Home Improvement, Painting & Repairs: Summary of Services Offered by NJ’s CraftPro Contracting

CraftPro Contracting Home Improvement and Repair ServicesCraftPro Contracting is based in Chester, NJ & Serves the Greater Morris County & North-Central New Jersey Area with Quality Painting, Drywall & Carpentry Home Improvements, Repairs & Remodels. High End Work and Service at Reasonable Prices
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Who We Are

CraftPro Contracting is an Independent Painter, Carpentry, Home Improvement & Repair Service Provider in Chester, NJ

We are Committed and Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction & Quality Craftsmanship Home Improvement Services

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Home Improvement & Repair Services Overview

Below are Summaries of our Home Improvement & Repair Services with Links to More Information

Professional House Painting Services by CraftPro Contracting in Morris County NJ

 Painting and staining is our bread-and-butter specialty. It’s the most affordable home improvement service for the aesthetic difference it can make.
 The most cost-effective way to renew the appearance of your home.
 Refresh your home’s interior and implement your sense of style with a CraftPro paint job (learn more).
 Boost your home’s curb appeal, and keep your house protected from the elements.
 Only high quality materials and coatings are used. Labor-intensive prep work is key to achieving a quality paint job.
 Interior painting always includes drywall/plaster work like spackling, plaster & wall repair
 We always caulk seams in woodwork: not just to seal existing gaps but to prevent against future cracks.
 Exterior painting always includes pressure-washing, power-sanding, siding repair & other prep work.
 We offer deck restoration & refinishing, vinyl siding and aluminum siding painting, shutter restorations, waterproofing and sealing, garage floor coatings and more.

Deck Refinish & Restoration: Exterior Painting, Staining, Carpentry in Boonton, NJ 07050

 Deck refinishing can extend longevity and postpone a costly rebuild.
  Using Sherwin Williams brand “SuperDeck” coating system in a solid stain, semi-solid or any of the varieties of stains we can restore your deck to its original beauty.
 Deck refinishing begins with power-washing and -sanding, sometimes stain stripping, rotted wood repair or replacement, detailed prepwork and a fresh staining job.
 View photos of our deck refinishing projects in the Nrthern NJ (Morris County) area.

Before and After Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing in Morris Township, NJ 07960 by CraftPro Contracting

 Painted kitchen cabinetry is a trending kitchen design and an excellent, affordable way to upgrade your kitchen without having to pay for a costly remodel. CraftPro specializes in cabinet refinishing and painting.
 Not all house painting contractors offer or specialize in cabinet painting, but we do.
 CraftPro’s cabinet painting service is a well-tested, thorough process that includes the highest quality materials and practices and results in brand-new looking cabinetry.
 We thoroughly sand the stained wood before priming all cabinetry with two coats of a high-end shellac-based primer.
 After further sanding and other preparatory work like caulking gaps and patching holes we apply two to four coats of a specialty “waterborne-alkyd” paint: it provides a durable, furniture-like “shell” with a decadent finish that ranges from satin to a high-gloss – your choice.
 Waterborne-Alkyd paint is specifically indicated for cabinetry. It provides all the benefits of traditional, obsolete oil-based (alkyd) paints in a low-VOC, environmentally-friendly and low-toxic formula.
 Click here for our article about the Waterborne-Alkyd paint we use for cabinet refinishing.

Ceiling Repair in Morristown NJ Bedroom Including Framing, Drywall, Priming & Painting by CraftPro Contracting

 Complete interior wall services: from framing to insulation to drywall / sheetrock, and more.
 Drywall installation, patches, repairs.
 Interior and exterior molding and trim installations, replacements, repairs.
 Exterior siding repair and replacements.
 Deck & porch repairs, restorations and renewals. For example, this historic Victorian home’s deck in Boonton, NJ (click here) – we reinforced the flooring and railings, repaired and replaced rotted trim, and much more.
 Interior wall construction: 2’x4′ walls, false-walls and more.
 Framing, insulation, and interior doors.
 Remodeling other unused spaces (like attics) to add more livable space to a home (see below).
 From new drywall installation to the smallest drywall repair and hole-patching.

