Lounge Renovation in Morristown, NJ: Drywall Repair & Painting of Above-Garage Suite

This Spacious Lounge – a “Mother-In-Law Suite” – above the Garage of this Morristown, NJ Home Suffered from Extensive Drywall Damage: from Holes to Joint Failure. Therefore it was Repiared and Repainted from Top to Bottom by CraftPro Contracting.

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Because of its Obvious Advantages this Morristown NJ Lounge was Repaired, Painted & Renovated by CraftPro Contracting. View the Photos & Details Below.

Morristown NJ Lounge Repaired, Painted & Renovated by CraftPro Contracting

This expansive lounge with high vaulted ceilings enjoys an abundance of both natural & artificial ligtht. Due to a series of well-placed windows & recessed lighting this spacious lounge is always lit well. Also, it sports a bathroom and kitchenette enclosure. This above-garage lounge offers too much livable potential to be ignored. So the new owners made the smart choice.

Because it would be a wasteful to use the lounge simply as storage space, they chose to maximize its livability. So CraftPro was hired to execute the renovation of this lounge to optimize this home’s living space. Due to its advantages as a suite, the above-garage lounge at this Morristown, NJ home was renovated. Wall & ceiling drywall were repaired & skim-coated with spackle. After thorough sanding and priming, it was given a top-to-bottom high end paint job. As a result, the livable square footage of this home was drastically increased. Check out the details of this lounge renovation. Also see the photos of the finished result below  

Job Details: Morristown, NJ Lounge Wall Repair & Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro

  • First of all we had to repair the damaged walls and ceilings. Therefore we spent a of time spackling and priming. Dozens of drywall anchors and spots of damage from the previous owner were repaired. Finally all spackle was sanded smooth and primed with 2 coats.
  • Secondly the grease spots, marker & pencil drawings and other dirt were cleaned. We primed those areas with Sherwin Williams brand oil-based ‘Wall & Wood’ primer. So the dirt and stained were sealed and blocked.
  • After Prep & Prime: every single surface was sanded for aesthetics and paint durability. Especially the wodwork. Also all ceilings, walls, molding, trim and woodwork were sanded thoroughly. For this painting project we started with medium-grit (100c) sandpaper and finished with fine-grit (220c) in order to smooth surfaces, remove dirt and provide “tooth” for better paint adhesion. We used the highest quality paints in this lounge renovation: SW’s “Eminence” ceiling paint; SW’s “ProClassic” enamel for the woodwork; and their top-of-line, best interior wall paint fromS
  • Ceilings: were given two coats of Sherwin Williams brand “Eminence” specialty ceiling paint in its bright-white, flat finish. See the photos below.
  • All Walls: were painted with two coats, sanding between coats for a higher-quality and more durable paint job. The paint we used was none other than Sherwin Williams brand “Emerald”. Their top-shelf paint in a unique washable flat finish complete with self-priming and stain-blocking technology and superior color retention. The color is Macadamia (SW-6142) by Sherwin Williams.
  • Woodwork, Trim & Molding: were all given two coats of Sherwin Williams acrylic enamel trim paint called “ProClassic” in a semi-gloss finish and extra-/super-white color.

Photos: Morristown NJ Lounge Wall Repair & Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro

Click Photos Below to Enlarge and See the Finished Result of this CraftPro Contracting Drywall & Painting Renovation

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