Interior Painting in Boonton, NJ 07005: Bathroom and Bedrooms with Accent Walls

Perfectly planned interior paint color schemes and complementary accent walls bring life to these bedrooms and bathroom in Boonton NJ that are now painted by CraftPro Contracting professional residential painters in Morris County NJ

Interior Painting Services in Boonton NJ 07005 by CraftPro Contracting

Interior Painting Services in Boonton NJ 07005 by CraftPro Contracting

We at CraftPro are Proud and Grateful to have received straight A Grades in all five categories on Angie’s List from these homeowners: Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism. Big thank you to this Boonton family for appreciating our work on this interior painting home improvement project. Thanks!

interior painting of bedrooms, bathroom and accent walls in this boonton, nj 07005 home. Interior painting by CraftPro ContractingCraftPro Painting Contracting was called by a young couple from Boonton, NJ 07005 when they read our straight ‘A’ grades on Angie’s List. After meeting them and their two adorable toddlers and after examining the bedrooms and bathroom we were going to be painting, we submitted our interior painting estimate and were awarded the contract. I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier, happier or better family to work for: these people knew exactly what they wanted done, and we executed the interior painting project to their specifications. The wife has an excellent eye for color and interior design, and she picked some great paint colors: all eggshell finish on the walls and semi-gloss paint on the doors, windows and trim. Eggshell and Semi-gloss interior paints are durable and can withstand washing and scrubbing – these homeowners had the foresight to predict that, inevitably, the walls would get scuffed and marked up by their two children.

bathroom painted yellow in boonton, nj 07005 by craftpro contractingTheir plan – well, the wife’s plan… even the husband admitted it: “this is her project”, and we get that a lot – was to paint three of the four walls in each room one color and use the “closet” wall as an accent wall. In order to preserve their intended color scheme and not interrupt it by choosing a third paint color, they simply reversed the paint colors for the accent wall. The pictures below will show what we mean, but for example, the blue bedroom: a decadent bright blue paint was used on the main three walls and an off-white paint for the trim, so for the accent wall they had me use the trim color on the walls (in Eggshell finish, of course) and the wall color for the trim (in a Semi-gloss finish). The final result were rooms with only two colors but still an accent wall, so the original paint color schemes flowed from wall to wall, uninterrupted. It was a brilliant interior painting idea, and all the credit goes to the homeowners – one in particular. And as for the bathroom: a bright yellow Eggshell finish on the walls illuminated this space. One wall – complete with an ornate tiled figure (an octopus, maybe?) left by the original homeowners – was left painted white. I love the yellow bathroom, and I’ve used yellow paint colors in the past (click for an example of another yellow paint color that I like). But yellow doesn’t always work, though in this case it worked perfectly. When a homeowner has a good eye for paint color selection the interior painting job is always much easier.

This interior painting project in Boonton, NJ and the way the accent walls flow with the color scheme turned out to be a great success, thanks in large part to homeowners who knew exactly what they wanted from their contractor and how they wanted it done. Morris County, NJ residents call CraftPro today: visit our contact page to request a free estimate.

Interior Painting in Boonton, NJ: Photos

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