Interior Painting of Morristown, NJ 07960 Open Living-Dining Room

Interior Painting of a Large Morristown NJ Living-Dining Room. Natural Light from the Windows allowed for a Bold Paint Color Selection

Interior Painting of a Living-Dining Room in Morristown NJ by CraftPro Contracting
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Interior Painting in Morristown NJ by CraftPro Contracting

Living-dining room in Morristown NJ painted with bold gray paint colorThis living room in Morristown, NJ sports a door the back deck and two sets of very large windows that face east. This provides a striking amount of natural light that fills the room during the day. A room this large and with this much natural light allows it to be painted with a darker, bolder paint color that could make other rooms look smaller or darker. A bold gray paint color was picked for the walls, accenting the white trim and complementing the wood furniture. This Morris Township home (within Morristown, NJ 07960) is located on the street that leads to one of the highest points in Morris County, NJ. Homes on this street – aptly named Skyline Drive – are positioned high enough on Morris County’s Mount Kemble that landmarks from the New York City skyline can be seen: the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, the George Washington Bridge and more. On holidays, these homeowners can stand out on their deck and view fireworks from four or five different locations. This open-concept living-dining room combination is adjacent to the kitchen, which is visible through a picture window in the wall. Painting this frequently-used room was important. Below is a photo of the view from this room in the summer time.

Painted Morristown NJ Living-Dining Room View

Painting of this Morristown NJ Living-Dining Room

Painted living-dining room in Morris Township, Morristown NJ 07960If these walls could speak… they would have been begging to be repainted. That old, pinkish-gray color that was once so popular was no longer appealing to these Morris Township homeowners. They wanted to re-paint their quite large living room, and they wanted to make a bold statement with the paint color. The seemingly dark gray is not too dark at night, say the homeowners. And during the day the natural light illuminates the living room, making these homeowners happy recipients of CraftPro’s interior painting services. We started by removing as much furniture, fixtures, drapes, etc. that we could. The rest of the furniture was moved to the center of the room. We properly prepared the walls and woodwork in this living room for a high quality paint job. Walls and trim were thoroughly sanded, joints were caulked, etc. The most important part of any paint job is the preparatory work. Read our tips and techniques for preparing rooms for interior painting, and learn more about our high quality, thorough painting services. These homeowners were very happy with their freshly-painted living room.

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Living-dining room painted walls and crown molding in Morristown NJThis living room is only one of many examples of our high quality Morristown, NJ house painting projects. We take the time to do things right: preparation is key, attention to detail yields quality results, and making customer service a priority leads to happy homeowners and, ultimately, a better community. That has been my goal for my painting and home improvement service from the start. The idea that “Painting is just painting” is a myth – there are so many details and complexities when it comes to painting. Achieving a beautiful paint job with a high quality, durable finish that lasts for years requires knowledge of the art of interior house painting. The living room in a home is arguably the most important room – it’s where families spend time together, it’s where company is entertained, etc. A beautifully-painted living room is important. How beautiful is your living room? Could it use a paint job? If you are looking for a painting contractor in and around Morristown, NJ 07960 then just fill out the form below to contact me, Richard – founding owner.

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