Home Design Styles & Types, Interior & Exterior Remodeling and Historical Home Restorations

Home Design Styles: Interior & Exterior Style Features, Hybrid Designs and Historical Restoration Remodels

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Home Design & Style Examples: Layouts, Decor, Architecture & the Restoration of Different Home Designs & Hybrid Styles

Home Design Styles & Types: Restorations & Remodels for Renewing the Standard Features that are Common Among Respective Home Styles. plus a Look at Hybrid Home Designs that take Features from Different Architectural and Decorative Styles to Balance Function & Aesthetic Appeal for Truly Ingenious Designs like the Homes Depicted on this Page

 Home Design Styles & Types: Restorations & Remodels for Renewing the Standard Features that are Common Among Respective Home Styles. plus a Look at Hybrid Home Designs that take Features from Different Architectural and Decorative Styles to Balance Function & Aesthetic Appeal for Truly Ingenious Designs like the Homes Depicted on this Page

 Kitchen Design Style: Hybrid Design Uses Modern Concepts to Enhance the Famously Popular ‘Rustic Italian’ Design Ideas

The simplistic and elegant feel of authentic Italian-inspired home design is complimented and optimized here by implementing concepts of modern design, as shown in the photos below. The joining and resulting juxtaposition of these two home design styles emphasizes the utility of the kitchen as a working space without any sacrifice to aesthetic appeal layout is decorated with the characeristics of old-world Italian rusticity by using features like the chopping block, the almost raw and natural look of the wooden cabinets and their simple engraved handholds. Therefore, this design style stays away from excessive use of metal hardware and chooses vintage characteristics and softer, artisan applications instead. The dark, almost black, bushammered backsplash above the counters are coupled with a tastefully dark and beautiful countertop. This provides an impression of depth, authenticity, and elegance that all pair nicely with the rustic decor adorning the modern-style floorplan and layout design features of the kitchen. The simplistic and elegant feel of authentic Italian-inspired home design is complimented and optimized here by implementing concepts of modern design…The utensils are arranged in style-specific Italian Rusticity: laid out visibly in their cleverly-designed modular storage racks. The elegant and spacious Modern design layout of this kitchen is gilded with a coat of the stylish decor elements associated with Rustic Italian style. By combining rustic/vintage design aesthetics with the appeal of clean lines and spacial optimization associated with standard modern design, a remdoeling feat of surpassing class, taste and clever design has been acheived. The architectural, decorative and ingenious use of space, and the authentically rich and tasteful splashes of old-world Italian Rusticity that adorn it, make for a stunning kitchen design accomplishment. This kitchen is designed to pay homage to the “Old Country” – Italian home design styles of rich historical signifigance and appeal along with the immediately identifiable utility and spacious nature so common in Modern kitchen design. The utility of the hybrid Modern Rustic Italian layout kitchen design is punctuated by the way this design manages to capture and enhance the beauty that is so often lost in modern kitchens. In order to do that, the kitchen’s design pairs perfectly with the almost commercial-like practicality and utilitarianism often seen in the kitchens of homes with standard modern design features. A perfectly-balanced feel, Modern Italian Rusticity is a hybrid design style that’s as rare as it is beautiful and desirable.
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modular kitchen components and a rustic backsplash
“The kitchen components are modular; the backsplash is bushhammered to create a rustic look.”Remodelista
solid elm cabinets in this modern italian rustic home
“The Sine Tempore cabinetry is made of solid elm.”Remodelista

 Joining and Remodeling Two Coastal Cottages: Design & Decor to Restore Regionally-Traditional Styles & Features

The ‘Coasal Cottage’ home design style is unique, and changes in appearance up and down the Northeastern United States shore… Despite being influenced by their own habts of home design acquired during their respective histories doing east- and west-coast home remodeling work, two designers collaborated to focus entirely on the South-Eastern United States’ “Coastal Cottage” home design style. The Coastal Cottage is unique and varies as you move up and down the Eastern shore. It’s an important architectural and home design style in both American history and culture.

This traditionalist restoration remodel was executed under the basic principle that nothning should look brand new, but that every aspect of the restoration remodel should aim at preserving an aesthetically authentic condition – as though it’s been there since the two parts of the home were seperate in the 1800s. The furniture was to be the only personalization or modernization throughout the home. Traditionalist Design coupled with Individualized Modern Decorating. The joining of these two cottages in the 19th century led to the addition of a foyer and a floorplan design that is altered by the lines of each cottage’s respective exterior walls. Once joined, those exterior walls became interior walls and are now host to extra storage and appliance spaces, like the implentation of an artful and space-optimizing mini-wetbar. The design of the wetbar makes use of repurposed original flooring from the home.Traditionalist Design was paired with Modern Decorating in this Historical Remodel…

Probably the most notable and important permanent design features of this home can be broken down into the most noteworthy features of the interior styles and the most visually striking aspects of the exterior home design.

