Morristown NJ Renovations: Painting, Wall Repair, Skim-Coating & Wood Refinishing

Refinishing & Refreshing Home Improvement in Morristown, NJ: Wood Stairs Refinishing & Staining, Staircase & Hallway Painting, Damaged Bedroom Walls Spackling and Painting

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A Series of Finishing, Painting and Renovations in Morristown, NJ by CraftPro Contracting

A Series of Finishing, Painting and Renovations in Morristown, NJ by CraftPro Contracting

Morristown NJ Home: Refinished, Refreshed, Renewed

We’ve performed several renovations, improvements and remodels inside and outside this Morristown, NJ home. We replaced garage door frames & trim when we painted the house’s exterior. We also finished the basement and painted the living room.

Hardwood Stairs Refinished, Walls Repair & Painted

Morristown, NJ Hallway & Staircase Painting & Refinishing Renovations by CraftPro ContractingMany areas of this Morristown home were in need of refreshing. The stair treads and the handrail needed to be refinished. The high-traffic staircase needed wall repair, priming and repainting. The painted woodwork around the stairs (stringers and risers) needed sanding, priming and painting. The hallway and bedroom needed spackle work on the walls, needed priming and quality painting with a fresh, bright color. In fact, all the walls in the areas of this Morristown, NJ home needed repair and repainting and that’s exactly what CraftPro did. For the walls and woodwork, we followed our own advice for thorough preparatory work. In the staircase the treads, hardwood landing and handrail needed refinishing. This Morristown, NJ home needed some refreshing, and CraftPro delivered. We repaired damaged drywall with skim-coat spackling. We primed with a high-build primer and sanded between coats for a glass-smooth finish on the walls. We refinished the small stairscase’s wooden treads and landing, an we painted the staircase walls and white molding (stringers and risers). We also repaired wall damage and spackled/primed/painted a bedroom, hallway, bathroom and more. These homeowners hired us for a series of home improvements over the course of the a few years.

The Bedroom in this Morristown, NJ Home Needed Some Work

The walls in this bedroom hadn’t been painted for years. They needed some serious spackle work to repair holes and scratches, shown in the before and after picture above. Since the bedroom is in the basement and had no windows it required a very light color. We used Windham Cream (HC-6) by Benjamin Moore. All walls and trim were painted with Benjamin Moore’s Aura line of superior, high quality paint.

morristown nj damaged walls get repaired with spackle and repainted
Bedroom Spackle Wall Repair and Painting in Morristown NJ 07960 by CraftPro Contracting
Bedroom Spackle Wall Repair and Painting in Morristown NJ 07960 by CraftPro Contracting

Hardwood Stairs Refinished & Stairway Painted

This staircase receives a lot of traffic since it leads to a finished basement. The stair treads were worn down and beaten up and they needed refinishing. CraftPro Contracting executed this Morristown, NJ hardwood floor refinishing. We sanded down the stair treads thoroughly and the oak hardwood floor landing below. We then applied two coats of MinWax “Natural” stain and three coats of a high quality durable polyurethane clear coat to the stair treads and hardwood landing. The result was a refreshed staircase and happy Morristown homeowners. Check out the photos below. They show the refinishing process and finished result: the combination of the refinished floors and the spackled, primed and painted walls.

Morristown NJ staircase painted, hardwood stair treads refinished and hallway painted
Stair Refinishing by Craftpro Contracting in Morristown NJ before and during and afterStaircase painted and hardwood stairs refinished by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ

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