Handyman & Maintenance Services in Morris County: Our Commitment to our Community

Handyman Services by CraftPro Contracting of Morristown Means Being there for Homeowners When they Need us Most. It’s More than a Service: It’s a Commitment to Community

Handyman Services in Morristown NJ 07960 by CraftPro Contracting is a Commitment to Helping Community Homeowners

At CraftPro, handyman services go beyond small repairs and maintenance. We are committed to serving our community.

Handyman: CraftPro is Committed to our Community

handyman services in morristown and morris county new jersey means committing to helping homeowners in our communityHandyman services offered by CraftPro Contracting of Morristown, NJ 07960. What does that mean? To me, it means being available to help residents of our community (the greater Morris County, NJ area) in any way we can. We specialize in house painting, drywall and carpentry home improvements and repairs, and we stick to the trades that we have mastered. Does this mean we only paint homes, hang drywall and install moldings? No. We are committed to being on-call for homeowners when they need help, and we aren’t too proud or too busy to do the small stuff. CraftPro and our founding owner-operator, Richard D’Angelo (me) are always here to help. For example, we were hired by a man to perform some painting services for a Morristown resident – his aging mother, who was having a hard time maintaining her very large Morristown home. After speaking with her about the painting job, we provided several other “handyman” maintenance services that she needed help with but weren’t all part of the contract. I installed a new house number sign (pictured below), we cleaned the windows and the furniture pictured to the top right, we swept the porch, repaired some broken shutters, and more. She was so grateful that she tipped us, despite my efforts to decline, and I gave her my cell phone number and told her to call me if she needed anything at all. I got the call, and more handyman services were performed: we demolished an old basketball hoop and hauled away the debris. CraftPro offers handyman services, but that doesn’t mean we’re a jack-of-all-trades company that can fix everything and anything. Instead, “handyman” – for us – means that we are committed to helping residents in our community when they need us.

Handyman: Helping Homeowners Finish their DIY Job

handyman services in randolph nj to help finish a drywall projectHomeowners attempt DIY projects and for smaller jobs we encourage it: that’s why we’ve dedicated a category to DIY advice and how-to’s. While most contractors insist on performing a job from start to finish, on their terms, at CraftPro we are willing to work with our customers in whatever way they need us. And a lot of homeowners are smart enough to know when they need professional help from a home improvement contractor. For example, in this photo the homeowner installed a pocket door and then installed the drywall himself. For finishing that drywall, he knew he needed a professional drywall contractor like CraftPro. The drywall wasn’t installed perfectly, so we fixed it the best we could and we finished the drywall: taped the joints, floated them to a smooth finish and even performed some spackling of the adjacent bathroom’s walls, which were in pretty bad shape. Not all contractors would take a job so small, but at CraftPro Contracting no job is too small and I am personally dedicated to helping every resident of our community. With our handyman help, this hybrid DIY project can now be completed. And the homeowner will have saved a great deal of money.

Handyman services by CraftPro of Morristown include but are not limited to maintenance work like cleaning and organizing, helping homeowners finish the parts of home improvement projects that they can’t do themselves, one-day painting and drywall jobs, installing signs and lamp posts, cleaning out gutters, power washing, etc. If we can help, we’ll do it and no job is too small. Handyman is not just a service we provide: it’s a state of mind – a dedication to helping, a commitment to being there when you need someone, whether you need a reliable and skilled home improvement contractor for a small task, or you just need help, period. CraftPro is there for you. Call me at 973-610-8763. I’ll be there. If you need handyman or maintenance services in or around Morris County, New Jersey please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you right away. This is my first post of 2014 – Happy New Year, and Happy Home Improving.

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