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Professional house painting service by Morristown, NJ CraftPro ContractingThe Quality Paint Techniques and Methods Practiced by CraftPro in Our Home Painting Services

What paint methods, techniques and practices to expect from a CraftPro home painting service project.To paint a home – whether it’s the entire exterior or a small room – requires thorough preparation, sanding, caulking, spackling, priming and more. We have the product knowledge, expertise and experience to provide exceptionally high quality paint jobs that last.

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A common misconception is that painting is as simple as brushing or rolling paint onto a wall. This is simply not true. Paint product knowledge and thorough preparation of walls and woodwork (like doors, windows and trim) are critical for a durable paint job. Meticulous painting techniques lead to a quality finish and beautiful homes. Nothing can freshen and renew your home like a paint job, but if that paint job doesn’t last for several years then it wasn’t worth it. Our paint jobs are warrantied for 5 years. Learn more about our paint job methods below.

Our Painting Practices:

Kitchen Interior Painting Home Improvement Service in Mendham NJ 07926 by CraftPro ContractingHere is what you get when you hire Craftpro Contracting for a high quality, long-lasting paint job for your home:

  • We provide paint color help to our customers. For homeowners who want high end design, we can provide exclusive access to a selection of acclaimed interior decorators and paint color experts. Rather choose for yourself? We’re on-hand to offer color counsel, like on-site paint samples from your pick of paint colors in the literature and pamphlets we provide. We also offer our advice regarding product choices and design ideas, and we detail exactly what work is to be done in order to make sure you’re aware of the every step of the job. This includes the personal, hand-drafted satisfaction guarantee and comprehensive 5-year warranty that is included in the contract for our handling of your home’s paint needs.
  • Our hand-drafted contracts detail and itemize every single material that will be used during your project. Not only paint products, but preparation materials like caulk, wood-filler, etc. are all itemized in your contract. We also describe, in great detail, the scope of work. You’ll know exactly how the paint job will be performed.
  • For interior painting projects we closely examine walls, ceilings and woodwork. That way we know exactly what preparatory work needs to be done before painting. And it allows us to identify the specific spots that need work.

    • Bathroom Painting with Horizontal Stripes in Morristown NJ 07960 Spackling: Walls, woodwork and ceilings suffer a lot of wear-and-tear throughout the years. We take the time to thoroughly inspect drywall for imperfections like scratches, dents and popped drywall nails. We spackle damaged drywall ceilings and walls to achieve a glass-smooth surface for painting.
    • Caulking: The trim around doors and windows, the basemolding at the bottom of the wall and all the decorative moldings and trims throughout your house eventually end up pulling away from the wall. This results in hairline cracks that need to be caulked before painting. We caulk the seams of all the interior woodwork, even when there isn’t a crack. This ensures that cracks won’t form later on. This is part of achieving a durable paint job that looks beautiful for years.
    • Painting Experience & Product Knowledge: There are dozens of important details involved in painting a home, and we go over them with you so you know what you’re getting from your painting contractor.

  • Exterior staining in Morristown, NJ by CraftPro Contracting For exterior jobs we prepare the outside of your home for painting by power-washing, power-sanding, replacing rotted trim and other wood elements. We caulk and we patch holes. We execute the necessary preparation work for a long-lasting, beautiful paint job. Paint is the skin that protects your home from the elements for years to come… In order to keep your home well-protected we take extraodinary measures to properly treat your home’s specific style of siding. For example, we take care to clean and seal cedar siding (e.g. shakes, shingles, clapboard) in order to prevent discoloration from extractive bleeding through the paint on your home. This is something a lot of painting contractors skip in order to increase profit, but after one year paint discoloration is guaranteed. Sometimes the cedar’s natural chemical tannin causes paint discoloration within only a matter of weeks!We warranty our paint jobs for five years: the longest warranty provided by any house painter in the Morris County, NJ area.
  • Using Quality Paint Products is a Must: High Quality, Premium Paints are the Best, and all we use… We urge our customers to agree with us when we push high quality paint like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. “There’s nothing more expensive than low quality paint”, someone said once. It’s true: the lower quality coatings will not withstand the test of time, and they don’t leave the brilliant finish like the top-shelf paints we use at CraftPro Contracting. Moreover, they don’t cover as well so you need more of it.

Our Preferred Quality Top-Coat Paints:

The best products for quality interior paint jobs, in our opinion, are Emerald & Duration by Sherwin Williams, and “Regal Select” and “Aura” by Benjamin Moore. Both products are the top-shelf paints offered by the respective manufacturer.

Ours is the Industry’s Longest Warranty… We use high quality paint because we warranty our work for five years and because if you’re going to take the time to thoroughly prepare your home for painting, you should continue the commitment to quality by using quality paint. Acrylic latex paints are most popular, and the high-end products feature washable finishes, long-lasting paint color retention, exceptional adhesion and coverage and overall durability. Big-box store paint brands just don’t compare in quality or durability to paints by SW and BM. Our favorite product right now is Sherwin Williams’ line of “Emerald” paint in their brand new Washable Flat finish. It’s a product with a rich, no-sheen finish that – unlike previous paints in flat finishes – is washable and durable:

“To ensure a beautiful, smooth finish and stunning color for years to come, use our finest paint ever. Emerald prevents stains from penetrating, offers maximum resistance to water streaking and spotting, features truly remarkable hide and covers dark colors. With exceptional coverage and washability, it’s perfect for any room in your home. Now Available: Emerald Interior flat finish with excellent washability. The flat finish helps hide minor imperfections on the wall, while its washability ensures your home’s beauty is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Emerald is available in four sheens, including a technologically advanced flat finish that offers the same washability and durability as the matte or glossier sheens. Matte and Satin finishes are now available in a new high hiding accent base, formulated to boost hiding power and deliver truer colors in fewer coats. With Emerald Interior Flat, there is no need to sacrifice performance for appearance.” – Sherwin Williams’ Paint Catalog

Some Photos of Our NJ Paint Jobs:

Smooth walls and straight lines in this East Hanover nj 07936 painting project by CraftPro
Repainted and refreshed hallway in Morristown NJ 07960 home
Freshly painted kitchen walls, doors, windows in Livingston, New Jersey by Craftpro Contracting
Bathroom Interior Painting Home Improvement Service in Mendham NJ 07926 by CraftPro Contracting
Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing by CraftPro Contracting in Morristown NJ
Madison, NJ Deck Restoration, Refinishing and Staining by CraftPro Contracting

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