Professional Exterior Painting is the Skin that Protects Your Home from the Elements

Quality, Durable Exterior Painting Protects your Home from the Elements

Exterior painting protects your home so make sure the job is performed thoroughly and professionally by a professional house painterPainting your home does more than provide a boost in curb appeal: exterior paint is the skin that protects your home’s siding and structural elements. It’s important that the paint job is performed correctly, thoroughly, and with attention to detail or it could cost you. This article explains the importance of protective, quality exterior house painting.

The paint on the outside of your home is not just for beautiful curb appeal, but it’s the skin that protects and shields your home. Why is quality painting so important? Because a thorough paint job is key to achieving a beautiful, brilliant home that is shielded, sealed, and protected. I’ve seen countless homes with chipped, peeling paint that leaves the siding exposed to the elements. I want homeowners to know the importance of quality painting that lasts: the kind of exterior painting that I insist CraftPro offers to our customers.

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The balcony, porches, decks, windows and doors of this Morristown home were stained with Sherwin Williams brand SuperDeck solid-color stain. The darker color is Shagbark. The exterior siding was stained with solid-color WoodScapes by SW and the color is Belvedere Tan. This exterior staining job was executed by CraftPro Contracting.
Solid Color Stained Siding, Deck, Porch, Windows, Doors. Exterior painting and staining in Morristown NJ

Exterior Painting and Shutter Refinishing in Morristown, NJ 07960If your home has wood siding that is not properly prepared, and primed, painted or stained then the siding of your home is exposed to the elements. That makes your home structurally vulnerable. Without a thorough exterior paint job the outside of your home is vulnerable to damage… Siding that is not properly painted, stained and/or sealed is prone to rot and decay. Rotted siding can and will cause costly damages in the long run – damages that can easily be avoided by taking preventative measures like ensuring your home’s exterior paint job is up-to-date. In order to keep yourself from having to pay for expensive repairs, make sure your home’s exterior finish is sound by having it painted or stained every few years. An exterior painting project is so much more than just applying paint. Make sure your painting contractor performs the job with thorough and correct preparatory work before applying a quality paint product to the home. Exterior paints are mildew resistant and formulated to act as a thick skin that protects your home. A quality exterior painting product will do its job: it will provide protection and it will safeguard your home from the elements – if it is applied correctly. We explain more about this below.

Thorough Exterior Painting Preparation for High Quality, Protective Paint Jobs

This Morristown, NJ estate received exterior painting from CraftPro ContractingI’ve written more than one articles about the importance of proper surface preparation when painting your home. Thorough surface preparation is even more crucial for exterior paint jobs. Make sure you ask your local painting contractor about the preparatory steps they will take when it comes to the exterior paint job’s scope of work explained in the contract. What painting preparation techniques does the quote include? At the very least, exterior painting requires power-washing and -sanding. What materials will be used when preparing the exterior of your home for painting? We provide very detailed and itemized contracts that specify exactly how the paint job will be performed. This is so our customers know exactly what they are getting for their money, and so they know that their exterior paint will last. A durable exterior paint job is more than simply slapping fresh paint on your home’s exterior. It does no good to just slap some paint on your home… I have learned the most important practices for proper exterior surface preparation for painting, and I’ve committed CraftPro to performing the following house painting services at every job. Your painter should do the same.

Top 5 Prep-Work Steps for Quality, Durable, Protective Exterior Painting

    The side of the home and the tool shed - Exterior Painting Service in Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 by CraftPro Contracting

  1. Power-Washing: lifts and exposes failed paint and, when first soaked with bleach, kills and removes mold and mildew.
  2. Power-Sanding: removes failed paint from the siding and smooths the surface. Sanding also provides better adhesion for primer and new exterior paint.
  3. Caulking: around doors and windows protects against moisture and drafts, in addition to obvious aesthetic reasons.
  4. Priming Bare Wood: increases the longevity of the paint job. Cedar and other woods that have a natural acidic tannins must be primed with two coats of an exterior oil-based, stain-blocking primer. This will prevent against extractive bleeding and paint discoloration that will inevitably occur if the cedar is not treated properly. Even the highest-quality acrylic exterior painting products are susceptible to extractive bleeding. Bare wood should always be primed, and bare cedar should always be primed with two coats of a quality oil-based primer.
  5. Repairing and Replacing Rotted Wood: is crucial for aesthetics but also for the durability of the paint job. Painting over rotted wood like molding, trim and siding will not stop the rot, and the paint will not last.

