Exterior House Painting, New Garage Door Frames & New Molding in Morristown, NJ 07960

High Quality Exterior Painting & Carpentry: New Garage Door Frames & Trim, Crown Molding Repair, Power-washing, Power-sanding, Oil-Priming and Fresh Paint in Morristown, NJ 07960

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This was an exterior painting home improvement in Morristown NJ 07960 in the spring of 2013 by CraftPro Contracting. We installed new garage doors and door frames. Our services involved carpentry repairs, power-washing and -sanding, rotten wood repair, caulking, oil priming, and painting. We confirmed there was no lead paint on this home & it was prepared for painting. The bare cedar was stain-blocked with two coats of quality exterior oil primer in order to stop the extractive bleeding and staining of cedar’s natural acidic chemical, and all windows and doors were caulked and weather-proofed.

Exterior Painting and Carpentry in Morristown NJ by CraftPro Contracting

Exterior Painting & Carpentry in Morristown, New Jersey

Carpentry Work: New Garage Door Frames & Trim, Crown Molding Repair

The old, rotted garage door frames were demolished and rebuilt with PVC (vinyl) materials: frames and brick-style molding, casing around the door opening. The result: garage door frames that not only look great but will never rot, and a long-lasting, good-looking paint job that will protect this home from the elements. Here are some photos of the carpentry work on this Morristown, NJ home. We also repaired and replaced rotten and broken carpentry throughout the home, like in the photo below: we replaced crown molding above an exterior window.

Exterior Carpentry: Crown Molding repair in this Morristown Paint Job by CraftPro

exterior painting morristown nj 07960

Thorough Exterior Painting Preparation and Application

The exterior paint on your home isn’t just aesthetic – exterior paint serves as the “skin” that protects your home’s siding and other structural elements from the elements. A proper paint job includes caulking cracks and seams in wood and joints in doors and windows, which will help with weatherproofing. Rotted wood ought to be demolished and replaced, as shown in the photos below. Power-washing is absolutely critical because it doesn’t only remove mold and mildew but it exposes partially failed paint for removal. A thorough power-sanding will result in bare wood, which is then primed – in this case, cedar wood was oil primed in order to stain-block it: to protect its tannin from ultimately bleeding through.

Finally, two coats (and fine sanding between these coats) of a high quality, mold- and mildew-resistant paint was applied to the body: Sherwin Williams brand “Duration” exterior paint, a truly high-quality product. As for color: a creamy yellow that made the Benjamin Moore “SoftGloss” White trim really pop. The result, shown in the pictures below, is not only a beautiful paint job but a solid coating or “skin” that will beautify and protect this home for years to come. We guaranteed this job for 5 years, but we estimate that the paint will not start to fail in any way for at least 15 or 20 years because of the supreme effort we put into the preparatory work.

See the photo below of the home 2 years later: our paint job still looks brand new!

Carpentry Work: New Garage Door Frames & Trim, Crown Molding Repair

Images of this Morristown Exterior Painting & Carpentry Project

Morristown NJ Exterior Painting Home Improvements by CraftPro

Morristown NJ Exterior Painting Home Improvements by CraftPro

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"Dedication to a quality job that speaks for itself is rare. I am thrilled with how beautiful my house looks after the great carpentry work and paint job. Every time I pull into my driveway I stop and enjoy it before going into my garage. The neighbors have even commented on how great it looks! I really appreciate the help in picking out the right color. It makes all the difference. Thank you!!!!"

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