to prepare a home for the market

Painting this Morristown NJ Home to Prepare it for the Market

Interior painting at this Morristown, NJ home by CraftPro ContractingThis Morristown painting job was at a home located at the top of historic Mount Kemble, in the Skyline-Rolling Hill neighborhood of Morris Township (in Morristown, NJ). I grew up in this neighborhood, less than a quarter mile from the job site. CraftPro Contracting has performed several jobs on these streets – many for neighborhood friends, others from referrals – but this job came from a homeowner who just happened to find us on Google, and was delighted to hire a neighbor. This Morristown painting project was suggested by the realtor (another neighbor for whom we’ve done work): the old wallpaper was not only aesthetically displeasing but it was starting to peal also. In order to get the home ready for the market, these two bedrooms needed to be renovated. The wallpaper was removed, the glue/paste was scrubbed and the walls were primed with an oil-based enamel. After spackling, repairing the walls, and smoothing them out with thorough sanding, this Morristown home received the finishing painting. Two coats of high quality, top-shelf paint on the walls, ceiling and woodwork (the molding and trim was primed first because we suspected the existing paint may have been oil-based. Below are some photos of the painting job during the wallpaper removal and oil-priming.

Wallpaper Removal & Oil Priming: Preparing for this Morristown Paint Job

Morristown Painting, wallpaper stripping and oil enamel priming 07960
Morristown Painting, wallpaper removal and oil priming in 07960
Morristown Painting with Wallpaper Removal and Oil Priming 07960

Quality Morristown Painting to Prep Home for Market

Morristown painting contractor CraftPro approached this project like we do with all of our residential painting home improvement projects and all of our interior house painting jobs: attention to detail, cleanliness, quality, and – above all – customer satisfaction. We provided daily, detailed updates to the homeowner outlining what was accomplished each day and the plan for the project on the next day. We used quality Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint in neutral colors. When painting painting a home to prepare it for sale, it’s important for the rooms to be painted in a neutral color scheme so that they appeal to all potential buyers. That way they can imagine implementing their own paint color scheme if they buy the home. We’ve done this in many Morristown painting jobs, working together with the realtor and homeowner to prepare the home for the market.

Morristown Painting & Wallpaper Removal: Finished Result Photos

We painted this home using neutral, off-white Benjamin Moore paint colrs to prepare it to be sold. We used “Navajo White” on the walls and “Decorator’s White” on the doors, windows, molding and trim.

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We at CraftPro Contracting have worked with many realtors to prepare homes to be sold in Morris County. CraftPro Contracting serves the greater Morris County area with customer-oriented, high quality house painting and drywall home improvement work. Our experience working with realtors has helped us learn the best ways to make homes more marketable and prepared to be sold. We dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction, which is why we have nothing but excellent customer testimonials including straight A’s on Angie’s List.

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