Drywall Damage Repair & Painting in East Hanover NJ: Joints Re-Taped, Seams Spackled

Extensive Drywall Damage in this Home’s Bedrooms: Seams and Joints in the Ceilings and Walls were Re-Taped and Spackled, Primed and Painted with High-End Paint

Drywall damage repair and home improvement services by CraftPro Contracting

Drywall damage repair and home improvement services by CraftPro Contracting

Serious Wall and Ceiling Drywall Damage Repaired: Corners and Seams Re-Taped, Spackled and Sanded Smooth before being Painted with Bold Colors & Top-Shelf Paint

east hanover nj 07936 home improvement drywall damage repair and paintingThis East Hanover, NJ 07936 family of four called on CraftPro Home Improvements to fix and beautify the upstairs bedrooms, closets and hallway of their house. The drywall in the vaulted ceilings and the walls were seriously damaged and unsightly. Drywall nails were popping (something I’ve explained in my extensive article about drywall) and creating raised bumps. We fixed this by hammering the nails back in and filling them with spackle. The drywall tape in some corners was wrinkled and failing. We had to remove the tape completely and new drywall tape was embedded to fix this damage. Even some of the flat drywall seams needed repair because they weren’t sanded properly before painting. In order to smooth these seams out we applied thin coats of joint compound around the poorly-finished existing seams. One seam in particular was in need of serious repair. The flat drywall joint had a crack in it, which meant that when the drywall was installed it wasn’t properly taped. We had to scrape into the wall to reveal the drywall seam which, as we expected, was not taped properly: the tape did not cover the seam. We removed some of the existing tape and embedded new drywall tape and floated it (spackled and sanded) to as smooth a finish as possible. All this drywall damage repair helped smooth the walls and ceilings to prepare for a better-looking paint job. Our technique for this high-end paint job is described below.

After Repairing Drywall Damage: High-End Painting Began with Top-Shelf Paint Products and Practices

after drywall damage repair, bold paint color choices with high end paint products and practicesThe two upstairs bedrooms had been originally painted with a low quality flat-finish white paint from the top to the bottom. Flat-finish paint is the easiest way to hide imperfections in walls and ceilings, making drywall damage hard to see. Even so, the major issues with drywall that needed to be repaired were very noticeable. We inspected every square foot of the rooms, closets and hallway in order to find the imperfections in the drywall. After all the drywall damage was repaired, re-taped, and all the spackle (joint compound, or “mud” as it is often called by contractors) was sanded to a smooth finish it was primed with two coats of a high quality latex primer. Painting preparation work is the most important part of a quality paint job. CraftPro always sands between coats of primer and paint: this helps with adhesion of the coating. After priming the walls and ceilings we caulked all the gaps in the seams between the trim: base-molding, door and window casings. We also sanded down all that woodwork with medium-grit sandpaper to smooth it out and help with the adhesion of the new paint.

Hallway Painting in East Hanover NJ 07936Interior home painting is more than just applying paint with a brush around the edges and a roller to large areas. We pay special attention to detail when we perform residential painting at CraftPro. First we painted the ceiling using a high quality paint-and-primer-in-one product. To be clear, this is no substitute for primer when primer is needed. In most cases, paint and primer belong in separate cans, which is why we used a high quality primer on the drywall damage repair area. The paint-and-primer-in-one ceiling paint just means it has more solids content, is thicker, more durable and covers better. After the ceilings were painted, we used Benjamin Moore’s top-shelf “Aura” line of interior paints. We painted the woodwork pure white in a semi-gloss finish. We painted the walls in a Matte finish with very bold colors in the bedrooms and their closets. The adjoining hallway was painted in a nice transitional color. A quick painting tip from CraftPro: when we brush the paint around the edges we roll over it lightly with a mini-roller (usually 3 inches). This removes brush strokes and keeps the “orange peel” effect from the roller uninterrupted throughout the entire room. This is one of many tricks of the painting trade that we use to make homes look beautiful.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Colors Used

  • In the hallway the homeowners chose a colorful neutral paint color to transition between bedrooms with two very bold colors. Learn more about Benjamin Moore’s Rich Cream.
  • In the girl’s bedroom the homeowners chose a tropical blue paint color that complimented a lot of the furniture in the bedroom. Learn more about Benjamin Moore’s Tropicana Cabana.
  • Finally, for the boy’s bedroom, the homeowners chose a really bold and illuminating gold (or “lava”, as the boy liked to call it). Learn more about Benjamin Moore’s Semolina.

I love the homeowners’ paint color choices and I think they really transformed the bedrooms. What I loved more than the colors was the Valentine’s day card that the little girl gave me, thanking me for CraftPro’s drywall damage repair and painting and for making her and her brother’s bedroom look beautiful. For a home improvement contractor, having your work appreciated – even by a 6 year-old – is probably the most rewarding part of any home renovation.

Drywall Repair and Interior Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro Contracting in East Hanover, NJ 07936

Drywall Repair and Interior Painting Home Improvement by CraftPro Contracting in East Hanover, NJ 07936

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