Why a Spring Roofing Inspection is So Important

With spring in full swing, it’s time for New Jersey homeowners to evaluate whether any winter damage occurred to their houses and property. Spring maintenance is very important, especially after a devastating hurricane and the harsh winter season that New Jersey has just endured.

This article was provided by Jacek Kaznocha of All Roofing Solutions

One of the most important parts of seasonal home maintenance is checking the condition of your roof and gutters. Your New Jersey roof took quite a beating this year and you may have already noticed missing shingles, worn out flashings around chimneys or sagging gutter sections.

Needless to say, your roof may need a little more TLC than usual and investing in a professional roofing inspection may very well be the smartest thing you can do now to protect your home from further damage.

Why Spring Roofing Inspection Is A Great InvestmentWhile a handy homeowner can check for visible roof damage with the help of a tall ladder, a professional roofing inspector can offer that and much more. A professional roofing contractor is more likely to uncover hidden problems that an untrained eye could easily miss.

Your roofing inspection will consist of a comprehensive interior and exterior evaluation of the roof’s structure. The inspection will focus on the condition of the roof surface, exposed flashing, gutters, and chimney construction.

Spring Roofing Inspection – What To Expect

Here is what you can expect from your roof inspection:

  • Interior Exam: your contractor will examine the ceilings, walls and attic for any signs of wind, water or hail damage;
  • External Roof Exam: from examining the siding and eaves, checking for external water stains, hail dings and indications of dry rot to a thorough check of your roofing surface, the state of flashings, vents and chimneys, your roofing inspector will check it all, including missing shingles, broken shakes or tiles, cracked flashings, damaged chimney bricks, open seams or wear from extreme sun-exposure;
  • Gutters Exam: your inspector will look for improper installation, debris buildup or warped metal, sagging, cracks and any other potential damage caused by ice and snow buildup over the winter months.

Remember, if not addressed, what little roofing problems you may have now can quickly turn into significant damage in just few weeks of typical spring rain, hail and wind storms.

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This article was provided by Jacek Kaznocha.

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