Home Design Ideas & Interior Decorating: Inspiration for Home Functionality & Paint Colors

Interior Decorating, Getting Paint Colors Right, Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing; Designing Your Home to be Both Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional can be a Handful. We’ll Try to Provide some Concise Home Design Ideas and Inspiration Here

Home Design Ideas & Inspiration from Professional & Popular Sources

Home Design and Decorating Ideas Function and PaintingHome design ideas can come from a blog post with examples, advice from a certified interior decorator or color expert, or from a plethora of online resources. Or you may simply walk into a home and say “Yes! That’s what I’ve been going for!”. Online home design websites – like Houzz (interior decor example to the right came of Houzz) – offer not only great photos for home improvement and design inspiration, but they offer resources to find the right professionals as well. Interior decorators have the home design experience to provide ideas and guidance for achieving your dream home. This post seeks to help by compiling some photos and tips from experts to help assist you with home design ideas that can do just that: create your dream home.

  Function: No Foyer? Create an Entry “Wall”

living room home design that uses furniture to give the idea of an entry wall

The first of our home design ideas is to use furniture to create the illusion of an entry hall or mini foyer if you live in a small home or apartment. If you front door opens into your living room, a cleverly placed sofa or couch, like pictured above, acts as an entry wall. This optimizes functionality: now there is an entry way tied into the living room. And all it took was some clever furniture placement.

  Design: Elegant Woodwork & Paint Colors

home design ideas for using half walls to create the illusion of a foyer

Another design idea for home entries is to build a half wall. Notice the elegant woodwork in the design of the wall. Placing an area rug provides a sense of direction also, and this helps assist in the functionality of the home’s design. In the photo you’ll notice elegant and beautiful woodwork, trim and molding. The paint color usage is brilliant. A great home design idea is to use paint colors and woodwork for an affordable way to make a dramatic improvement to your interior decor.

  Home Design: Paint Color Ideas

home design ideas with paint color

Paint colors are often times the key to home design, and getting paint ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. Color experts know how to design a home’s paint color palette. In the photo above, a deep gray paint color with blue undertones pairs well with the marble counter tops.

Donna Frasca, a professional Interior Design and Color Expert says on her blog, “…paint color is the way to change a house into a home but you have to find the right colors to bring out the beauty of YOUR home. The colors of Benjamin Moore are what my clients are asking for and it’s for a reason. Try these hues in your home.”

  Paint Color Choices: Ideas & Advice

paint color swatches and color selection are important home design ideas

I can’t tell you how many homeowners have planned a redesign of their home’s interior decorating by hiring CraftPro Home Improvements for re-painting and have then been disappointed that the paint color they chose as part of their design looked different after the actual painting. Just as important as lighting are the colors in the peripheral of your view when you look at the paint color swatch. If you hold a slate-blue paint color swatch against, say, a green wall, you’re not getting an accurate view of what the paint color will look like when it is applied. Even more important to selecting the right paint color for your home is lighting. Lighting can make the same paint color look completely different in different areas. In her article on BloggingPainters, Donna Frasca writes, “Lighting and color go hand in hand. You can have great color but if you have poor lighting, your color can look very different. Keep in mind your lighting when choosing your colors. Look at the color of the shades and bulbs because that will modify how the color will look in your space.”  This is great interior paint color and home design advice.

  Home Design Ideas: Trending Paint Colors

home design ideas and paint color trends help interior decorating inspiration

Following up on Donna’s mention of Benjamin Moore’s paint colors, check out their 2014 Paint Color Trends. So many new paint colors are trending this year, and homeowners are using them in their homes. Home design ideas often include paint color inspiration, and B.M.’s “Color of the Year”, called “A Breath of Fresh Air”, is pictured above. This refreshing paint color, and all the colors in their 2014 Trends catalog, provide excellent home design ideas and interior decorating inspiration.

Home Design Ideas from a Home Improvement Contractor

  Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Without a doubt, painting your kitchen cabinets is the most cost-effective way to update your home’s design. It’s an affordable way to give your kitchen a makeover and modernize your decor. Kitchen cabinet painting is trending. The most popular look for refinished kitchen cabinets is – from our experience working with homeowners here in Northern NJ – a glossy white or beige finish with polished nickel (also known as satin nickel) hardware. Examples are pictured above. Kitchen cabinet painting is most often executed when homeowners tire of the look of their weathered stained cabinetry. They want a new, more modern and clean, bright design in their kitchens and the cabinetry is a huge factor in that decor idea. But brand new cabinets can cost up to $60-70k! If your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound but you’d like a new look, then have your kitchen cabinets painted! Click here to learn more about your cabinet painting options.

At CraftPro Contracting we can team up with experts and professionals who can provide home design and interior decorating ideas and advice that will help you plan your perfect dream home improvement. And then we can execute that home design idea to perfection, and turn your house into your dream home. Contact me, Richard D’Angelo – CraftPro’s founding owner, for home design ideas and a quote for your next home improvement project. We can work together to get your idea just right.

View my Google Plus profile: Richard J. D’Angelo, founding owner-operator of CraftPro Contracting and author of this article. I regularly provide home design ideas to residents of my community. Check out CraftPro on Google+ and our online community of home improvement, maintenance and renovation professionals to learn more about home improvements. You’ll find plenty of home design ideas there!

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