Make sure the contract for your exterior paint job includes prep-work details… Homeowners interested in an exterior paint job should make sure their painting contractor includes these practices in the contract or they might skip these crucial steps. These practices are necessary for a long-lasting, protective and beautiful paint job. Of course, if you are looking to spend less money and are not too concerned with the longevity of the paint job, you can ask your painting contractor to cut back on labor-intensive techniques – doing so will save you money. But we don’t recommend cutting corners when it comes to protecting your home. When we painted the home that’s pictured below, we fully sanded and then applied two coats of a high quality oil-based exterior primer to all the bare cedar. This was of course after a thorough power-washing revealed an extraordinary amount of failed paint.

Not all Paints are Created Equal: Exterior Paint Quality Matters

Exterior Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro in Mendham NJWe don’t officially endorse any paint manufacturers, but we only use the top two brands of paint products in our area: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. These manufacturers are only sold at local paint stores, not large home department stores. This is not to say that quality exterior paints cannot be found at these locations – we’ve just never used them. We guarantee our paint jobs for FIVE years, so we use quality paint that lasts and does its job year after year. There is truth to the saying “There’s nothing more expensive than cheap paint” – we don’t know who said this first but it’s a popular phrase among painting contractors. Cheap, low-quality paint does not do its job of protecting a home from weather and the elements, and it doesn’t look as good either. When the paint prematurely fades, cracks, peels, etc. the paint job needs to be done over again, and therefore costs you more money. So there you have it: cheap paint is expensive. Worst case scenario: the paint doesn’t do its job of protecting the home’s exterior and your wood siding is exposed to moisture. This will lead to rot. Sherwin Williams and Benjaming Moore provide the highest quality paints, and at affordable prices… Rotted siding will inevitably lead to costly repairs in addition to another exterior paint job. Make sure your painting contractor includes the paint product in the contract for your paint job. Do some research on that product to make sure it’s right for your home. Mildew-resistant, latex-based acrylic exterior paint products with high solids content are usually best. For example, Sherwin Williams brand “Duration” and “Emerald” are top-shelf paint products. The same can be said for Benjamin Moore’s “Regal Select” Exterior line of paints. You don’t want your painter to cut costs by using cheap materials. That goes for any and every home improvement or renovation, not just exterior painting.

Quality Exterior Painting: Curb Appeal & Marketability

A beautiful exterior paint job boosts marketability & curb appeal… If you ever plan on selling your home – or if you just want to love the way it looks every time you pull into your driveway – a beautiful paint job is always the result of proper surface preparation and the use of quality paint. Whether it’s a potential buyer looking at the home, or you admiring your own home, everyone knows that the home is protected, durable and aesthetically stunning. Below is another picture of one of our exterior painting and carpentry projects: a before-and-after shot that shows the surface preparation being performed and the result of the time we took to make sure the job was done correctly. Click the picture for more details.

exterior painting and carpentry in morristown nj 07960

Are you interested in finding a painting contractor in the Morristown, NJ and greater Morris County, NJ area to provide a high quality, reasonably priced exterior painting job? We can help… Contact me below so that I can talk to you about your painting project, your home’s exterior, and see how the CraftPro Contracting team can help beautify and protect your home. Always with your budget in mind and your home’s protection & beauty prioritized. My name is Richard D’Angelo, CraftPro’s founding owner and hands-on operator. I love every aspect of exterior painting and I’m excited to talk to you about it. Send me an email:


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