Interior Painting Services in Morristown, NJ 07960: Reasonably-Priced Quality

Interior Painting Services in Morristown NJ 07960 by CraftPro ContractingCraftPro Contracting Offers Morristown & Morris County NJ Residents Premium Interior Painting Services – as well as Paint Design & Color Selection Help – at Reasonable Prices that work with Our Customers’ Budgets. We’re Committed to Quality Products, Meticulous & Thorough Painting Practices, and Customer Service. CraftPro Paint Jobs are Covered Under a 5-Year Warranty and Guaranteed to Satisfy.
The Quality of our Painting Service is Confirmed by our Customers

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CraftPro Interior Painting Service

My name is , the founding owner-operator of Morristown, New Jersey based professional house painter and home improvement service provider CraftPro Contracting. CraftPro offers unique, high quality, top-notch interior painting services to residents of Morristown, NJ and the surrounding Morris County area at reasonable rates that can be structured to fit just about anyone’s budget. Browse this page with the menu below.

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Examples of CraftPro Contracting High Quality Interior Painting Services in Morristown NJ 07960

Interior Painting at a Brand New Luxury Home in Morristown, NJ: Using top-shelf Benjamin Moore Aura Paint and a color scheme selected by a professional paint color expert we painted all the hallways, living room, dining room, formal sitting room, grand foyer & great room, formal dining room, kitchen and stairways. This brand new mansion’s professionally painted interior now makes it a home for its new owners. Picture taken .

Morristown, NJ 07960
By CraftPro Contracting

CraftPro Interior Painting Services in Morristown, NJ

House Painting by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ

Formal Sitting/Living Room and Hallway Painted by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ

We pride ourselves on our work, and to that end we use high quality painting techniques and products. We also pride ourselves on being customer-oriented (perfection: fifty 5-Stars on Google & Yelp and 35 Straight-A reviews on Angie’s List) and we strive to meet our customers’ needs, expectations and desires. This means:

  We work with Morris County homeowners’ budgets to make the most of their money. We use our product knowledge and expertise to meet your budget while still providing the highest quality paint job possible. * Note: if, in an effort to reduce costs, you and I decide to use lesser-quality materials and less labor-intensive painting practices this could affect the length of the warranty. The important part is that a) we do not perform low-quality work, and b) we are are willing to work within customers’ reasonable budgets.

  When we execute an interior painting project we know that our customers have to live in their homes while we work on them, so we pay special attention to cleanliness and detail, and we clean-up thoroughly at the end of each and every day – even throughout the day. Your home does not suddenly become a construction site. At the end of the day it’s like we were never even there.

painted living-dining room in morristown new jersey gray walls red accents by craftpro contracting

Morristown NJ Living-Dining Room Interior Painting

  We are often willing to let our customers tell us what order of the painting project completion is most convenient for them. You won’t find many other painting contractors that do this: time is money, and performing the paint job in the most expedient way is important. But at CraftPro, our customers’ satisfaction is more important, so if you have a preference that doesn’t slow us down too much, we’re always happy to meet that request. When we say we have a “customers-first” philosophy, we mean it.

  When discussing an interior painting project with a Morristown, NJ homeowner we make it a point to cover all the details and to identify what is most important to that specific customer. I’ve found that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to customer satisfaction. Some things are universal, sure, but everyone has different priorities. We want to know what’s most important to you when it comes to your paint job.

  Establishing open communication from the very first meeting is crucial to a successful interior painting project, which is why we encourage feedback throughout the job’s progress and it’s why we provide daily progress reports and updates. This way you always know exactly how your home is being painted, what was executed that day, what the plan is for the next day, etc. After all, it’s your home – you ought to be kept in the loop. Our painting customers have found this to be very helpful.

Quality Interior Painting Starts with Preparatory Work & Requires Quality Primers and Paints that are Applied with Meticulous Techniques

Interior Painting by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ 07960

Grand Foyer & Formal Living Room: Painting by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ

We are so confident in the quality and durability of our painting services that we warranty our interior painting projects for a minimum of five years. CraftPro’s painting customers have been thrilled with our work, hence our perfect customer reviews (which are never the product of an incentive – we just ask at the end; and each reviewer has also agreed to act as a reference). There’s more to interior painting than you might think – than another Morristown painting contractor might tell you – and we’ll explain it below.

