Residential Exterior Painting & Carpentry in Mendham, NJ 07945

Power-washing and -sanding, priming, carpentry repair and painting. A Mendham home gets a paint job to prepare it for the market and it sold within a month.

Exterior Painting. Carpentry & Handyman Services in Mendham NJ by CraftPro

Exterior Painting, Carpentry & Handyman Services in Mendham NJ by CraftPro: CraftPro power-washed and power-sanded this home before performing extensive handyman and carpentry repairs plus an exterior paint job to get the home ready for the market and it sold within a month of our work.

This job was one of our first as a home improvement contractor. We were referred by Coldwell Banker Realtors, for whom we performed several jobs. Both the Coldwell Banker agent and the customer gave us straight A grades on Angie’s List for this job and other jobs. In fact, all of our customers have given us straight A’s, across all categories. But we’ll stop bragging now. Read our Customer Reviews.

Painting, Carpentry & Handyman Repairs by CraftPro at this Mendham Home

This home in Mendham, NJ was in desperate need of some exterior painting and carpentry repairs in order to get it market-ready. First, we power-washed the shed, the garage and the brick patio (not pictured) behind the main house. Power-washing is crucial to a quality paint job because not only does it remove mold and mildew but it lifts failed paint that would otherwise appear in good condition, visually. Then we power-sanded all the loose paint, removing it completely and feathering it out where it remained intact, so that the surface was smooth. After that, we primed the bare wood and applied two coats of premium paint. We also painted the windows, the front door and some shingles and other touch ups on the main house, and we replaced some rotted trim around the large windows in the front of the house.

Months after the job was completed and the home was sold, we returned to the house per the customer’s request and helped them move. That’s how we treat our valued customers.

Images of this Mendham Home Improvement Project

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Exterior Carpentry and Painting in Mendham, New Jersey

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