Finishing a Basement in Morristown NJ: Framing Walls & a Closet; Doors & Drywall Installation

Basement Finishing Remodel by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJInstalling 3 Interior Doors with Access to Storage Space Behind the Walls; Installing and Finishing Drywall

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Morristown NJ Basement Finishing by CraftPro Contracting: Framing, Drywall, Closets, Doors & More

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New Walls & Closet Transform this Unused Basement into a Brand New Room
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Finishing this Morristown NJ Basement:
Framing Walls & a Closet; Installing Doors & Drywall

Basement finishing remodel in Morristown NJ 07960 with Framing, Doors and Drywall installationThe basement in this Morristown home was pretty much unused by the homeowners, and they were looking for a cost-effective way to add more living space. A simple yet transformative basement finishing project was the goal. CraftPro contributed to this basement finishing project by working with these Morristown homeowners to achieve their goals. We transformed this unused room into an almost completely finished basement without sacrificing storage space. In order to create a second living room we framed walls in the basement. Some of the walls were false-walls against the existing masonry. Other walls were standard two-by-four walls that hid the boiler and pipes. These walls were set back from the masonry and had space behind them for storage. Finishing this basement also included adding a closet underneath the staircase. CraftPro executed the framing of the walls and the closet and we installed the doors and drywall in this basement. The three interior doors were placed where they allowed for easy access to the storage space. A 26-inch door was installed for the closet, and a standard 30-inch door was installed for access to the space behind the walls. A double door was installed in one of the walls to make it easier for these homeowners to move large items in and out of the newly-created storage space behind the walls. A third party came in to spray the popcorn ceiling when we finished the drywall. You may be thinking “Who does popcorn ceilings anymore?” – but the cement ceiling was very uneven, and the homeowners didn’t want a drywall ceiling. And since the rest of the home has popcorn ceilings, they wanted to achieve consistency in the design of the finished basement. Now this Morristown basement is ready for the final stages of the process to becoming completely finished: the homeowners plan on priming and painting themselves before the flooring is installed. Now, as a painting contractor I’m biased. So I don’t recommend that homeowners take on the final stage of remodels like this. The paint job is the first thing people see. It’s the finishing touch. BUT, these particular homeowners have painted several rooms in their home already, and I’m sure it will turn out great. I’m looking forward to seeing this basement when it is completely finished and furnished.

Basement Finished with Special Attention to Avoid Damage from Moisture and Water

This Morristown basement never had any water leaks or issues, but it is a very humid basement. The homeowners didn’t want to run into any moisture problems in the future, so they asked for extra precautionary measures. Per their request, we used pressure-treated lumber for all the framing. It’s usually standard to only use pressure-treated framing lumber in basements for the bottom-plate. (The framing of the walls that runs along the floor). However, we used it for all of the framing. In order to hang the drywall along the sides of the staircase we used furring strips. In order to prevent against any possible water-damage we primed the furring strips on all 6 sides. This seals the wood and prevents against rot caused by moisture. When it came to drywall installation we used moisture-resistant sheetrock. Also called “Green Rock”, we installed this special drywall in the entire basement. The end result: a finished basement that’s thoroughly protected against moisture and water damage.

Photos: Morristown, NJ 07960 Basement Finishing

CraftPro Contracting’s Basement Finishing & Remodeling

Are you interested in finishing your basement? CraftPro Contracting can help you turn unused rooms into more living space. It may not be as expensive as you think. We have an article about basement finishing with ROI statistics and information about how cost-effective it can be. Click here to read that article and get some ideas for your basement. Below are some examples of our Morris County NJ basement renovations, remodels and finishing projects.

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