Morris Plains NJ 07950 Interior House Painting. Framing, Insulation, Drywall & Handyman Work.

Morris Plains NJ Interior Painting, Handyman Services, Drywall Patching, Framing, and Insulation Home Improvement & RepairsMorris Plains, NJ 07950 Complete Interior Painting Home Improvement, Handyman Help, Framing & Drywall Work. We Painted this home for its new owners when they moved in, and then we came back to help them convert one of the bedrooms into a studio for recording music. Our third project for these repeat customers included framing, insulating and sheetrocking large holes in the walls that were left behind from outdated steam heating units.
These satisfied customers awarded us Straight A’s on Angie’s List and a 5-Star Review on Google. We’re very grateful!

Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Home Improvements: Interior Painting, Carpentry & Sheetrock Wall Repair, plus Handyman Services

CraftPro Contracting was hired to paint this Morris Plains NJ home from top to bottom, using high-end products as described below. We were brought back two more times in the following 9 months for home improvement work at this Morris Plains house. When these homeowners purchased their home they had a series of renovations they wanted done. It started with the paint job (executed in November ’13, photos taken in July ’14 now that they’re moved in). A month or two later, as they got settled in, the homeowners brought us back for some handyman work. We helped this professional musician install acoustic panels in his studio. Then, most recently, we were hired to patch and paint some cavities in the walls where old steam radiators were removed. It involved framing, insulation, drywall patching, priming and painting. Below are photos and descriptions of the interior house painting, the handyman help, and the wall work. (See ALL the photos in one gallery at the bottom).

Painting the Inside of this Morris Plains NJ Home

Before & After CraftPro Contracting Morris Plains Painting Services

Morris Plains, NJ 07950 interior house painting by CraftPro: kitchen paintedAs you can see in the picture above, the home originally had dark-stained wood doors, trim and base-molding and a plain and simple off-white color scheme. These Morris Plains homeowners didn’t like the stained wood and they wanted to add some color to the walls. But they wanted a simple color scheme with light paint colors. Executing this paint job involved thorough preparatory work for durability and beauty. Below are the steps we took to prepare this home for painting.

  • Stained Wood: In order to paint over the dark-stain on the doors, basemolding, windows, wood paneling and trim we had to prepare it by thoroughly sanding it down to remove as much of the stain as possible. Then we applied two coats of a high quality oil-based enamel stain-blocking primer. This prevents that dark stain from bleeding through the new white paint. The enamel primer is also very sandable and it goes on thick, allowing us to provide a smooth finish and a strong underbody for the paint.
  • interior house painting and arched doorways in this Morris Plains, NJ 07950 homeWall & Trim Repair: In all our interior house painting jobs, like this one in Morris Plains, we spackle walls and ceilings thoroughly. We sand them carefully to provide a glass-smooth finish. We spackled and we patched holes in the walls that the previous homeowner had audio wires coming out of. There were even wires coming out of some of the basemolding, which we removed. We patched the basemolding with epoxy wood filler, sanded it, primed it, and painted it.
  • Caulking: After we cleaned the dust from the sanding we applied acrylic latex caulk around all the molding, trim. doors, windows, etc. We didn’t only apply the caulk to visible cracks, we applied it to every seam. Over time, hairline cracks occur in the seams so caulking them now will prevent future gaps from forming for many years.

Paint Products & Colors Used in this Morris Plains NJ Home

We used top-shelf Benjamin Moore on the ceilings and ‘Aura’ on the walls. For the trim, doors, molding and windows we used ‘ADVANCE’: a waterborne alkyd (Learn More About Premium Waterborne Alkyds). This is oil-suspended-in-water, and it has all the best qualities of oil- and latex-based paint. It dries slow so it levels very well and reduces the visibility of brush strokes. It dries to an oil-paint-like finish: extremely durable and a luxuriously glossy finish. Despite all these qualities it can still be cleaned with soap and water. No need for paint thinner / solvents. ‘Aura’ and ‘ADVANCE’ are two of my favorite products. We painted the trim and ceiling white, and the wall colors are shown below.

Handyman Work: a Commitment to Community

morris plains nj 07950 house painted and handyman work completedJob #2: Home Studio

This homeowner is a professional musician, and during our painting of his he often gave us a live soundtrack as we worked. He’s a talented violinist and having that background music was pleasant and unique perk to the paint job. When he turned one of the spare bedrooms into a studio he purchased a series of acoustic panels. He called CraftPro to see if we could help him install them, and I personally came over to his Morris Plains NJ home to execute the work. Using heavy-duty drywall anchors, hooks and metal wire I installed the acoustic panels (different sizes, shapes and locations) per his design. The strategic placement of the panels allowed for a better acoustic environment in the room, so he’s able to record his music. The panels are very useful, and they do their job without being much of an eyesore. I was happy to help this repeat customer with first steps of setting up his home studio. When we came in for the third job (below) a few months later, the studio was complete.

Framing, Insulation & Drywall: Fixing Walls in Morris Plains NJ

patched holes in wall in morris plains nj home by contracting with framing, insulation and drywallJob #3: Wall Cavity Repair

When we first painted this Morris Plains NJ home back in November 2013 it was equipped with steam radiators. They were old and not functioning properly, so they were ultimately removed. Hot water baseboard heating was installed in their place. The five radiators, once removed, left cavities in the walls (pictured). The homeowners call us to patch these cavities. Four of the five cavities were in exterior walls so they needed to be insulated. We simply installed vertical studs 16″ on-center within the cavity so that the kraft-paper-faced fiberglass insulation (15″ wide) fit perfectly between the studs. We then installed 5/8″ thick drywall to patch the walls. The upstairs rooms (where the studio is) are finished with drywall, but the downstairs walls (where all 5 of the cavities were) are plaster, and seemed to have more than one layers of plaster.

Happy Homeowner: Satisfied Customer Review

Customer Satisfaction: CraftPro’s #1 Priority

A happy homeowner is the most rewarding part of any home improvement project (read our perfect customer reviews). The carpentry, painting and handyman work we performed at this Morris Plains NJ home was a success because the customer is satisfied with our work. Not only did he provide us with Straight A grades on Angie’s list and a 5-star Google Review, but, most importantly, he hired us back more than once. That lets us know that we are providing a quality home improvement service. I’m looking forward to working for these customers again, and being their go-to contractor for the constant cycle of repairs, improvements, painting, renovations, etc. that is homeownership. The Google Review is reproduced below:

CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
CraftPro Contracting NJ Painting & Home Improvement Service
"Richard D'Angelo recently painted the entire interior of our home. If you want hi-end, superb work at a reasonable price, CraftPro is excellent. Richard prepped the walls to perfection and then painted with Benjamin Moore Aura, which looks amazing. His trim work was quite skillful with an eye for detail. Our new home looks beautiful and will remain beautiful for many years! Richard cleaned up thoroughly after each day of work. Richard is a good communicator. His contract is clear so that we knew exactly what we were paying for at each stage of the process. I highly recommend him."

Interior House Painting, Handyman Work, Wall Repair

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