Design features that are all aligned with the original Coastal Cottage style and theme are all the home improvements and restorations that were instructed to be made during this remodel, and the result was a resounding success. The Eastern Coastal Cottage has been restored:

  • Inside, the dominant presence of paneled walls and built-ins in the mostly white- and softly-colored painted interior design is a flashback to the original Coastal Cottages of the Eastern shore.
  • Full of built-in shelving, storage, panels and cases, and a style that shows an overall aesthetic look that is not just appealing. The home design should be stylistically-consistent, regionally-authentic and historically-accurate.
  • The exterior of the home should be equally consistent and authentic in terms of design and appearance. At this Coastal Cottage, the authenticity of the design was restored by siding the home in unfinished, natural-color cedar shingles that will weather quickly – from sun, wind, rain and salt-spray – ultimately resulting in a rustic, original look.

The result of all the attention spent on matching authentic styles both culturally and from a particular genre are interior and exterior design elements closely resembling the 19th-century coastal homes. The Coastal Cottage is a familiar and welcoming site along our Eastern shores, and has beeen since they began sprouting up as Summer Retreats, or the beginnings of small coastal towns that would eventually grow into ports and major cities, or even the beginnings of small towns on beaches that would grow to beach vacation destinations. Such early coastal homes are from which this one’s design was inspired.

Even the furniture that adorns the home is thematically consistent with this classic American home design style.
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interior remodel of a summer home
“A mix of rustic and modern is achieved with a Belgian Classic Roll Arm Slipcovered Sofa from Restoration Hardware, which Childs covered with Perennials Classic Linen Weave (an indoor/outdoor fabric) and a Square Parquet-Top Coffee Table with a metal base from Wisteria. A custom sisal rug sits on top of the reclaimed wood floor.”Remodelista
white cedar shingles on this coastal home make it a traditional new england style
“The house was reshingled in White Cedar; when it weathers, it will turn the familiar silver gray of New England coastal architecture.”Remodelista

 Woodland Hut: Clever Home Design Optimizes Livability Within a Confined Space & for Specific Purposes

This “hut” lies in the middle of the great outdoors, but its remote location does not at all mean that the design wasn’t of the highest quality. This little hut is a shining example of luxurious design that makes the most of every available square foot both in terms of utility and elegant beauty.

For example, four double-glazed wood-framed doors open the entire exteror wall of the one bedroom in the hut, which was designed as an area for a retreat among the homeowers’ 40-acre property. The dresser, wardrobe and bedroom are designed for bare-essential practicality and usefulness as well as a tidy aesthetic, well-designed space-saving furniture integration, and an intricately designed living space perfect for retreating to for a quiet afternoon. Or a romantic evening in the woods.

The design and decor of this hut out in the wilderness is so engaging because of its rarely-seen elegance among similar and traditional outdoor forest huts, such as those designed for hunting (the hunting theme is clearly and intentionally avoided in this outdoor hut). This hut is a means of seeking peace in a place designed to serve practically yet resourcefully while still being able to boast of its own unique beauty that can only belong to a luxurious hut that lacks even a bathroom.

The eclectic nature of this place questions whether the unit’s design is worthy of being refered to as true “home design”. Regardless, it’s undeniable that this simple bathroom-less hut in the woods speaks of the instinctual comforts and inherent solace provided by nature. Furthermore, it does so while providing the staple features, amenities and comforts of a “home” that we are all so familiar with and attached to. Although one would be forgiven for desiring a bathroom… or at least an out-house.

The main room in this well-designed hut is the versatile and snug bedroom. The bedroom’s utility is accentuated by its cleverly-designed ability to be used – with easy transition – as anything from a standard closed-off bedroom to a bright sunroom and even a sheltered patio. It’s as simple as a twist-and-pull of a few handles of the four double-glazed wood-framed doors that compromise the entire exterior bedroom wall. When fully extended, the bedroom opens outwards to a beautiful patio and the call of nature; the attraction to the wilderness.

