Interior Wall, Trim & Door Painting by CraftPro in Chester, NJ: Our Role in a Major Home Rehab

This home in Chester, NJ needed a Major Renovation and CraftPro’s role was door painting, trim and molding, walls and more interior painting projects. Other contractors, family and friends contributed to help rehabilitate this old Chester Township home.

“This house looks better now than it has in the last thirty years” – Neighbor

Chester, NJ 07930 Home Improvement Project: Interior Doors & Trim Painted by CraftPro ContractingInterior door painting in this Chester, NJ 07930 home was the least of the work that was performed. When originally purchased, this home was little more than an abandoned farmhouse in need of serious rehabilitation. Family and friends lent their help, the homeowners worked themselves to the bones, and professional contractors, like CraftPro, worked on the house to transform it into the home it is now. A true fixer-upper, this house needed a ton of work in order for the homeowners to settle in and make it a home, which they finally have. A good portion of the work on this home was a series of DIY projects by the homeowners: cabinet building, molding installation, drywall work, insulation and much more. But even the most handiest of homeowners have their limits, and the work on this home caught up with these homeowners – but they deserve credit for the work they did. CraftPro was brought in to take care of some of the important finish details: interior painting, including door painting. Semi-gloss enamel paint was used on the molding and the doors, and it led to a beautiful finish – as pictured later. CraftPro also painted some bedrooms and hallways in this home along with the door painting. A collaborative effort among homeowners, family, friends and professionals, this is a great story of how a once abandoned home was rehabilitated and renovated to become a home.

door painting of home in chester, nj 07930Pictured to the right is one of the 6-panel doors we painted. When purchasing interior doors, 6-panel (sometimes referred to as “Bostonian”) hollow-core doors are the norm. They can be purchased pre-hung for a very reasonable price if you have a rough opening, and it includes the door jambs as well so all that needs to be done is for the pre-hung door to be placed in the opening and, using shims to level it properly, it can be nailed into place and then casing (trim/molding) can be installed around it. Finally, the door painting can begin, because interior doors come factory-primed – the primer is often baked into the woodwork. If jambs are already present and the hinges are in place, a 6-panel interior door can be purchased for around $50 in most big-box home department stores. If this is the case, the door (measured correctly of course) need only be installed on the hinges. In both pre-hung and individual doors, all that needs to be purchased is the hardware: the handles/knobs, which are easily installed. In the pictured door painting finished result, we applied three coats of a Semi-Gloss enamel using a combination of brushing and rolling to achieve an optimal finish.

door painting in chester, nj 07930

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