Master Your Garage Door Remote: Setup and Installation Instructions, Info and How-To Guides

Your garage door opener remote is a key part of your every-day life and it’s one of those things we take for granted. Every time you leave the house or return home, you take out your remote to close or open your garage door. If you don’t permanently keep it in your car you at least never leave your home without it. It’s part of your daily routine. You probably grab your keys, phone, wallet and your garage remote every time you walk out the door. Needless to say, it’s critical that your garage door remote is programmed and setup properly. This article provides some how-to guides for ensuring that your remotes are succesfully setup and functioning properly.

Have a new garage door remote? Maybe it’s a replacement or a brand new remote for a new garage door. Either way, you need to setup your remote and install it so it functions properly. Below are a few how-to guides with the steps that you should take when you are setting up new or replacement garage door remotes.

Garage Door Opener Remote Setup & Installation How-To Guides: Master Your Garage Remotes

Garage Door Opener Remote Setup & Installation How-To Guides: Master Your Garage Remotes with these Instructions and Step-by-Step Guides for Common Remotes.
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 Programming a New or Additional Remote

When you already have a remote that matches your garage door opener, start setting it up. Here’s how:

  1. Locate the ‘Learn’ button inside the opener. Just remove the cover and you may find it next to the antenna. The button comes in different colors – e.g. purple, yellow, red, or orange – depending on the model and manufacturer.
  2. Program the button. Push and hold the learn button until the indicator light is blinking.
  3. Choose a button. Within 30 seconds after pressing the learn button, choose a button on your remote that you would like to program. Press and hold this button for three seconds.
  4. Successful programming. Once you’ve successfully programmed your garage door opener remote, the indicator lights will blink again and you will hear clicks from the opener.
  5. Test it. You can test out your newly programmed garage door opener remote by pressing the button. It should activate the garage door. If not, you need to repeat the above steps.

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 Setting up a Replacement Remote for a Lost or Stolen One

If you have lost your garage door opener remote, then you have to reset your garage door opener. This means you need to delete the stored pairings in your opener so your remote control might not be used by anyone to open your garage door without your knowledge. The process is very similar to programming a new remote, it only has an extra step.

Here is How to Reset/Delete Old Remote Settings & Reprogram:

  1. Locate the learn button. Find the learn button on your opener by removing the cover.
  2. Press and hold the button. Press and hold the learn button on the garage door opener until the indicator light goes off. Then press and hold it again until the light goes off. This step will delete all the codes stored.
  3. Program the remote. Within a few seconds, press your desired button to be programmed. The indicator lights will blink to signal that it was successful.
  4. Test the remote. Test out if you have programmed your remote properly by pressing the button. If the garage door responds, then you have successfully set it up.
  5. Note: Erasing the memory in your opener will clear out all the pairings from other remotes as well. You may have to reprogram other working remotes once you have cleared out the memory.

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 Programming a DIP Switch Universal Remote

When you are opting for a universal remote, ensure that it matches and works perfectly with the specific garage door opener that you have. The great thing about universal remotes is that you can use a single remote to control different devices.

You need to check if your opener uses DIP switches or the learn button. Most of the older openers use DIP switches. For those with learn buttons, you can just follow the instructions above.

Here is How to Program Dip-Switch Remotes:

  1. Match the codes. Match the DIP switches on your opener to your garage door opener remote. Each switch could have two or three positions, so ensure that the code series are identical.
  2. Test it. Once you have matched the switches, you can test your remote. If the door doesn’t respond, try switching the on and off positions on the switches in your remote as this might be reversed.

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About the Author:
This article was written by Kristy Jones of A Click Away Remotes and edited/co-authored for the CraftPro Academy Homeowner Advice Blog by CP’s founding owner .

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