The relatively sprawling and objectively minimalist porch is like a segue between the pure outdoors and the intentionally-designed beauty of the hut’s interior. Because of this hut’s versatility in design and the novelty of such a “small” square footage home’s ability to provide mass appeal and strikingly impressive aesthetics makes this home design an interesting and imaginative piece of work. If not the most potentially long-term of living scenarios.
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awesome architecture and design in this bedroom in the woods
“The bedroom opens to the outdoors via four wood-framed, double-glazed doors.”Remodelista

 Victorian Style Home Remodel Restoration with a Twist: Victorian-Era Design Punctuated by Australian Cultural Influence

This Victorian-era remodel is a recognizably similar home improvement project given its restorative and tradition-based home design and decor features. Not unlike the coastal cottage home design above, this Victorian home’s design and decor is focused on and dedicated to reestablishing and restoring the historically-significant and thematically-important design features that are hallmarks of Victorian home design. Much of this Victorian home’s decor is accented with pieces of Australian furniture and accessories. The design style also harkens back to the mass-production of certain style Victorian designed homes that would later take place in America.

Those most recent styles of Victorian home design (typically found in America) were popular not only as brightly-colored and intricately-designed estates and mansions that would later become historical sites but also as a means of mass housing during periods of population growth. To learn more about the history of Victorian-style home design and for examples of Victorian home restoration and a description of the different styles of Victorian homes plus where they are most popuar: Read our Victorian-Era Home Design Article – a Study of Victorian Home Restorations, Design Styles and Victorian Home Design History.

But this specific Victorian home remodel was designed to embrace the restoration of style-specific features like the Victorian terrace outside and the high-profile moldings inside. Most notably is the singularly-Victorian style chair-rail which, instead of framing rooms about 3-4ft from the ground is instead ringed around the room at about a foot below the ceiling. The ceilings are, very often, accented by their rounded corners which matches the rounded doorways also found in certain styles of the Victorian home design. This Victorian home features many classic Victorian-style elements like that, but is unique in design due to the culturally-indicative Australian influence along with the remodeling project’s implementation of a somewhat less-than-Victorian kitchen personalized for the owners. This home still gets most of its style from traditionally Victorian home design. Another historically-accurate restorative remodel is our restoration home improvement of the deck and patio of this government-classified historic Victorian home. Notice our preservation of the style-specific, historically accurate Victorian deck/porch/terrace design elements. As in most historic restoration remodels, the hallmark features are preserved while the new owner chooses other home design and decor characteristics to personalize the remodel. In the home below, Victorian features are accented and paired nicely with modern art and authentic Australian furniture. In the Victorian deck and patio that we restored here in NJ, the physical look was preserved but the color scheme we implemented included the “haint blue” ceiling often seen in Southern US homes. The blue ceiling of the porch is an old, deep-south tradition meant to ward off evil spirits. In that old tradition, spirits cannot cross water, so a blue ceiling mimmicked water and therefore kept the ghost and ghouls at bay. It has since become popular for aesthetic reasons more than spiritual, and the haint-blue ceiling on patios is a design style that’s now nationwide, even when restoring a home whose style predates the origination of that style.

So what counts as a historically-restorative remodel? What is truly “Victorian” as it pertains to home design styles?

That answer, if there is one clear answer at all, lies in the architectural history and cultural representation of home styles. But one thing we know for sure: From Australia to Europe to America, the design styles of Victorian homes maintain historically-accurate details but almost always carry some sign of personalization: their own respective person- and region-specific decor and design influences.
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opening the living room into the dining room created one large room in this home interior design
“Removing the wall between the living room and dining room creates one large living area. The architects then installed a series of custom design oak bookshelves that runs the length of the two rooms, further unifying the two spaces and providing storage for their extensive book collection.”Remodelista
country kitchen with an antique butcher block
“We like the idea of a country kitchen in the city,” Houle says. “We love to cook and the long antique butcher’s bench was up to the task.”Remodelista

 The Home Design & Style Ideas Depicted and Described Here Display Cunning Architectural, Decor & Livability Characteristics and Features. These Beautiful Spaces were Designed Under One Category of Home Styles. But They are as Culturally & Architecturally Varied as they are Aesthetically & Practically Balanced.

From modern home design layouts and appliances to rustic and traditional decor and design, the homes pictured and described above were designed and built to inspire. From region-specific designs to thematic hybrids and ingenuity in the optimization of spaces and the development of the homes’ livability, one can draw from all the corners of the imagination when viewing examples of what clever home design and talented home decorating can create.

The wide array of home design styles, aesthetics, usability and decor is enough to provoke inspiration and to raise the eyebrows of any home design and remodeling enthusiast or professional. Whether you are a home design fan, a construction/remodeling/home improvement professional, whether you’re exploring the home design universe on a quest for residential living ideas or you’re simply interested in being impressed by awesome feats of architecture, decor, and design. The work that went into the designing of these homes is nothing short of impressive, beautiful and ingenious.

Let us know what you think about the varying home design styles and the unification/hybrid design of homes that bring together elements of traditional, cultural and regionally-specific design themes:
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