Exterior Paint Colors & Home Design: Inspirational Examples & Advice for Picking Colors

This home is a great example of a beautiful exterior paint job and traditional home design.Below we’ve collected several examples of exterior home designs & painting projects from home improvement sites to spark your imagination and help you get some ideas for your next exterior redesign, remodel or paint job. Just in time for the house painting season.

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Painting your home’s exterior boosts curb appeal and refreshes your home’s design. Exterior paint guards your house, and it’s the first thing you see when you get home. You want a beautiful home exterior, so below are some examples from various home design websites across the internet that will help inspire exterior painting and home design ideas.

Home Design: Examples & Styles

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Traditional Home Design: Exterior Paint Colors – Light vs. Dark

The first home has an exterior paint color scheme that may seem familiar, or neutral, to a lot of folks. The second home has a much darker exterior paint color scheme: “Dragon’s Breath” by Benjamin Moore.

Mediterranean vs. Victorian Exterior Home Design

Mediterranean Patio by Veranda Fine Homes
Victorian Exterior by LDa Architecture & Interiors

Traditional vs. Mid-Century Exterior Home Design

Both home designs below are beautiful and sport elegant exterior paint color schemes, but they are distinctively different. The traditional home, with its gray siding and white trim, really lives up to the name “traditional”. The Mid-Century home, on the other hand, is painted with a more bold and striking color scheme.

Traditional Exterior by JB Architecture Group, Inc.
Midcentury Exterior by Ana Williamson Architect

Traditional Home Designs with Beige, Blue & Gray Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior Paint Color Scheme Ideas
from Benjamin Moore

The home designs and exterior paint color schemes below are from BM’s ‘Affinity’ color collection

Exterior paint color scheme of this Colonial home design - from Benjamin Moore

Colonial Home Design | Exterior Paint Colors Below

Colonial Home Exterior Paint Color Scheme

Exterior paint color scheme of this Craftsman home design - from Benjamin Moore

Craftsman Home Design | Exterior Paint Colors Below

Craftsman Home Exterior Paint Color Scheme

Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Paint Colors
Color Advice, Tips, Popular Colors & More

These homes all have bright, bold paint color designs, and they fit in their neighborhood.According to a poll by Zimbio, 73% of people prefer “Neutral” paint colors to “Bright” ones (23%). Newly-constructed homes are, as a rule, painted in neutral colors. But older homes in established neighborhoods are different and often sport darker, brighter or more bold paint colors. When picking an exterior paint color you ought to consider your home’s design, materials, it’s regional location and the color of neighboring homes, and many other factors. Even the color of the roofing plays a role in exterior paint color selection.

Several surveys have found that the most popular main exterior home paint color (the color of the body of the home: the siding) is white. It can make a home look bigger, it’s a safe choice, and it can even reflect sunlight to brighten a shady lawn. We’ve all seen homes painted white that sport black shutters: its a nice, stately look.

If you’re having trouble deciding on an exterior paint color scheme, drive around neighborhoods in your area and get ideas from other homes. Paint color inspiration can come from anywhere. You’d also be well advised to hire a color expert to help choose your exterior paint color scheme. They know the science behind paint colors. For example, the Color Wheel:

An article from Better Homes & Gardens says that many successful home color combinations “use three hues — a dominant shade and two accents, one that’s sometimes richer or brighter than the others. When in doubt, rely on tried-and-true color guidelines from the color wheel. Hues in the same family — varying shades of gray, for example — work well and are called monochromatic. Those hues next to each other (analogous) work well together, as do those opposite each other, also called complementary.”

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