Going Green: Home Improvement Contractors & Homeowners

Residential contractors are increasingly “going green” and they want to do so while remaining competitive and making their company a success – for example, reducing the amount of waste and energy that they use on a daily basis. Today the green materials market is worth an estimated $116 billion. This number is expected to grow to $254 billion by 2020.

las vegas building is going green by using sustainable building methods and green materialsEven with an impressive increase in green materials, it will take many more businesses and individuals to come together for the green movement in order for this to happen. Many of the green practices seen in the commercial contracting sector can be implemented on a smaller scale for homeowners, residential remodelers and specialty trade home improvement contractors.

For example, people travel to Las Vegas from all over the globe to check out world-famous entertainment and stay at luxury hotels. One of those hotels has been able to save on energy and water usage: The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort was recently given the most eco-friendly hotel in America award. One reason is because of their drip irrigation systems with moisture sensors and installing artificial turf grass. These green practices can also be utilized at home, by homeowners. For example, gray water can be used by homeowners to water gardens. Gray water is collected from washer machines and showers and it is even safe to use on lawns and gardens. In addition, homeowners can install tankless water heaters, low-flow toilets and low-flow showerheads to reduce water waste.

skylights are provide sustainable energy by using natural light and allow homeowners to go greenMany homeowners are implementing home improvements that are focused on sustainability. For example, homeowners are utilizing natural light and solar heat energy sources to reduce their energy costs: skylights are being installed in place of traditional lighting. They are also installing solar heat energy pools that can generate tons of solar energy. Homeowners have been hiring home improvement remodelers to implement outdoor home improvements for their living spaces like decks and terraces in their homes. They’ve also been developing sunrooms and looking for ways to use more natural light. Screened porches, fireplaces, fire pits and high efficiency windows are a few ways to cut down on energy waste.

There are a variety of ways that both home improvement contractors and homeowners can come together for the green movement. All over the world there is pollution, but there are also people who want to protect the environment and live their lives as green as they can, implementing sustainable energy sources in their homes. Businesses are continuing their innovation, especially in Las Vegas where millions of travelers stay each year. It’s imperative that more people join the green movement effort so we can ensure the survival of our planet.

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