Basement Finishing and Remodeling Home Improvements

 Our elegantly simple and cost-effective basement finishing and remodeling service is a huge benefit for homeowners.
 False-wall framing over masonry to add finished walls in unused basements.
 Construction of closets, and building-out basement walls that allow for storage space in addition to a finished basement with more living space.
 Insulating basements’ exterior walls in order to save on home energy consumption.
 When basement walls are insulated sufficiently your home can “breathe”. Heat from the basement rises through the ceiling and to the upper areas of the home.
 We not only add new, finished walls in basement remodels. We install molding and trim. We box-out windows and install custom window sills with shelf space. And, of course, we prime and paint.
 Finishing your basement adds living space, boosts marketability and increases property value. Tthe possibilities are virtually endless.
 Finished basements by CraftPro Contracting can and have created new kitchens, laundry rooms, bar rooms, family- and game-rooms and bathrooms.
 Finished man caves: entertainment rooms with full wet-bars and media rooms.
 New Family Rooms: game-rooms for kids, exercise rooms for adults, and living rooms for the whole family.

Handyman Service is a Dedication & Commitment to Helping Homeowners in our Community

 No job is too small when it comes to serving members of our community.
 No homeowner is undeserving of our attention: we’ll make time for your job. For example, one customer lives far away and hired us to help his aging mother bring out the trash and perform other household maintenance services at her Morris Township home.
 Honestly, it’s not charity work. We hope to help you with a small problem and when a bigger home improvement comes up, you’ll remember me and the service my company provides.
 In almost every handyman job I personally execute the work myself.
 A homeowner may have started a DIY home improvement and needs some help finishing it. We’ve done that many times.
 Need help with normal home maintenance? We do that, too.
 Handyman work isn’t just a service we provide, it’s a commitment to our community.
 Don’t be confused: we can’t do it all. But if you need help with something that we’re experienced in, we can and we will help you.
 If you’re not sure, fill out the form below to send me (owner, Richard D’Angelo) an email and I’ll get right back to you.

We offer professional craftsmanship, high quality work & a personal approach to customer service that can’t be beat. These are the ingredients for a successful home improvement: it leads to happy homeowners & a better community.

CraftPro’s Home Improvement and Repair Services:

Personalized Home Improvements: Professionalism, Craftsmanship & Satisfaction Guaranteed. All Work is Warrantied for Five Years.

home improvement renovations and repairs in carpentry, drywall and painting in this morristown nj 07960 houseIf you are looking for a home improvement contractor committed to professional craftsmanship and dedicated to customer service then you’ve found your service provider. We are a small, owner-operated contracting company with no hierarchy of commission-paid project managers and estimators like some of the larger franchises and empires out there. That’s not how we do business. We provide personalized, custom home improvements, renovations and repairs in Chester, NJ 07930 and surrounding areas in North & North-Central New Jersey. My name is , CraftPro’s founding owner-operator. I work with our team every day, on one job at a time, and I give homeowners my complete and undivided attention from the very start to the final clean-up, and even years after. There’s a reason why our our customers have provided us nothing but perfect reviews and testimonials. We have a sterling reputation because of our quality work and attentive customer service, which we have been awarded for multiple times.

As CraftPro’s founding owner-operator I perform the most critical work myself, and I stand behind all our home improvements with a warranty of FIVE FULL YEARS. It’s the longest warranty in the house painting and home improvement service industry, and it indicates our commitment to quality work. If anything goes wrong, my customers have a written warranty ensuring that their investment is protected for five years, and that I will come fix any problem for free. I make sure we stick to our specialty trades when we repair or renovate a home. Our specialties include a range of specific home improvement services. I make sure CraftPro’s home improvements are performed to the highest standards of quality and customer service – above and beyond the expected industry standard.

CraftPro Contracting Home Improvement Service Area: Greater Morris County NJ

Roughly 30 Miles or a 40-Minute Drive from Chester, NJ 07930

Depending on the individual home improvement or repair job, we usually work on homes that are located roughly within a 40-minute drive of our workshop/office location in Chester, NJ 07930. Our service area expands throughout Morris County and into Sussex and Essex counties as well.

The greater Morris County area includes towns and homes located within a 20-25 mile radius of Chester. Our workshop is located in Chester and we offer home improvement and repair services to residents whose homes are located in and around this area. However, we’re flexible. If you’re not sure, or if your home is seemingly outside our service area, then just contact me (click here) via our email form to find out if we can help.

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By Richard J. D’Angelo | Updated: February 21, 2017