Home Service Contractors: Analysis of the Most Sought-After Providers of 2015

The Most Sought-After Home Improvement & Repair Service Providers & Contractors in 2015: Analyzing the Data & Discovering What it Means

Data Analysis: Most Sought-After Home Service Providers & Contractors of 2015

The folks at Porch did a study on the most sought-after & searched-for home service providers & contractors. Here’s a useful analysis of that data.

    Find Out Why We Love The Results of this Study    

The most sought-after home service contractors in 2015. An in-depth look at a PorchDotCom study.According to a survey of data compiled by Porch.com in Quarter 4 of 2015, professional residential Painters were among the top-5 most desired home improvement service providers in 11 of the 25 major cities studied. The average position for Painters among the top-5 in those cities was 3rd, and these statistics were collected in the fourth quarter of 2015 – the colder months when painters typically experience a lighter-than-usual volume of work. In Quarter One of 2015, professional Painters were the second most requested home improvement service provider. In fact, 35% of all service provider searches were for painters in Quarter One, second only to Plumbers at 39%. We’ve speculated as to why painters are always so sought-after.   Click Here to Jump to that Section  

Handymen were easily the most-hired and sought-after home service professionals, ranking #1 in 19 of the 25 cities. The average position for Handyman professionals in the other six cities was #2, and Handyman services were among the top-5 in 22 of those 25 major cities. Below we’ve formulated reasons as to why Handyman services were so searched-for and sought-after.   Click Here to Jump to that Section  

The other most-desired hired home improvement service providers were Remodeling Contractors and General Contractors, who were in the top-5 in 24 of the 25 cities – all but one, appearing together in the top-5 in many cities. In those 24 cities, Remodeling Contractors’ average position was around #2. General Contractors averaged #3 in the top-5. Again, we provide some reasoning for these statistics below.   Click Here to Jump to that Section  

Breaking Down the Service Data & Drawing Conclusions

Handymen, Remodelers, and General Contractors were undoubtedly the most-desired home improvement and repair service providers. Painters were highly sought after as well. We’ve looked at all the data, and common sense provides some obvious explanations:

  Versatile & On-Call: Handyman Services

Handymen are called on to fix or improve those little but important problems with your home. The ones you need to get fixed right away before your home falls apart and the ones that are less crucial and more aesthetic. You know, that repair you’ve been putting off for months, but you notice it every day and it’s slowly starting to drive you crazy? Yeah, that one. Call a handyman and get that fixed. You can’t put a price on peace-of-mind.

If you own a home then you know it’s a constant cycle of repairs, improvements and fixes. Handymen can be – and, according to the data they are – a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to home maintenance. When there’s a broken window, a door lock that needs to be replaced, a garage door that won’t shut all the way, a water leak in the ceiling, etc. it’s the Handyman that gets the call.

Handyman services were #1 in this study because they are versatile and can provide on-call, quick, inexpensive fixes to common household problems.

  Cost-Effective & Efficient: Painting Services

A similar logic can explain why Painters were so highly desired even in the colder months during which this data was gathered. Despite the fact that painting is arguably the most common DIY home improvement project tackled by homeowners, a professional painter does better work and does it faster. The Porch study agrees, saying:

“Despite the fact that painting is considered a fairly non-technical DIY project, many homeowners simply have large painting projects to tackle or find that a professional painter does a better (and often faster) job of painting.”Porch’s Study (click for source)

An exterior paint job can prpvide a dramatic boost in curb appeal and protects your home’s exterior. An interior paint job can renew and refresh a home’s look and feel at a reasonable price. And most importantly – it lasts and lasts when it’s done correctly. Our interior and exterior house painting services are warrantied against normal wear-and-tear for five full years. That’s the longest warranty provided by any painter in our area. A good painter warranties their work for at least one to three years.

Painting services were so popular in the colder months of 2015 because painting is a cost-effective way to boost curb appeal and refresh a home’s look and feel, while providing a protective coating.

  Ensemble Crews: Remodeling and General Contractor Services

Remodeling Contractors and General Contractors are essentially the same thing, with one important distinction. The major difference is that a General Contractor is a service provider that sub-contracts the remodeling work to individual tradesmen. Take, for example, a kitchen remodel. A GC will get all the required permits and will sub-out the cabinet and countertop installations, the tiling and flooring work, the painting, etc. to the appropriate service providers, acting as a “manager” and “overseer” of your home improvement project. The only downside: they will markup each service (they have to get paid, too). Being Your Own GC: To avoid the General Contractor’s mark-up of each service, many homeowners decide to play GC themselves. They apply for and secure all necessary permits and individually contact and hire all the necessary tradesmen. Most of the time it works out and it can save thousands of dollars, but in many cases it can lead to problems that end up being more costly. So if you’re going to GC your own remodel, make sure you do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into. On the other hand, Remodeling Contractors tend to have their own crews to execute the necessary work, so no (or fewer) third-party contractors are involved. That means less mark-up charges.

We speculate that these home improvement service providers (Remodelers and GC’s) were so popular and desired for two major reasons. The first is obvious, and the second is less obvious. Firstly, Remodelers and GC’s provide a necessary service for larger home improvement projects like kitchen and bath remodels. They have it covered, and they make it so you have less to worry about. Secondly, and most importantly, many home service providers label and list themselves as “General Contractor” in order to broaden the scope of work that they can be found for when a homeowner searches for a professional (so make sure your GC is actually able to secure permits, perform all the management, sub-contracting and supervision that you need for your project).

  Why Do We Love this Data?

Our favorite part about this data? CraftPro Contracting offers almost all of the country’s most desired home improvement and repair services: We frequently perform Handyman services for in-need homeowners; residential Painting services are our bread-and-butter; and we provide certain types of Remodeling services, like basement finishing and attic remodeling. So when it comes to the most desired home improvement services in the country, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the Gallery of Our Home Improvement Work to see examples of the Painting, Handyman and Remodeling services we offer. And Contact Us when you need to; we’ll be waiting.

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