Interior Painting Requires Thorough Preparation

Thorough preparation of walls and woodwork in Morristown, NJ homes is the most important part of a quality interior paint job. Especially because so many homes in our historic town are on the older side. A quality paint job begins well before a can of paint is even stirred. When we take on an interior painting project for a resident of our Morristown community we take the time to examine walls thoroughly.

This Morristown NJ hoome's hallway overlooking the grand foyer with decorative trim and high profile moldings was painted by Craft:rl.

Interior painting of a two-story foyer in Morristown by CraftPro

  First we sand down the previously-painted surface with rough- to fine-grit (100 to 220 grit) sandpaper, then we check for imperfections in the walls.

  We don’t just look: we use our hands feel every square foot of the wall, every inch of woodwork. Dents and imperfections in walls and wood can escape the eye, so we use our hands to examine every inch of the interior painting surface. Once we’ve identified all the imperfections we spackle them smooth, we caulk the gaps, putty nail holes, etc. This includes repairing drywall nail-pops, poorly finished drywall seems, damage to plaster walls, etc.

  We also caulk everywhere a piece of trim meets a wall even if there isn’t a gap, because this will prevent gaps in the future.

  Once the entire area is spackled, caulked and puttied we use primer, not just to seal the spackle but to allow for even coverage of the walls and provide a glass-like smooth surface that is ready for the interior painting to begin. We always sand between coats of primer and paint. This allows for better adhesion of the next coat, and a brilliant finish of the topcoat.

Interior Painting: Products & Finishes

Interior House Painting by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ

Family Room & Formal Sitting Room: Morristown Painting by CraftPro

When selecting interior painting products it is important to choose the right finish for the right rooms, but the finish depends on the paint product. More on that below but, for example, traditionally the finish of choice for high-traffic areas was Eggshell because of its durability and washable surface. It was also the finish of choice for spas and bathrooms because of a mildew-resistant additive for walls that may collect condensation. For top-shelf paints this is no longer the case because all finishes are washable (click here for more).

  Semi-gloss & High-Gloss paint finishes are the most durable and are very washable. Semi-gloss is the most popular choice for woodwork and it is almost always extremely durable no matter what product (with few exceptions), which is why it is so commonly used for interior painting of woodwork: shelves, trim, basemolding, risers (the kickboards on stairs) – areas that are frequently touched and get a lot of abuse. In most of our Morristown and other Morris County, New Jersey interior painting projects we use high quality Semi-Gloss paint on the wood and trim to ensure a durable finish. It really accents decorative woodwork and trim, and our Morristown painting customers love it. If you like the idea of decadent, durable, glossy trim then check out the section below about how we use premium, specialty waterborne-alkyd paint for luxurious finishes.

  Pearl & Satin paint finishes are used interchangeably depending on the brand, and they fall somewhere between Eggshell and Semi-Gloss as far as sheen, durability and washability is concerned. Pearl/Satin is slightly less glossy than Semi-Gloss and is often used on molding and trim. Sometimes it’s used on walls and ceilings, too, but higher-sheen finishes will show every imperfection – so spackling and wall repair is important.

  Flat paint finish is not washable at all, but it can be touched up with leftover paint without noticing a difference.

  Matte paint finish has a very slight, almost unnoticeable sheen, and is referred to by painters as “washable flat” – it’s just more durable than Flat paint.

professional painting of family room, hallway and kitchen by craftpro contracting in morris township nj 07960

Interior Painting of a Beautiful New Home in Morris Township, NJ 07960

High-end paints like these are what we always recccommend to Morristown homeowners when we paint their home, and their durability is a big part of the reason we are confident in our extended warranty. Cheaper paints, even in an Eggshell finish, may not be as durable as you need it to be. Any quality painting contractor knows the importance of using high quality paint for an interior painting project if the paint job is intended to last. Top-shelf paints from brands like Sherwin Williams (e.g. “Emerald”) and Benjamin Moore (e.g. “Aura”) are able to be scrubbed and cleaned in ALL finishes, so spending the extra money on these quality interior paints is a good investment (more on that below). These paints, when applied by skilled interior painting contractor, result in a durable and beautiful paint job that won’t need to be redone as early as if cheaper paints are used.

