Basement Finishing & Remodeling Services: Framing, Insulation, Drywall, Molding & More

Basement finishing and remodeling services in Morristown NJ areaOur Cost-Effective & Simple Basement Finishing & Remodeling Service Adds Living Space to Morris County, NJ Homes

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Morris County Basement Finishing Remodel
Basement Finishing Remodel: Framing, Drywall & Door Installation in Morristown, NJ 07960
Basement Finishing Morristown, NJ: Insulation, Framing Walls & Closets, and Drywall Installation

Finish Your Basement: Turn Unused Space into Livable Rooms

Add Living Space, Increase Your Home’s Property Value and Marketability. It is not as expensive as most people think. We make basement finishing a possibility for every homeowner and every budget.

We complete the 1st and most important step of a basement remodel: we finish walls and ceilings to create the “template” of new livable space. From there, the possibilities are essentially limitless – whenever you are ready. With our basement finishing services you can approach your project as your budget, schedule and schedule allows. You don’t have to dump tens of thousands of dollars all at once.

Continue reading about our basement finishing services and see if we are the right basement contractor for you. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to begin adding living space then Richard D’Angelo and the CraftPro team are your best choice. Click here to read more about our NJ basement finishing services and benefits.

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Basement Finishing Remodel in Morristown NJ: Insulation, Framing and Drywall Service

This Morristown NJ basement was completely unfinished. We insulated the exterior walls with XPS foamboard insulation, framed walls along the perimeter, around appliances and pipes, and installed drywall everywhere. The finished result is a new closet, an insulated basement that will save these homeowners money, and an entire floor of new, livable space that can be used for virtually anything.

We provide an elegantly simple and easy basement finishing process to turn unused space into a new level of living space in your home.

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Browse all our basement finishing articles and projects. See why finishing your basement is such a good investment.

CraftPro’s Basement Finishing, Remodeling & Restoration Examples

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basement finishing in Morris County NJ by CraftPro ContractingWe have performed various types of basement finishing, restorations and remodels throughout Morris County, NJ in towns like Madison, Morristown, Randolph, Mendham, Brookside, and more. Check out the details and photos of some of these basement finishing home improvements below.

  • Basement Finishing in Morristown, NJ 07960

    • This basement sports a finished Laundry Room; a new Entertainment Room with a Bar and pool table; a brand new Kitchenette complete with new cabinets and beautiful countertops. The black and yellow color scheme in this finished basement supports the “Man-Cave” feel, but from what the homeowners tell us, it’s used by the entire family. The enclosed, newly finished laundry room was painted purple with white accents and new shelving was installed. New cabinets and countertops around the utility sink make it a very useful room. This multi-purpose basement (from entertainment, to laundry, to the kitchen and the living area with a television and dining table) is one of the most-used areas of the home now. And it started with our finishing of the walls. It’s that easy to get your basement going!
  • Basement Finishing in Madison, NJ 07940

    • New bathroom, bar room, closet and almost 2,000 square feet of finished basement living space. We executed framing and we installed all the drywall on the ceiling and the walls after installing XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation – which is perfect for basements as it has its own vapor barrier and is extremely durable against moisture – around the exterior walls in the basement. The XPS foam-board insulation panels were taped together with Tyvek insulation tape and gaps were filled with GreatStuff ® spray-foam insulation. After insulation and drywall we installed basemolding and custom window sills that serve as shelves. Then we primed and painted the entire newly finished basement. Now that the the bathroom, bar- & entertainment-room and closet of this walk-out basement are all finished with well-insulated walls and high-quality painting (with accent walls), this homeowner has an entire new floor. The family can do with it whatever they choose.
  • Basement Finishing in Randolph, NJ 07869

    • This very handy homeowner hired CraftPro for the drywall installation and finishing. He performed all the framing and insulation himself. This now multiple-room basement was once completely unused. Now it sports an exercise room, game- and play-room for his three kids, plus an entire living room and a big entertainment room with an impressive wet bar. For this growing family, adding new living space (an entire multi-room and multi-purpose floor) is incredibly beneficial. Our customer’s review of or work (click here to read it) for this basement finish is incredibly flattering.
  • Basement Finishing in Morristown, NJ 07960

    • This cement basement was completely unused. We framed false-walls over masonry and 2’x4′ walls with storage space behind them in order to finish this basement. We installed a closet under the stairwell, and we enclosed that stair well. We installed doors throughout the basement for access to the closet and other storage areas. We then drywalled the entire basement, leaving it paint-ready for the homeowners. They now have a finished basement: a blank template of added living space for a second living room, family room, entertainment room, etc.
  • Basement Finishing in Morristown, NJ 07960

    • These Morristown, NJ homeowners had just moved in and saw the potential of their 1,200 square-foot walkout basement. We insulated all exterior walls using XPS foam panels sealed at the joint with insulation tape. We insulated gaps, cracks and holes with GreatStuff expanding foam insulation. We framed out all walls and boxed-in plumbing fixtures. We created a new closet for the appliances and for more storage room. We framed two new walls upstairs that enclose the bedroom and the stairwell that leads to the basement. We then installed, taped, floated and finished all the drywall throughout the basement after the framing. This finished Morristown basement is a sort of ‘suite’ for the occupant of the upstairs bedroom.

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