Eight Modern Bathroom Design Trends: Popular Style Elements to Consider for Your Project

Updating your Bathroom’s Design is a Major Home Remodeling Project. Even a Small Renovation Involves a lot of Consideration of Interior Design. The Following Observations of the Latest Bathrooom Design Trends will Inspire your Next Customized Bathroom Upgrade – whether it’s a Full Remodel or Simply a New Paint Job. Take Note of these Modern Bathroom Style Ideas.


Eight Modern Bathroom Design Trends and Styles Seen in Popular Bathroom RemodelingEight Modern Bathroom Design Trends and Styles Seen in Popular Bathroom Remodeling

Eight Modern Bathroom Design Trends and Styles Seen in Popular Bathroom Remodeling

1) Unusual Tile Patterns Are the New Black

Bathroom Renovation in Roxbury NJ by CraftPro ContractingTiles will become simpler, but the patterns will become more ornate in the coming months, say many high-end interior design specialists. Individually ornate tiles placed in simple patterns is a dying trend. The counter seems to have more staying power, so do not worry about investing in an upgrade that will soon be gone — it won’t.

If you are unsure of the type of style you want, ask a professional for a look at some sample windmill, basketweave and herringbone patterns.

2) Comfort Amenities

Bathroom features that are normally meant for assistive bathrooms are now becoming a new trend. Add-ons such as grab bars and no-hold showers stand beside modified-height vanities and toilets to create a look that some describe as “counter-European” — in a good way.

3) Neutral Paint Colors

Greys, off-whites and whites are coming back, and with a vengeance. With neutral colors, you can afford to be much more inventive with your style of amenities and accent pieces. With the right pieces, you can create a luxurious look on a budget. It is also much less expensive to paint in neutral colors, so consider this solution if you are looking for a sophisticated feel on a budget that will survive the test of time.

4) Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are becoming the choice over the traditional wood vanity for the first time in about a decade. This is a trend that goes well with the luxury appeal of newer styles. If you are going with a floating vanity, you may want to get rid of the toilet topper cabinet as well for a balanced look.

5) Natural Materials: Rock, Clay, Earth

Bathroom design with brigh white tilesIf you can get some handmade rock, stone or clay pieces for your sinks, baths, furniture or vanity tops, go for it. The look is great with the neutral-color backdrops mentioned above, and you can include a huge amount of contrast without the look becoming busy or overblown. This results in a great looking texture that also calms the soul — good feng shui.

6) The Double-Headed Shower

Doublehead rain shower pieces are growing in popularity to give couples their separate shower experiences without too much separation. It is a luxury feel that comes from high-end European hotel chains and has made its way across Western society. Many designers say that’s because of the wave of feminism that demands a bit of separation, even in a couple’s household. The look also gives you a visual bulk that works well in smaller bathrooms to give the illusion of space.

7) Metallic Design Elements

Although earthware and mineral pieces are definitely in style, you can still go with metallics and maintain a modern look without the “commercial” feel. The two looks can mix quite well if metallics are properly implemented across from earth tones and minerals, so choose a theme before going with either. If adding light and increasing brightness is the goal of your bathroom renovation then metallics pieces are a suitable base. Keep in mind that the reflective light caused by new/added metallic bathroom design elements will alter the appearence of existing elements like paint color and tile undertones. Generally, metallic design offers a much different experience and if you’re going to do it, stick with oil-rubbed bronze, brass and brushed stainless steel (also known as “satin nickel” and “brushed satin steel” among other synonyms). The overly polished look is dated.

8) White Fittings

White fittings seem to be overtaking black as the new mood setting for the modern bathroom. If your colors are a bit bolder than normal, you can use white fixtures for balance. The result is a fresh look that you can always revisit.

  Designing Your Ambience  
The Unused Bathroom

If you are fortunate enough to have a bathroom in your home that is not often used in terms of functionality or utility then you can use it to get creative. For example, powder rooms or half-baths that don’t serve as primary guest bathrooms, or bathrooms adjoining unoccupied bedrooms – these are free spaces subject to your own design style desires. Experiment with different paint colors, tiles, and other design elements and theme styles discussed above. Just because the bathroom doesn’t get much actual use doesn’t mean it has to be useless. Consider giving your infrequented bathroom more of an ambient theme. You can use it as an escape pod. This bathroom can be a place to be creative, so let your imagination run wild. Use mood lighting and custom furniture, and experiment as much as you like. Maybe your unique design will find its way on a “bathroom remodeling trends” list. The entire house will gain spirit from your efforts, and you’ll get to know what you do and don’t like when it comes to interior design and decorating and remodeling.

The investment into your bathroom may be expensive, but it is always worth it. Use the above trends for inspiration, and be sure to stay true to your personal tastes for the best results. Remember that all trends are, by definition, fleeting. A design element transcends “trend” the moment you fall in love with it, and no trend runs out of style if it truly comes from you.

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