  If it is in our customer’s budget we always recommend a high quality paint product to be used. In truth, top-quality paints can and do save homeowners money in the long run: a high quality interior painting project is worth the extra money. We explain this in detail to all our painting customers.

Our Preferred Interior Paint Products: Top-Shelf, High Quality, Beautiful, Durable & Washable

Foyer in Morristown renovated: walls and ceilings repaired and painted with premium paints.

Morristown Interior Paint Job by CraftPro: Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint

In nine out of ten interior painting projects we use one of the three following interior paint products: Sherwin Williams brand “Duration”, Sherwin Williams’ “Emerald”, or “Aura” brand paint by Benjamin Moore. All three meet the toughest requirements for low VOCs, are top-shelf, superior acrylic water-based latex interior “paint-and-primer-in-one” products. They’re great paints and we love using them, so we recommend one of these top three interior paints to all of our painting customers. Here’s more:

  With these high end paints – unlike lower quality paints – all finishes can be scrubbed without causing damage to the paint. They comes in Matte, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss and all finishes are fade-resistant. “Emerald” even comes in a washable flat finish now.

  A high-end interior painting renovation that lasts a decade is less expensive than two lower quality paint jobs in the same time-frame. When I meet a Morristown homeowner for an estimate I always tell them, “there’s nothing more expensive than cheap paint” and I explain why. Not all interior painting projects are created equal. “Aura”, “Duration” and “Emerald” all have superior color retention, hide, stain-resistance, and withstand the test of time and normal wear-and-tear better than any other paints we’ve used.

Background: Morristown NJ House Painter CraftPro Contracting and Richard J. D’Angelo, Owner-Operator

  Morristown’s CraftPro Contracting was founded and is run by me, Richard J. D’Angelo. I worked for an incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced (40 years) painting contractor for a decade before I started CraftPro, got licensed and EPA-Certified and began serving Morristown, NJ homeowners with painting renovations myself. I learned from my mentor a great deal of product knowledge and I acquired the skill-set to perform the highest quality interior painting projects.

  I respond to every Morristown painting estimate request, which means you meet the owner of the company and the guy who’ll be working on your home every day – not an estimator or manager who sends a team of people you don’t know. I perform and oversee all the painting, and I provide daily updates and progress reports.

  I’m at every Morristown painting job-site everyday, no matter how many people I have working for me, and I work alongside my team. I do the most critical painting and painting preparation work myself.

You can learn more about me and find links to my social network profiles on CraftPro Contracting’s About Page.

Specialty Waterborne-Alkyd Paint: Brilliant Finishes

Cabinet Refinishing and Painting in Morristown NJ Using Specialty Premium Paint

Morristown Cabinet Painting Using ADVANCE Waterborne-Alkyd Specialty Paint

An even higher-quality, premium product for woodwork, which we have used several times before, is waterborne alkyd paint – also called “oil suspended in water”. It’s an environmentally safer alternative to, and has many of the benefits of, traditional (but toxic) oil-based paint products, which are becoming more and more obsolete.

  In short, waterborne alkyd paints have the luxurious sheen and durable, furniture-like “shell” finish of traditional oil-based paints but they are low in VOC’s and are environmentally friendly.

  Specifically indicated for cabinet painting, these products (we use “ADVANCE” by Benjamin Moore) come in a wide range of finishes (from Satin to High Gloss) and provide an extremely decadent finish.

  Check out the photos below of our interior painting jobs where we used waterborne alkyd paint on regular trim, molding and doors, etc. Such a beautiful (and incredibly durable) interior painting finish! We use it primarily for kitchen cabinet painting but we recommend it for your painting the trim of your Morristown home if you’re looking for a very decadent and durable finish. *Note: these photos are of the Satin finish. As you can see, it has the sheen level of regular Semi-Gloss paint.

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